OSI Group president McDonald’s burger factory

McDonald’s hamburgers are made with no preservatives, but they can last for long without rotting. OSI group was to this company to supply McDonald’s hamburgers. Burgers are first food. People may wonder how it can go for that long. David Whipple went ahead to experiment how possible that could be. He kept the burgers for fourteen years that is for, 1999 and showed the burger in the year 2013. Surprisingly, they were the same as they were fourteen years down the line. According to McDonald, many of his burgers do not have any preservatives.

Many people still believe that the burgers are pumped with preservatives. Business Insider, therefore, toured McDonald’s factory that is in G├╝nzburg, Germany to see how they make their burgers. What they saw impressed them. The company hygiene of the company was recommendable.

The employees can only work if they do not have a stomach bug. Those who had stomach bug go through a doctor examination so that the cause can be investigated. The primary purpose of doing this is to make sure the meat used will have no virus and bacteria. The meat used is not preserved using preservatives. The company has a strict quality requirement of the meet that is used.

The factory does not allow anyone with jewelry. Plastic pens are also out of bounce. One is required to wash their hands thoroughly before they can get in. They are also supposed to put protective clothes to avoid contamination.

The meat is first checked to ensure there are no bones in it. After which the process of making burgers begin. The meat is put in a container that weighs approximately 500 kilograms after which they are minced to look like spaghetti. They are then taken to another machine that will sharpen them into patties. This has increased the production made by the company meaning that the OSI Group could change its model of earning. The machine that is used is icy and it rolls about five million hamburgers in a day. Few burgers are tested, and if they are okay, they are frozen into plastic bags and then they are boxed. The boxes indicate when the burgers were made as well as where they were made.