New Yorkers seek new Online Help with Jeremy Goldstein

Finding the right lawyer to help with legal matters can be tough at times. Not only can it be tough, but there are time where you may need a lawyer at inconvenient times. Many New Yorkers will now have the luxury of finding a lawyer 24/7 through an all new, innovative, confidential service through the trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). The new service was launched by The New York State Bar Association and is available 24 hours per day. The online service is available for all citizens in the New York area and was developed in conjunction with is a national provider of technology for the legal industry. The new online technology is associated with one of the largest firms in the world and is proud to announce their partnership.


If an individual is looking for legal services, they can either visit the website ( or they can call in to the office. They first need to fill out a confidential questionnaire with details of their legal issue. The State Bar will review the information received and pair them with an attorney whose office is near the individual.


Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing lawyer who is partnered with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm is dedicated to servicing compensation committees, CEOs, corporations and government matters. He has been in the industry for many years and has been helping individuals fight legal issues that arise. He was previously partnered with Watchell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. He has been participating with the system and is pleased to be able to help those in need anytime of the day. Goldstein acquired his J.D. from New York University School of Law and also obtained his M.S. from the University of Chicago. He also studied various subjects from Cornell University.

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Article recap: One week review of Wen By Chaz

In this article, the author tries the hair product, Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean. She uses the product for a whole week and then tells the audience how it affects her hair each day. According to the article, the author noticed both positive and negative changes in her hair quality throughout the week. On one night out with her friends, she received a compliment on how shiny her hair appeared. At the end of the article, the author provided her final thoughts on the product, describing a love/hate relationship throughout the week. According to the author, Wen Cleaning Conditioner is a great product for people with fine hair who don’t mind washing daily.

What sets Wen Cleansing Conditioner apart from its competitors? Wen has a 5-in-1 formula, which takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Wen retains your hair’s natural oils, while providing a deep clean without lather or harsh additives. A 3-week user perception study resulted in large user satisfaction. Over 95% of the participants stated that they noticed more moisturized, shiny, and easier managed hair. Wen by Chaz includes several active ingredients, including Glycerin, Chamomile extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol. Wen Cleansing Conditioner is sold in a sweet almond mint fragrance that will leave your hair smelling pleasantly refreshed.

For more info on Wen, visit the company’s crunchbase page.

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Education Is Only One Aspect of the Good Works of Betsy DeVos

In February 2017, I was pleased to see Betsy DeVos take up what is sure to become the role she is remembered for as the Secretary of Education in the Administration of President Donald Trump. Mrs. DeVos was already a well known education reformer before taking up her role in the federal government that has seen he bringing new ideas and direction to the Education sector. Betsy DeVos is no stranger to political life after serving as the Chair of the Republican Party of Michigan on two separate occasions; Betsy DeVos has always moved in political circles and I remember the pride the people of Michigan felt when she was asked by then President George W. Bush to take up a seat on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

Education has been a major part of the life of this member of the Prince industrial family since her birth as her mother was a public school teacher who made sure Betsy always understood the problems facing less well off children in the state of Michigan and across the nation. I am pleased to report Mrs. DeVos has spent much of her adult life acting as an advocate for children who are in need of the assistance of the Michigan public school system and has grown in importance across the state after her charter school system was adopted by the city of Detroit. What has impressed me the most about the way Betsy DeVos has handled her work in helping to establish the Detroit Charter School program is the fact she does not see the implementation of the program as the end of her work and has expressed her wish to assist the program in continuing to grow and thrive in the city. Looking back at the results achieved by the students in Detroit’s charter school program shows they are already ahead of those in the traditional public school system, a fact that shows the reform agenda of the Calvin College graduate is already reaping rewards for children across the state. Check her website for more info at

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have worked together on a number of projects she hopes will bring success to the nation in the future, particularly in terms of education where the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is showing how successful a charter school can be for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe Betsy DeVos has shown great leadership in a number of areas of philanthropy, including her support of the Kennedy Center for the Arts and the ArtPrize annual festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan; I agree with Mrs. DeVos in her belief that a well rounded community should see success in all areas from education to the arts and the economic success of the region. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Nobody Feels Ill At The Copa Star

I’m sure many of us had loved ones in the hospital and had worried about their well being. Finding a quality hospital is especially difficult in Brazil since public hospitals have a reputation for overcrowding and neglect. Fortunately, for the well off, there are a new luxury hospitals in Rio de Janeiro that rivals even first world countries. Other similar hospitals are planned to open up in Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

Copa Star is a newly built luxury hospital that is facing the famous Copacabana beach. This hospital is at the corner of Figueiredo de Magalhães street, just feet away from world class hotels or restaurants. Visiting tourists will probably mistake this building for being a five-star hotel.

