When a woman achieves remarkable status in a competitive world, she becomes a role model for all other women. Women who seek opportunity, their own business, and a chance at wealth are to be recognized- such a woman is Smita Shah! Learn more:

In a recent interview with Smita Shah, one learns a lot about her goals and ambitions. She is the President and CEO of her own created company, Spaan Technology. Spaan Technology is a Chicago-based firm, which she started in 1998. It is advantageous to note, she graduated from MIT with a degree in civil and environmental engineering. This degree is an affirmation of her love of mathematics. She was in many math contests as a young student! What is different, is that Ms. Shah now solves complex engineering problems, instead of math equations! Ms. Shah has many creative talents which are evident in her firm. Her company has designed traffic signals and designed an upgrade for Chicago’s public school’s electrical system. Moreover, she is involved with an improvement project for the lighting and navigation aids at the O’Hare airport in Chicago. Some feel she is a tough negotiator in her civil projects. Her innovations and engineering contributions have led to the bestowing of the Ellis Island Award for those who have changed the fabric of our nation! Her parents are immigrants, and she is a model of what e Pluribus Unum can do for America. Ms. Shah shared that it wasn’t always easy landing large design and civil engineering projects- she had to prove her worth- in a field where men dominate, and there is not much room for error! This takes confidence and mental stamina! Recently, Ms. Shah has set up programs for the Illinois Chapter of Civil Engineers and helped set up trade missions for American Airlines. Also, she mentors young professionals in entrepreneurship. She gives back to the community, which is so important in today’s world.

Just to acquaint you with her business savvy, her firm, Spaan Technology has 50 employees, and a revenue of $10 million annually! Her company made it on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in our nation. If we are going to recognize achievement, and the ability for women to be all they can be, we must highlight the work of Smita Shah. Her talent for science and math has paved the way.

She is a shining star in the Indian- American community, and the world of high tech engineering business. Furthermore, she shared in a recent radio interview how she was able to overcome the presumption of business leaders, who might have viewed her as something on the lines of a mere clerk. Yes, she is demonstrating that female engineers can be intellectual giants! Hats off to progressive women of America and Smita Shah! 

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