Isabel Dos Santos Is Helping Women In Africa And Angola To Find Success As Entrepreneurs

Many women in the business world need a good role model to look up to. Isabel dos Santos has served as that kind of role model for many years, and she continues to inspire women with her words as a public speaker. Dos Santos has visited many different universities where she has given talks about how to find success as a woman in a male-dominated workforce.

When Isabel dos Santos was younger, she struck out on her own to get a college education. She studied in the United Kingdom where she attended colleges in London and Kent. She majored in electrical engineering while studying at King’s College, which has helped her as the leader of the telecommunications company UNITEL. She believes that education is very important for women and has talked about how there needs to be more educational opportunities for women in Africa. She has helped out by partaking in philanthropy and offering scholarships to women in need. One of the programs she has worked with over the years is called “Seeds for the Future,” which helps people to prepare to compete in the international work market.

Isabel dos Santos is known as the richest woman in Africa, and she has donated plenty of her money to helping those in need. She has also helped to shine a spotlight on the issue of poverty in Africa. Dos Santos knows that many women in Africa and Angola have a hard time paying for an education because they are primarily focused on simply surviving. This also means that many children suffer in Africa and Angola because their parents cannot afford to provide their basic needs.

Isabel dos Santos believes that women in developing countries would have a better chance at success if they had access to the internet and modern technology. She has helped to bring high-speed internet to rural locations in Angola and Africa and is hoping it will help people there to be able to compete in the global market. Placing the internet in these areas has also helped various communities to communicate with each other in these countries, and this has helped to build stronger connections between people.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel