Maarten De Jeu Has Been Instrumental In Supporting Valuable Educational Programs At The Museum Of Science And Industry

The Farrell Fellows Internship is an outstanding program that is offered annually by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. This respected museum is the largest science-focused entity of its type in the Western Hemisphere. The internship is offered to Chicago region young people every year over the summer. It occurs over the course of a five-week period of time and
gives its students a number of valuable experiences. The participants in the Farrell Fellows Internship not only garner greater knowledge in the field of science, but they also pick up valuable life skills that include public speaking and leadership.
Once the annual Farrell Fellows Internship program is completed each summer, the participating students get the chance to show off the skills and knowledge that they have picked up. This is done through a series of group presentations that are put on at a number of the Chicago region’s public library facilities. The teens who take part in the internship can demonstrate what they learned and give┬ásome education to the young children who attend these events. A few years back, the focus of the internship was in regard to everything about the bubble. This included the chemistry behind the bubble. The students then got to show what they learned through seventeen presentations that were put on across the Chicago region. These presentations benefit both the students within the Farrell Fellows Internship program and the younger children that get to learn some valuable knowledge through the presentations.┬áLearn more:
The accomplishments of Maarten de Jeu are extensive and they include his 2012 founding of SVM Business Advisory. This finance industry service has been able to consistently grown since its creation does to the expert guidance and leadership of the Maarten de Jeu. He currently holds the title of Managing Partner with SVM Business Advisory. His career has been characterized by his
expertise in areas such as strategic advisement for the international business community. He is also an accomplished specialist in the area of corporate development. His reputation in these professional areas has come to set him out as an individual of distinction. Maarten de Jeu prepared for his professional life in strategic advisement and finance with a high- quality education that was garnered at several impressive academic institutions. He first studied at Leiden University and earned a degree in the major of public administration. After graduating from Leiden University in 2001, Maarten de Jeu went on to study at Oxford. His studies completed with his achievement of his Executive MBA. This was earned in the major of business. Maarten took the valuable information that he gained at these universities and has utilized it to engage in a successful and profitable career.

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