Sudhir Choudhrie Talks from his Heart

Billionaire businessman Sudhir Choudhrie has endured something which most of us will never have to experience. In the chest of the man who founded Alpha C&C Group, there beats the heart of a donor. Mr. Choudhrie is a heart transplant patient. No one has lived longer with a cardiac transplant than he has.

People tend to keep their health issues private. However, when you are a public figure like Mr. Sudhir Choudhrie that becomes a bit more difficult. People are curious, and so speculation and rumors begin circulating.

When Sudhir Choudhrie met the health crisis of his life in 1999, he took a different approach. Instead of being secretive about what was going on with his health, he wanted to share his story with the world.

Born in Delhi, India, in 1949 Mr. Choudhrie was raised by his mother. His father had died relatively young. Choudhrie always refers to his mother as his hero because of the obstacles she overcame in raising him as a single parent.

Mr. Choudhrie’s mother made sure that he received an education. Her efforts culminated in him receiving a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi.

Sudhir Choudhrie wasted no time putting his knowledge to good use. He began a trading company that sourced TV studio equipment from the UK and sold it to the Indian government. His timing for the venture was impeccable. The Indian government was eagerly acquiring machinery to develop its growing television network during the 60s and 70s.

The business blossomed branching out into other areas such as agricultural equipment, healthcare, aviation, and more. Through it all, Mr. Choudhrie’s health had been deteriorating steadily. Then one day, he just became really ill as his heart began to fail.

In his deeply personal book, “From My Heart: A Tale of Love, Life, and Destiny,” Mr. Choudhrie recalls how he underwent emergency surgery to save his life at the age of 50. The book was a number one international bestseller on Amazon in its first week of release. Mr. Choudhrie says that his greatest achievement is to still be alive today at the age of 70.

How Marc Beer Helps Entrepreneurs Excel in Their Career Path

One of the most successful entrepreneurs today is Marc Beer. Because his primary interest is in helping entrepreneurs, everyone wants to know the “how”, the “why”. His success stems from a long history of hard work, dedication, and experience in the biotech industry. 


Although his career spans more than 25 years of working for numerous companies, he is more focused on teaching other entrepreneurs today. His greatest skill in business is finding the one problem that needs a solution. Although Marc Beer is a problem solver like other successful entrepreneurs, his unique position is focusing on pressing problems. In this case, he is focused on those problems that impact healthcare. 


Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Marc Beer would have the much needed edge to develop the most innovative diagnostic tools, as well as tools that can aid in assessing conditions and disorders. The foundation for his successful career is rooted in pharmaceutical sales, and it lead to his leadership position at Genzyme. 


Working as the Vice President of Global Marketing of Genzyme, he was able to promote Genzyme. The company was promoting products that would impact and improve the lives of more than 350 million people. The population included in this group would include those who were not getting the medical attention they need and deserve. This also meant that there were several thousand diseases that would impact the lives of these individuals as well. 


This entire experience was centered around his drive to do better and to do more. He was now focused on upping his game and doing more while doing better. Finding the most pressing issues as it pertains to pharmaceuticals, is what helped him grow tremendously as an individual and as a business owner. 


One of the first stepping stones for him in his career was his first company known as ViaCell. Once the company reached the peak of its success, he wanted to sell the company and get into something new. His wife then passed away at the age of 42. After the pulmonary embolism took her life, he was forced to take time off where he would focus on raising his children all on his own. 


After a few years of focusing on spending time raising his children on his own, his oldest child encouraged him to pursue his dreams once again. It was this encouragement that led to his continued success, and his investment into a startup company that is dedicated to improving diagnostics for pelvic floor disorders, as well as improving the time to get a firm diagnosis and getting it treated as quickly as possible. Learn more:


Marc Beer has proven that by remaining focused in one marketplace, you can achieve success by working in that industry at every angle. Learn as much as you can, so that you can dominate the marketplace once you make the decision of which product you want to sell, and once you know why you want to sell it.

