Malcolm CasSelle

As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a company called OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle, has spearheaded technology like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and more for his online gaming platform.

For a talented executive like Casselle, his WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange platform is a key part of his unique use of blockchain technology. Indeed, the platform, WAX uses tokens. These tokens accept many virtual goods.

Tokens that are part of WAX are versatile and can be utilized in online video games. The tokens can be converted as well as swapped for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, one of the big attractions of the blockchain and WAX is that when those who trade in virtual goods have fewer issues that could impede the practical use of the platform like fraud and fragmentation.

With a widget, WAX can utilize a key part of the platform by solving some big problems main technological problems. This novel widget is part of the WAX Platform, which utilizes blockchain. The many types of gamers on WAX can use a widget without the need to mess up their gameplay.

Video gamers will feel more at ease with gaming when the widget is being used. The best news about WAX is that many players can sell or purchase virtual goods conveniently. A real-time gaming existence allows players to trade their goods with ease.

Some of the other attractive things about WAX is the ability for WAX to use DPOS. DPOS is known as a consensus algorithm that worths quite well with WAX. Blockchain is an essential component of WAX.

Blockchain is unique for being efficient, flexible and fast processing methods. Blockchain is also decentralized. A consensus-built model is something that Malcolm CasSelle likes. And a tech-savvy entrepreneur, CasSelle is someone who supports many cutting-edge technologies, like the blockchain. And when it comes to gaming, these technologies are what makes WAX such a robust and trustable system for gamers to enjoy playing on and trusting.