Rocketship Education(R) An Innovative Approach to Teaching

Affordable and Reliable

Parents seeking a private school for their children often run into difficulty seeking an option that is both affordable and reliable. For parents who want to give their child the best educational opportunities, Rocketship Education(R) offers a educational environment specifically modeled for your child. With a contemporary method of teaching,Rocketship Education(R) strives to engage with children through a use of teacher-led activities combined with technology.

Convenient Locations Near You

Rocketship Education(R) has a charter school system with locations in the San Jose Bay Area, Milwaukee, WI, Nashville, TN, and Washington D.C. Committed to equity and excellence, Rocketship aims to bridge the achievement gap for students located in lower-income areas. Using talent development and personalized training, the school’s objective is to encourage each pupil to realize their fullest potential.

Unique Learning Methods

Unlike the conventional charter school syllabus, Rocketship Education(R) is an independent organization establishing its own learning techniques, programs, and foundation values. Rocketship functions hand in hand with parents to establish a training atmosphere that motivates children to thrive and flourish. With parents engaged in the learning model, an accountability for the role that each party plays in the student’s academic success begins and ends at home on a constant basis. This approach makes for a unique training method, specially crafted for each individual student.

Innovative teaching methods such as the use of technology, working in small groups, and working one-on-one with children have proven successful at helping children to excel. To ensure that each pupil receives the most effective style of training, Rocketship analyzes data streams to measure the optimization of educational practices. Rocketship Education seeks to influence children to us their imagination to explore the environment around them for academic growth.

Why Rocketship Education(R) Works

Rocketship Education’s attention on providing a training environment from a concept that links the whole-person and whole-community makes its learning model relevant to each child’s special needs. This innovative approach bridges the learning gap that prevails in low-income communities by suggesting a model that incorporates each child’s home environment in the educational process.

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