Securus Technology releases positive customer comments and reviews

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of fighting crime in correction facilities. The company has achieved this through provision of criminal justice solutions for investigation, correction, monitoring safety and ensuring public safety. The company has today availed its services to some correction facilities. The company has strived to solve and prevent crime through its advanced communication and recording platform. By recording and sampling out voices from certain individuals, investigations have been carried out in a smooth and efficient way. View the company profile on


Securus Technology recently released information on customer testimonials and comments about the user experience with the software. The sample comments came in largely from officials that were striving to prevent and solve crimes.


In one instance, a warden in the correction facilities heard a call from an inmate. Just a few distance away, a sibling was arguing about what to say with the shooting. While the voice was not clear, one was able to listen to the other voice saying what to say about the recent shooting exactly. The conversation helped the case take on a new turn. The use of the software has also been significant in the Sheriff department. It has helped uncover millions of illegal assets including cash and drugs. Without the software, solving criminal activities in and out of the correction facilities would have been a very slow and challenging process.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 is the latest software provided by the company. The software has assisted in reducing criminal activities in multiple correction facilities. The software records conversations between inmates and other parties using the device. Through its voice recognition software, it can sample out recorded voice of a particular individual at different instances and different times.

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  1. They found the software critical in connecting different information and finding out possible criminal activities that were happen and even those that were yet to happen. Users of the program are people that investigate crimes in correction facilities. There is really something about that I do not understand at all.

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