Steve Lesnard: Marketing in an age of Modernity

Marketing a new product can prove challenging. Technology and social media give an abundance of different products to customers, sometimes too many. Successful companies that stand apart from the competition share a few similarities. These companies are innovative, creative, and have a clear target audience in mind. According to Steve Lesnard, a Vice President with experience in integrated marketing and global branding believes that it is possible to champion the changes. He outlines two approaches that are sure to make an impact.


What makes the product stand out from the rest? What problem does the product solve? These are the types of questions that Steve Lesnard believe companies should be asking. Without a clear understanding of the solutions that the product offers it is impossible to successfully market it. Consumers are being forced to choose between dozens of products with similar if not the same features. Social media is a great tool, but it also means that the knowledge of competitors brands is even more common. Because of this companies must narrow their marketing strategy down to one streamlined, salient, solution. It is a vital process that can sometimes prove challenging. Not everyone can achieve the classic success of Apple during the release of the iPod. The words, “10K songs in your pocket” is a legend.


When a consumer scrolls through their social media news feed they see pictures, videos, and applications for products. However, with every company competing, virtually, the same way what makes one product stand out above the rest? The answer? The visuals that are employed bring to life the solution that their product serves. Steve Lesnard uses Yeti, cooler and water bottle company, to show that they market their products as a wilderness necessity. Their pictures and videos show how drinks can be kept cold or hot for long periods of time in remote locations. They bring their product to life and consequently it creates a compelling marketing campaign.

Steve Lesnard believes that it is possible for others to partake in the same success that Yeti and Apple have achieved. By utilizing these two concepts any company can create striking and effective marketing campaigns.