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Jack Plotkin Continues to Focus on the Advancement of Healthcare

Jack Plotkin

For the past few decades, technology has seemed to expand and advance at an exponential rate. This has helped to improve many different areas of our lives including entertainment, transportation, communication, and many different other areas. However, one area that seems like it could continue to use further advancement from technology is the healthcare industry. As all people across the globe are directly impacted by this industry, any advancement for healthcare technology would be very beneficial.

One area that some people believe could use a big push from technology is personal care. Today, the vast majority of people still receive the majority of their care from a primary care physician. When you meet with one of these professionals, you will end up having to wait days or even weeks for an appointment and then go through the frustrating process of registering and then sitting in a waiting room.

Jack PlotkinFortunately, there continue to be advancements in this field that could help to make this much easier. While it has not been as widespread yet as people would like, the use of technology can help to reduce the number of people that will need to go to the doctor. Through advanced telehealth technology, a person can receive a full body examination and evaluation and then connect to have a direct conversation with a physician. This could allow someone to get convenient care and support.

The telehealth industry continues to be advanced by Jack Plotkin. While continuing a very successful career in the healthcare technology field, Jack Plotkin is now the CTO of Virtual Health. In this role, Jack Plotkin is helping to come up with and develop the technology that will help to connect people all over the globe to ensure they have access to convenient medical attention and care. 

Peter Briger, a Top Entrepreneur and Financial Expert

Peter Briger is an accomplished entrepreneur as well as financial expert bases in California. He is the principal as well as the chief executive officer at the Fortress Investment Group, which is a top international firm focussing on investment management. He founded and is currently serving as the founder of the Fortress Credit and Retail Estate Business. Fortress Credit and Retail Estate Business is a top, reputable international investor which primarily focusses on the distressed, undervalued as well as liquidated investment in many industries, different geography, and asset classes. Fortress Credit and Retail Estate Business is in charge of managing over $26 billion assets on behalf of its clients, mostly in New York City. After co-founding the Fortress Investment Group, he parlayed on his business acumen to accelerate and portfolio earning a position on the Forbes list, ranking him at 962 on the list.

Peter Briger has a master’s in Business Administration obtained from Wharton School of Business within the University Of Pennsylvania. Besides, he is a bachelor’s degree holder in Arts earned from Princeton University. He began his career by working at Goldman, Sachs & Co before joining fortress in 2002, which resulted in him becoming a partner. At the company, he held multiple positions, which included being the co-head of the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business. He was also the head of the Fixed Income Principal Investment Group in Asia while at the serving at the Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business in the same capacity. Besides, Peter Briger sits in various committees, which included Global Control and Compliance Committee, Asian Management Committee as well as Goldman Sachs Japan Executive Committee.

Peter Briger has a long history of engagement in a wide range of charitable activities as well as causes that are community motivated in New York City. Also, in the same vein, he been involved and the first champion in the conservation of the central park conservancy while at the same time providing the capital, which plays a vital role in the expansion and growth of various charitable organizations.

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Toyo Setal to Work at Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex

Toyo Setal has won the bid that will oversee the completion of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex in Brazil. The bid process took a year, while the construction process has been dormant since 2015. The signing of the contract was on September 16, while the issuing of the “AS” Services authorization by Petrobras was on October 14. Toyo Setal has been given 18 months to complete the construction process. According to Rafael Ribeiro, the commercial manager, the contract will see the resumption of the relationship between Petrobras and his Company. The commercial manager also stated that Toyo Setal worked hard to ensure they tabled a well thought out and practical proposal.

Several of their specialists visited the construction site severally to ensure that they had a clear picture of the place. They also identified what was missing to ensure their proposal was competitive. The hiring process only considered the companies that registered with Petrobras and those that had both technical and financial capacities to undertake the construction job. The construction project received many tabled proposals since the construction sector faced a tremendous economic crisis. The Rio de Janeiro municipality is glad that the construction of Petrobras is resuming. This is because Brazil has been facing a deep economic and social crisis following the vast rate of unemployment.

