Sheldon Lavin Flips the Page at OSI Group

The modern business industry is filled with great ideas and ambitious individual who bring those dreams to reality. There is an abundant amount of money flowing from pocket to pocket, and country to country around the world. The globalized economy brings together the world under a common theme of success. Sheldon Lavin is a figure who has been pushing for this outcome from the food industry. His appearance marked the beginning of a new era for OSI Group, and the world at large. The website Patch recently published a story about his industry reforms.

OSI Group has reached a status like few other companies in history, but the journey to reach this point is just as compelling. It all began in 1909 when an immigrant from Germany had to make the toughest decision of his life. He could go with the flow to live out his ordinary days, or make an entirely new future for himself by his own hands. He choose the later option which came in the form of a Meat shop. Chicago was already showing signs of life during this time period, and he quickly made a splash on the local economy. Despite the numerous changes both for the business and outside factors, each step was carefully planned out.

By the second half of the 20th century, the economy was beginning to show signs of merging into one entity. First Ray Kroc brought a new fast food chain to the table, and this idea quickly spread into a worldwide phenomenon. At the same time, Sheldon Lavin had been brought into the team at OSI Gorup. He was tasked with managing funds during this period of expansion. The work Sheldon Lavin performed became so pivotal that he was promoted to CEO of the company. It would mark the beginning of an internal upheaval in how business practices were conducted.

Sheldon Lavin established the company’s approach to it 21st century. Global expansion, internal stability, and trend setting were the key pillars. His era was going to be one that flipped the company into a new chapter of its life.

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