The hotel features some of the most modern medical equipment found in Brazil. There are rooms dedicated to surgeries, neurosurgery, integrated magnetic resonance equipment, robotic surgical aids, and telemedicine. This sort of treatment is unlike anywhere else in Brazil. Now instead of flying to Sao Paulo for superior medicine, the opposite will now take place.

Not only is the medical equipment brand new, the hospital is also connected with modern Internet of Things technology. Guests will be issued iPads so that they can control room temperature, bed adjustment setting, lighting, and other options. The internal network will also be used so that patients may directly contact their nurse or doctor. The network will also be convenient for the doctor since electronic medical records are easily accessible. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The staff will be held to a much higher standard than other Latin American hospitals. Before allowed to enter the workplace, team members are sent through a two-week intensive boot camp. All members of the staff will be trained how to handle emergency situations through simulated events. Stretchers and life-sized dolls will be used in some of the simulations. There are also strict rules put in place for permitted hairstyles, clothing, jewelry and makeup.

Patients will not be complaining about bland food since the restaurant is managed by world-class chefs. This kitchen is even considered to some of the best dinings in town, even though it is just for hospital patients.

The artwork was picked to help ring the hallways and rooms together with earthy tones. Japan’s Yakuta Toyota was given the task to provide artwork that will be hung in all rooms and hallways. The lobby is like a fancy hotel with a grand piano and fine leather sofas.

Each room is especially spacious since they were designed to house large groups of family members. Patients and their visitors will have complete privacy since the walls include sound dampening foam. Although they include climate control sytems, rooms are naturally cooled with natural air thanks to their ventillation sytem. Learn more on

Enjoying The New Stores Of Roberto Santiago’s Mall

One of the most exciting things about Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping mall is that there are a ton of stores that people did not even know existed. For one thing, there are a lot of clothing stores that have a lot of unique and new styles that both men and women could feel extremely good in. However, there are also a lot of electronic stores from different electronic companies. For instance, there is the Samsung store. People could enjoy the current items that are favorites in stores that they have shopped at. However, there are plenty of other items that people could look at in the Samsung stores that people are not aware of. Read more articles on

This is one thing about Manaira Shopping that people can’t get anywhere else. They will find a lot of exclusives in the mall. One good thing is that these stores thrive in this kind of environment because Manaira mall attracts plenty of people of all walks. Even though it has something for people on all income brackets, these items tend to be attractive to people regardless of price. A lot of people will learn that the price of an item has very little to do with the quality.

One thing that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is built around is exploration. People who first visit this mall are encouraged to look around and explore the stores. While most malls will have one favorite store for each customer, people can expect to find at least 3 favorite stores in Manaira Shopping for each category that they shop in. For instance, if they like clothing, then both men and women are going to find styles that they like which are unique. Manaira mall is a lot more than a mall for people. It is actually an event for people to break away from their daily grind and make happy memories.

There are so many features to Manaira Mall that most people are not going to be able to look at them all on their first trip. This is especially true of people that find something interesting every time they visit. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

InnovaCare Health Is Successful Due To Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a leader in its respective field. They are providing healthcare programs of the highest quality. These are services that are being provided in North America caters to the underserved.

The CEO of InnovaCare Health is Rick Shinto. He has a strong leadership team. They have managed to take InnovaCare Health to heights of success. View the company profile at LinkedIn

He is the pioneer of the concept of this medical provider network. In fact, this idea is widespread in Puerto Rico today. Rick Shinto was earlier the CEO of PMC Medicare Choice as well as MMM Healthcare. This was just before he joined this company. Rick Shinto worked as the Chief Medical Officer and as the Chief Operations Officer. This was at the Medical Pathways Management Company. He has served as the Chief Medical Officer also at the NAMM, which is a healthcare company based in California.

