Fortress Investment Group as a Part of SoftBank’s Expansion Plan

The Fortress Investment Group is to be one of the two main cogs in its parent company’s project to bulk up its private equities business and cash in on the lucrative pastures of Wall Street. The business will be working independently from the other main cog of the wheel of the SoftBank will be the Vision Fund.

The two businesses were acquired by SoftBank some years ago. The Fortress Investment Group has been in its line of work since 1998 and was formed by three business partners among which is Mr. Randal A. Nandone who has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.

The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank several years ago. It is a Japanese conglomerate. In the United States of America, the global corporation is best known as the new owner of Sprint. The SoftBank is now looking to expand its operations and bring in profits from working on Wall Street. SoftBank is headed by its founder Mr. Msayoshi Son and has been in the business industry for decades. One of the most recent investments of the company was a hefty 100 billion USD directed into a fund for technology.

Mr. Masayoshi Son has been met with skepticism on Wall Street despite his exceptional track record of highly successful business deals. That is largely due to the fact that he made his first big play in private equity only a few years ago when SoftBank bought the Fortress Investment Group.

This stage of their career will be achieved through a new business that will be called SoftBank Financial Services. It is still in the stages of planning, so the company is not formally established as of yet. It will be entering the business sector in the next year, however.

The new business will draw inspiration from the Fortress Investment Group. The business has Mr. Peter Briger as one of its leaders as he is at the posts of co-chairman and Principal of the business. Mr. Peter Briger helped established the firm though he is an official co-founder. His responsibilities at the corporation include overseeing the real estate affairs of the company as well as their operations in the credit business.

Mr. Peter Briger worked for 15 years at the company Goldman Sachs before he became an integral part of the Fortress Investment Group. He has had a total of over two decades working in asset management which brought him to a leading role in his current workplace.

Mr. Peter Briger achieved a bachelor’s degree from the renowned Princeton University. Afterward, he moved on to study at the Business School of the University of Virginia and to graduate with his MBA before moving into business.

During his time at the Goldman Sachs, Mr. Peter Briger occupied a number of leading position and headed a variety of large projects. When he became a part of Fortress in 2002, Mr. Peter Briger was able to put everything he had learned into good use, and by 2006 he had already been at the helm of many significant corporate projects.