Meet Nicolas Krafft: A Visionary Entrepreneur

Nicolas Krafft is currently serving as the Vice president of Global Business Development based in the USA. He is the former manager of Global business development Company. The Company offers a range of products and services that diversify women beauty. He specializes in cosmetics that create most interest to women and beauty. Nicolas Krafft has worked in other different organizations which include Eastern Europe at L’Oréal that he served for three years as the deputy manager. He also worked within the same institution as the general manager for two years. Between 2002 and 2004, he worked as the marketing director at Kerastase. He has been in the field of marketing and sales for 14 years as general manager. He manifests excellent leadership traits and skills that help him run the firm efficiently.

He has developed expertise in both strategic planning and operational levels. Due to his strong leadership skills, he has managed to launch other cosmetics firms in more than seven countries across Asia. He pursued his education between 1990 and 1995. He was able to continue with his studies from the University of ST. Gallen, where, he specialized in business management. Also, he was able to pursue corporate management at INSEAD institution in 2006.

Due to his vast experience in business, he has gained a wide range of creativity that has helped him diversify as the manager of L’Oréal. Moreover, it has a great interest in much other beauty and fashion designs towards serving its customers with quality products. The primary role of L’Oréal Paris was to make products that diversify and attracts women interest.

The company has organized many events as a marketing strategy for its products. A significant event was held on 30th September 2018. The event was conducted and offered free services. This attracted members of the public to come and participate in the event. The primary role of the event was to advertise beauty products and diversify its sales across the world. Moreover, it was geared towards creating more interests in creativity and marketing of its products. The event was part of Nicolas strategic plan and creativity to promote the products and make them accessible in both local and across the world markets.