He has nearly 20 years of experience. This is in operational medicines. He has been a part of clinical health care solutions too. It was in 2008 that Rick Shinto joined Aveta Inc. This company is known today as InnovaCare Health. He has been pioneering the launch of several successful projects in the company. This way several underserved patients tend to get access to high quality healthcare that is prompt too. Under his leadership, InnovaCare Health has over 200,000 people who have joined its membership programs. This company now employs more than 7,500 persons who look after these members who have joined in.

  1. Rick Shinto believes that the sole aim of any company should not be able to provide easy access to all its programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. There is more that is required here. This would include educating the patients on various topics that includes healthcare awareness. Next is the support that has to be given to the families whose loved ones have to undergo any kind of treatment. When such kind of empathetic gestures tend to come from a certified MD Doctor it helps him to earn the Access to Caring Award. It was an award that was presented at the gala, ‘A Tribute to Caring’. This was at the Western University of Health Sciences.

He has a unique formula that helps to gain success. His experienced as well as talented management team makes it happen. It can be the pillar of vision here. Rick Shinto has promoted leadership in a unique way at InnovaCare Health. This is by bringing in the ambitious and visionary people like Penelope Kokkinides. Read more about Innovacare at

Jason Hope Talks About The Future

Among the things that Jason Hope believes in is the future and the Internet of Things and for this reason, he has invested millions into this industry.

Apart from this venture, Jason Hope is regarded as an entrepreneur, commentator, and writer focusing on tech trends. According to this internet of things expert, he refers it to the connection of various devices allowing them to synchronize with one another. These are not strange devices as they include common devices that we interact with such as street lights, kitchen devices, and electronic devices. The major benefit of the Internet of Things is that it results to shared data which leads to less waste and more efficiencies.

Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things as the next big thing that many companies will compete to implement. Companies that fail to implement the Internet of Things will be left out. Jason gives a better analogy of how the Internet of Things will help revolutionize the transport industry. There will be less traffic jam, and it will be possible to monitor the routes that trains and buses take. It will also be possible to come up with applications that will help people adapt to their daily chores.

This tech guru has lived in Scottsdale, Arizona his entire life. Jason Hope even attended Arizona State University for his undergraduate degree in Finance. Jason also holds an MBA from an institution called W.P. Carey School of Business. He is also involved with philanthropy during his free time. Above all, Jason Hope is a lover of politics at state and national level.

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Getting to Know Doe Deere

Color loving women the world over already know about Doe Deere and her colorful makeup line Lime Crime. With this line natural colors are forgotten as ladies express themselves in ways that used to be impossible. Doe Deere calls her fans unicorns, a nod to knowing they are special and being unafraid to show it. She brings cruelty free, bold shades to those brave enough to experiment. Developing an entrepreneurial sense early in life, her first childhood business selling temporary tattoos was a small taste of things to come.


So where did Doe Deere come from? At the age of 17, Doe moved from Russia to New York, finally moving again to Los Angeles. Always a creative and imaginative child, she dreamed of being a musician and achieved that dream once she moved to New York. It was in this rock band that she met her husband Mark. Not only have they been side by side since, he is also President of Lime Crime. Her years as a musician taught her not only career and marketing, it also taught her to appreciate her fans.


The best advise that Deere gives is to follow your heart. She believes that each person has a special innate skill or ability unique only to that person and once discovered that is when a person will begin to blossom. Knowing yourself and doing what you love can take you places, as Deere learned, no matter how different you may feel there are others in the world who feel and love the same as you.


The name Lime Crime was actually born from her favorite color and a rhyme for her E-bay account years before the launch of her cosmetic line. While at times she may wish that she had chosen a more subtle name with a little flexibility the name does help her company stay on brand. If she can’t see it marketed under the name Lime Crime she doesn’t make it.

Read more about Doe Deere on Linkedin.

An internet based business has it’s ups and downs. The biggest issue has been a security breach in 2014, which inspired the company to buckle down on security. Doe Deere says the security is the makeup equivalent of Fort Knox. But for her the best part of being internet based is the real time interactions with customers. Putting in months of work with chemists until her products are perfect Deere’s goal is create products that her customers can be proud to wear. While her philosophy is to ignore haters online any customer with a legit concern only has to contact customer service to address any issue. Doe wants to make customers happy as they express themselves, and that is how she measures success.


