Isabel do Santos’s Opinion on The Future of Portugal and Angola

Golden businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has told the media that she intends to continue investing in the future of young people. She believes in giving young people jobs and opportunities in the communications Industry, gas and oil at the other industries helps expand the economies of her native country of Angola, Africa and the working relationship it has with Portugal.

In the recent Federation of women intrapreneurs, where she recently participated, Isabel dos Santos told reporters that her success is based on her ability to invest in industries where other business people are uninterested. She says, “ I believe in the economies of Angola and Portugal and believe they are both intertwined.” As such Isabel dos Santos continually invests in sectors such as telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, electricity and other economies that promote growth for the countries. She believes young professionals in Portugal, Angola and many of the countries of Africa have a lot of talent. Therefore creating jobs in these countries and giving opportunities to young people is something she will continue to invest in. Isabel dos Santos owns interests in companies such as Zon Multimedia, Galp, EFACEc and Banco BIC in Portugal and other similar interests in Angola.

Ms Santos also believes Angola to be a great nation because of its history. Although, she realizes that Angola and all of Africa continues to have many challenges. She states that most of the world sees every African country as simply Africa and Africans, regardless of the country we come from. “This image other countries have of us needs to change. There is still a lot of work to do in the economies of this continent.

With regards to women’s role in Africa, Isabel dos Santos says, “Today we see more and more African women who are beginning to have the courage to embrace entrepreneurship, it is our obligation to inspire and motivate these women. Even so, becoming an entrepreneur in Africa is not an easy thing to do.” She believes it is still very difficult to access basic services such as Bank credits, customer trust at the even communication services, especially so for women. “We must continue to grow and expand in these areas.”