Through The Involvement Of Gino Pozzo Watford FC Is Gaining Both Fans And Football Success

Known for his ability to foster previously unsuccessful teams into great progress, Gino Pozzo has a new mission in front of his football club leading career. He owns an English club known as the Watford Football Club. Pozzo’s role is strong in European athletics, and it is likely that his hand in Watford FC will lead to a higher position for that club.

The Italian born Harvard University graduate is not alone with regards to familial ties in the football sphere. Gianpaolo, Gino’s dad, began this journey around the late 1980s with his acquisition of the Italian Udinese Football Club. Upon ending the Pozzo’s woodworking operation over a decade ago, they have focused much more strongly on football club development.

Gino Pozzo has been known to handle their much-praised scouting model, which has allowed the Pozzo’s to pursue the business of football club ownership and development with remarkable efficiency. Their 2009 purchase of Granada F.C. is a prime example, which led ultimately to the club’s inclusion in the Primera Liga.

Watford, specifically, came into the Pozzo’s possession in 2012, and turning around the debt-ridden 4th Division club became Gino’s goal. By 2015, Udinese was still in the Champions League, and Watford had made it to the Premiere League. After turning around Granada F.C., Gino Pozzo was able to sell Jiang Lizhang of Link International Sports his shares for a wondrous eight figure financial score in 2016.

The Pozzo family’s entrance into the football realm has produced substantial revenue and noise. The media noticed league regulations being altered in response to the clever recruitment and trading practices of the Pozzo’s with regards to players on international loans. Fans of Watford F.C. are certainly much more numerous than before Gino Pozzo becoming involved, and Gino’s passion for transforming football organizations remains strong.