Jeremy Goldstein Is Excited About Putting On Another Big Fundraising Event

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading New York City attorney who obtained his J.D. degree from the law school at New York University. He founded his Jeremy Goldstein and Associates law firm in response to his recognition that there were a lot of issues going on in the corporate world in regard to conflicts of interest. With all of the major happenings in regard to CEO compensation, Jeremy Goldstein started a law firm that could specialize in addressing these types of areas. Since that time, he has become one of the most respected legal experts in the corporate world as has been at the center of some of the biggest events that the corporate world has seen in the last several decades.


Over his career as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has participated heavily in work of a philanthropic nature. He is devoted to giving back to the community and has worked hard to find ways to raise money for charity. Perhaps his favorite charity is an organization called Fountain House that works to help mental illness sufferers to live lives of a more normal nature. His commitment to Fountain House has been demonstrated by the many fundraisers he has undertaken for the organization. He recently hosted a pair of lavish wine dinners in New York City that brought in tens of thousands of dollars that went toward aiding the work of Fountain House.


1944 was the founding date of Fountain House. The organization was put together by a group of individuals who were suffering from bouts of mental illness. The initial formation of the group was as a support group. Since that time, the organization has grown but continues to maintain its original mission of providing aid to those who suffer from mental illness as well as working hard to break the traditional stigma that has been associated with the condition.


The success of past wine dinners has inspired another round of the event this May of 2019. This year’s edition of this fabulous wine dinner is going to feature some elite vintages of wine and will be held at New York City’s Nomad Hotel on its roof deck. In exchange for their $5 thousand admission fee, the generous donors will receive an amazing meal that will be accompanied by the great selections of wine. There is a great deal of hope that this year’s version of Jeremy Goldstein’s event will be as successful as past renditions of this important fundraiser. It is a great cause and Jeremy Goldstein is exceedingly proud to be able to be a part of organizing an event that promises to bring in so much needed funding into an organization that does truly significant work.


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