How James River Capital Recommends Influencing Others at Work


Everyone must start somewhere at the office, and most have a goal of advancing to a more senior level within their organization. To achieve these career goals, you must influence those around you. From leadership to your colleagues, you need others to see you as reliable, responsible, and skilled to advance. Pay Saunders, the CEO of James River Capital Corporation has refined influencing others into six key points with which to focus:

Be a Leader

If you have an idea that will advance the organization, map it out to manage the most challenging aspects. This proves you are up to the task and thinking of innovative ideas to take the company to the next level.

Demonstrate Leadership Characteristics

If you wish to be viewed as a future leader than you must demonstrate the necessary skills like meeting deadlines, showing up on time, being attentive in meetings, and dressing professionally. Behave as if you are already a leader.

Develop an Expertise

James River Capital notes that you should take the opportunity to become an expert on a subject if there is nobody in the organization who is a specialist. This can be accomplished by taking additional classes and earning new credentials.

Enhance your Listening Skills

Listening is one of the most helpful tools in your arsenal to influence others. Employees appreciate good listeners and you can gather critical information about the topic when listening to those around you.

Go the Extra Mile

By going the extra mile, your name will come to mind within upper management when it is time to promote. You can achieve this status by volunteering without being asked and taking on additional responsibilities.

Make Connections

While most focus on developing relationships with upper-level managers when trying to advance, James River Capital also advises you to talk to your colleagues and treat them with respect. This will create a positive reputation that will not go unnoticed by those at higher levels.