Isabel Dos Santos: Memorable Quotes from Africa’s Wealthiest Lady

Africa’s wealthiest lady is named Isabel Dos Santos and she hails from the nation of Angola. This astute billionaire and entrepreneur is among the sharpest and brightest that Africa has to offer. Dos Santos has been working for well over 20 years building up her unique brand and financial empire. She is considered one of the leading ladies of politics, finance and future growth in Africa. Isabel Dos Santos has created some really great quotes that reflects the knowledge, experience and wisdom she has gained throughout her life.

“The development of Africa and my country is my priority as an Angolan businesswoman.” This particular quote was taken from a larger statement by Dos Santos. It clearly sums up one of her biggest objectives for her life and her career. She wants to develop the talent in Africa so that the future generations can become economically strong and viable. This will help her country to thrive and life on the African continent to improve.

“I believe that goals are achieved when ambition is combined with skill and determination.” Africa’s wealthiest woman states this line to sum up what she has to say about personal qualities for success. Isabel Dos Santos knows that people are going to need more than just good ideas to get ahead. They will need personal qualities to make those ideas come to fruition. Attributes such as skill and determination are very important for achieving success in modern times.

“Creating opportunities and employment for women means betting on the progress of the communities themselves.” Dos Santos believes that women are the biggest contributors to their communities. She knows that when they have the funding and resources they will invest in their communities, children and education. All of these factors help to stabilize any society and community area. It provides people with a way to overcome poverty and improve their environment.

Isabel Dos Santos achievements in business, philanthropy, politics and life has helped her to amass great wisdom. She wants to pass this information on to the next generation. She also wants to help prepare them for improving the future world to make it a better place for people everywhere.

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