Toyo Setal will oversee the construction of the utility sector, which is expected to be the only venture that will create over 1,000 employment opportunities. The direct jobs will lead to the creation of indirect jobs, and therefore this will create over 5,000 jobs in the city. Toyo Setal is known as Shipyard EBR and is a company based in Brazil. It deals with the implementation of Industrial enterprises. The Company works in the field of Procurement, Engineering, Commissioning and Construction, it is a subsidiary of TS Participações e Investimentos SA. It’s an international company that deals with oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, infrastructure, and energy sectors. The Company believes in offering the best services to all its clients and enterprises. It also commits to ensuring safety, profitability, and sustainability.

Boraie Development – Atlantic City

Atlantic City is now home to a 250-unit housing development that’s open for residents this fall. 600 NoBe (short for North Beach was developed and constructed by Boraie Development LLC and is this city’s first housing offered at market rate in almost 50 years. The project came in at a cost of $85 million and is located only blocks from the shore. It consists of three distinct buildings, two of which have 85 five units, and the other with 80 units. All 250 units are expected to be completely open and ready to go by Thanksgiving. The units are sizeable and offer the modern amenities that homeowners of today are looking for. One-bedroom apartments measure an impressive 850 square feet, while the two-bedroom units contain 1,350 square feet.

The project met with quite a bit of skepticism when Boraie Development first proposed it. The area of the city where 600 NoBe is located is the resting place of many housing and revitalization projects that have failed over the years. However, Boraie Development was not deterred and remained bullish with their development plans. Their efforts have paid off. Since 600 NoBe opened back in January of 2019, leases have been going like hotcakes, and the clientele consists of respected professionals from every industry. According to the director of leasing Maritza Busch, doctors, lawyers, police officers, businessmen, and casino workers are the tenants populating 600 NoBe. Busch also has stated that their 18-month lease goals were all but reached in 8 months.

Boris Ivanov Plans to Help with Natural Environments

Boris Ivanov has succeeded in business through Gazprom. Ivanov helps contribute to management that builds power plants. A major contract was completed in Namibia in 2009. Ivanov has focused on major projects that has led to international business and banking. Boris Ivanov knew that natural environment needed to be protected. Business has used technology to promote Gazprom and introduce business strategies to clients.

Boris Ivanov likes to launch projects that help to build the Netherlands. The business of fossil fuels are a major concern in certain areas. Boris has informed communities about environment research that focus on natural resources. The research promotes the natural resources and projects that fund the research. The community projects are a great help with citizens. They find more information that’s useful in their area.

GPB Global Resources has worked with international strategies. Boris Ivanov has landed projects that include natural resources, funding, and lecturing for clients. Boris has worked to challenge many colleagues that wanted to know more about power plants. Boris wants his education to expand in major districts in business. Some districts may choose to learn about how landscaping will help to keep natural resources. A business owner can plan to use community projects to educate citizens about natural resources. Boris knows that projects will take funding to launch and put in place. To know more about him click here.

Boris has learned that through seminars he can speak to business colleagues that have networking plans to help with natural resources. The environment will have a change in the production of fuel and plants. Business will start to improve because of community projects and education. The Netherlands will see major business and loans after community projects. Boris wants the support, and GPB Global Resources will help to plan projects that excel in preserving fossil fuels. Boris plans to team with the Netherlands and other major areas for funding, research, and community work.

Boraie Development’s Exciting Project In Atlantic City

The Boraie Development has recently opened The Showboat Residences at 600 NoBe in the South Inlet, one of a growing number of luxury condominiums that is the realization of the proposed Marina District Luxury Condominium Development Project. It is to be part of the effort to breathe in new life into the north end of Atlantic City, an initiative and a strategy that began in 2016 at the opening of the Showboat Hotel. The number and variety of new luxury condominiums have become a collaborative effort between development companies that together they have built a consolidated asset that has effectively raised the value of the area.

The patience has been well worth it after three years of continued consistent planning, construction and marketing. The Boraie Development has come at the right time with its commitments in Atlantic City. The numbers work for The Showboat Residences because of the nearly 8,000 casino hotel employees who work in the area including those who live outside Atlantic City. With the ongoing development, those who live on the shore just across the much-vaunted island developments and even those from Northern Jersey, some parts of New York and Philadelphia would want to consider living in these properties.  The Showboat Residences of 250 luxury apartment units are getting the marketing it needs to get the word out. Enticements such as offers of extended-stay will certainly sell the availability along with other inclusions and bonuses that will certainly grow the number of prospects. Boraie Developments are certainly in the right place at the right time in Atlantic City.

