Jack Plotkin Continues to Focus on the Advancement of Healthcare

Jack Plotkin

For the past few decades, technology has seemed to expand and advance at an exponential rate. This has helped to improve many different areas of our lives including entertainment, transportation, communication, and many different other areas. However, one area that seems like it could continue to use further advancement from technology is the healthcare industry. As all people across the globe are directly impacted by this industry, any advancement for healthcare technology would be very beneficial.

One area that some people believe could use a big push from technology is personal care. Today, the vast majority of people still receive the majority of their care from a primary care physician. When you meet with one of these professionals, you will end up having to wait days or even weeks for an appointment and then go through the frustrating process of registering and then sitting in a waiting room.

Jack PlotkinFortunately, there continue to be advancements in this field that could help to make this much easier. While it has not been as widespread yet as people would like, the use of technology can help to reduce the number of people that will need to go to the doctor. Through advanced telehealth technology, a person can receive a full body examination and evaluation and then connect to have a direct conversation with a physician. This could allow someone to get convenient care and support.

The telehealth industry continues to be advanced by Jack Plotkin. While continuing a very successful career in the healthcare technology field, Jack Plotkin is now the CTO of Virtual Health. In this role, Jack Plotkin is helping to come up with and develop the technology that will help to connect people all over the globe to ensure they have access to convenient medical attention and care.