Sean Tissue


Real estate is something that millions of people want to be able to invest in. The problem is that many that are new to the real estate business do not truly know how to invest. Sean Tissue with Centureon Investments work to help new real estate investors to find out just how to go about taking that first step toward investment.

For many, it might seem logical to get a property that needs to be fixed up in order to make sure that you make the most profit possible. Though this is a great way to make a large profit, it does take a huge amount of work and time to get a property that is not move in ready in great shape to sell. A great place to start for new investors is turnkey properties. So, what is a turnkey property you might ask? This is a property that is ready to start the move in process quickly and easily.

A turnkey property is fantastic for those investors that want to get a property that can start generating income as quickly as possible. If you have to work on a property or do alterations, it does take time and money away from your total project. A great property that is ready to go can start being rented out immediately and if you are not looking to be a landlord, you can also get a third-party agency or company that can manage the property for you.


With a turnkey property you do need to take the time to truly inspect the property before purchase, a great turnkey real estate agency that is going to be able to handle the process, and a great team. Turnkey properties do offer a great opportunity and Sean Tissue with Centureon Investments can help you to get the right knowledge to become a great investor in real estate that is going to make you money and help grow your investment portfolio.