Vinod Gupta Google for Marketing before Google

Vinod Gupta left his village for the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, with only $ 58 in the pocket. He spent four years at the university. He attained his degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

His first job was as a market research analyst for a company that manufactured mobile homes around the country. One day he was tasked with evaluating the rival companies. To carry the duty diligently, he needed a list and number of their competitors.

The dilemma was there was none. He took upon himself to compile the list from 4,800 yellow directories. With the help of his boss and during their free time, they came up with the file. He allowed his employer free use of the list as he invested in sending it to all other mobile home manufactures. The response and return on investment were great.

Within a year, he started his own company, Business Research Services & American Business Lists (ABI). The company created lists for mobile home manufactures who needed leads and prospects on sales. It was a cost-effective marketing tool.

Within no time, Vinod Gupta added other industries. Many companies had a demand for business-to-business marketing information. After a decade, the company had acquired top-notch clients. Vinod looked in ways to allow the company to access not only the consumer database but also access analysis services.

They rebranded into, infoUSA. The company phone directories covered the US and Canada. Millions of customers were using the database for direct marketing, telemarketing, marketing planning, lead generation, sales planning, and customer analysis and credit generation.

Over the years, it evolved to a cloud-based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system. The system allowed the customers mapping features, clonelytics software, and unlimited leads to sales. From his initial investment of $ 100, the company had over 1800 employees in 2002 and $ 302 million in sales. It went public early in the ’90s and was sold out for $ 680 million in 2010.

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Getting to Know More About Expert Business Woman Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and business woman who is based in Angola. In fact, Isabel dos Santos is the CEO and owner of Unitel, which is a telecommunications company. This company has seriously grown over time and is one of the best available to those who are in need of help. In fact, the company brought in nearly 50,000 jobs when it was first created and launched.

Because of this, you are going to find that this company has truly helped to improve the economy in a way that is beneficial to those around them. You can even learn more about Unitel by going to the site or social media pages attached to it.

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Com Alfonso Dolce, o presidente da Dolce & Gabanna, marca italiana mundialmente famosa, e sua equipa aqui em Shangai, no primeiro dia da China Internacional Import Expo. A China está a dizer ao mundo que está aberta a negociar. Estamos a partilhar experiências e conhecimentos para fazer parte desta abertura mundial. Desde a tecnologia à diversificação dos produtos, são várias as estratégias em cima da mesa #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #CIIE #China #Angola #Lundina #ANossa #business #proudlyAngolan #DolceGabanna With Alfonso Dolce, the CEO of Dolce & Gabanna, a world famous Italian brand, and his team here in Shanghai on the first day of China International Import Expo. China is telling the world that they are open to negotiating. We are sharing experiences and knowledge to be part of this new world era. From technology to product diversification, there are several strategies to work on @dolcegabanna 上海进博会第一天遇见Alfonso Dolce 先生和他的团队,( dolcegabbana)一个世界知名意大利品牌的CEO。中国向世界承诺,更开放,多对话…

A post shared by Isabel Dos Santos ( on

If you would like to learn more about Isabel dos Santos and the work that she has done, you are going to want to consider going to her main site where her portfolio is located. This can give you an idea of the type of work she has done as well as what you can expect out of her in the future. This is someone who has been able to grow the economy and help people in the Angolan area who need it. You will enjoy the fact that she is continually working to improve the nation for those living there and who may want to consider getting themselves into this particular field.

When Isabel dos Santos isn’t working, you can find her doing a lot of charity work. You will find that she has a passion for all things education-related and that she is working to improve the lives of both women and children who need to be able to get the education that they need. This is a wonderful time for you and can be beneficial for a lot of people. You will want to go online and see exactly what this expert can do and all that she has been able to do for those within Africa. You can easily see why she is one of the top entrepreneurs and why she has worked diligently to improve the industry in a way that works for so many.