George Soros Involvement with American Politics and World’s Democracy

George Soros is an American billionaire known for many things. He is known for his outsized political donations and constant crusade against injustices of all nature. He is known to fund campaigns that stand for criminal justice reforms, religious tolerance, and immigration reforms. Many people believe that he advocates for these causes as they touch him personally. George Soros is of Hungarian descent having being born in Budapest 85 years ago. Other than national politics, George Soros supports local elections. His latest involvement with this campaigns is supporting local district attorneys in Phoenix and Colorado. Soros also supports elections of sheriffs who stand for changes in the criminal justice reform.

During the 2004 presidential elections, George Soros donated $24 million to help defeat George Bush. He was unsuccessful in this bid, and this led him to scale back when it comes to political donations. However, after 12 years of inactivity in political contributions, George Soros came back with a bang in the 2016 presidential elections where he funded his close friend Hillary Clinton and other causes that supported her election. At the end of the campaign, George Soros was reported to have donated around $25 million. This was in accordance to reports released by the federal election commission, the Democratic Party operatives as well as tax return documents of George Soros.

According to the Politico, George Soros and Mrs. Clinton have known each other for more than two and a half decades. According to the same source, George Soros had initially committed to attend the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia to hear Clinton accept the nomination. However, he had to cancel this trip as emergency issues arose with his business in Europe and he had to monitor the situation. During the past elections, George Soros seemed engaged as he felt stakes were high. George Soros and Donald Trump seemed to disagree on many issues and this maybe perhaps the reason he was actively involved in the campaign. Read more about George at The New York Times.

Whenever George Soros makes a political donation, it’s usually followed by other donations from other rich billionaires, and this was the case with this donation. It spurred donations from Tom Stayer who donated $31 million, Don Sussman who donated $13.2 million and donations from Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban with each making donations of $ 11 million.

Among the things that Soros holds dear is the democracy. For this reason, Soros funds non-violent democratization of many states across the globe. He has funded such campaigns in Burma, Ukraine, Kenya and South Africa. His earliest involvement with democracy is helping South African students fight against the apartheid rule in 1989. He often writes books concerning finance, stock trading, and economics. He recently pleaded with the European Union to implement tougher sanctions against Russia for crimes on Ukraine.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare is a company that is in North America. It is a leader in providing patients with first class health care. Most of the customers have loved the service they get from the health care facility and have chosen to remain loyal customers.

The company gives various services such as Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and physician services hence attracting many patients who feel they are part of the enterprise. Since the company started, it has maintained in providing health care services that are essential to the loyal clients.

They have managed to remain the best because of integration of modern technology and use of unique business models that have proved profitable. InnovaCare is a firm that has its operations in Puerto Rico.

Therefore, the people of Puerto Rico have benefitted greatly from the dedication of the leaders and staff of innovaCare. The company has over than 200,000 customers, and it has more than seven thousand establishments. The partnership with Puerto Rico government for provision of Medicaid plans is an added advantage for InnovaCare which offers a broad range of services.

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Able leaders

The company is run by managers and staff who are dedicated and hard working. They do everything to ensure that every patient are fully catered and happy with the services. Also, their experience is another plus to the provision of excellent services. The leaders have been working with the various organizations for years and had a lot of experience.

Rick Shinto

He is the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Therefore he is tasked with ensuring that the company is running smoothly. Previously, he was a top leader of Aveta where he acquired a lot of skills to help him run and manage businesses.

He ran the company successfully until it was purchased where he continued offering his needed services at the enterprise.

Rick Shinto is experienced and has been able to acquire some awards for recognition.

Having served in the industry for twenty years, he has all it takes for the company to attract clients to seek the excellent services. He is well educated having attended California University. Shinto is also a writer who has authored some materials that have been useful to people.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope kokkinides started working for the institution in 2015, June. She has in the past served in the different position on a variety of companies. Therefore, she has a broad range of experience, and with her efforts,InnovaCare has been able to succeed in the field. She is focused on ensuring that she improves the services they provide at InnovaCare. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch