Bhanu Choudhrie Has His Fingers on the Pulse of Business Innovation

Bhanu Choudhrie is the director of C&C Alpha Group. He is a billionaire and a member of one of India’s wealthiest families. Bhanu Choudhrie maintains his focus on providing direction for his investment company. The company’s interests also cover utility businesses and care homes.

Bhanu Choudhrie founded his company in 2002. The company is a holding company for private investors. The investment group consists of individuals with more than three decades of investing experience. C&C Alpha Group operates out of London and focuses on the business sectors of real estate, hospitality, healthcare, utilities, aviation, and agriculture. The company also has a consulting division that provides advisory services.

Alpha Aviation Academy opened its doors a decade ago. Since then, the academy has trained more than 600 cadets. Many of the cadets secured jobs as Airbus A320 Second Officers. The academy also remains focused on diversity. Bhanu Choudhrie’s AAA is empowering women to become pilots.

Currently, women comprise only three percent of the world’s pilots. AAA extended the age for the MLP license from 33 to 35, and this should help increase enrollment. Recently, AAA has started a program to expand internationally. Additional partnerships have started up in Australia, Philippines, and the UAE. These partners will benefit by having future pilots train with AAA.

Bhanu Choudhrie has sound advice for entrepreneurs. His biggest piece of advice is for entrepreneurs to respect hard work and money’s value. He understands the value of hard work along with the benefit of having smart and successful people surrounding him.

Bhanue Choudhrie has other ventures in his portfolio. As mentioned, he positions himself well in both the real estate and hospitality industries. This includes having opened a new hotel in Vietnam. He currently owns 24 hotels. He can also add several prominent restaurants to his resume. He also keeps his professional eye on tourism projects. Choudhrie has his entrepreneurial finger on the pulse of business innovation.

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