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Oren Frank and Talkspace Opening Up the Benefits of Universal Online Psychotherapy

Oren Frank is the CEO of the online therapy program, Talkspace, which he co-founded with his wife, Roni, in 2012. Talkspace is an industry-leading psychotherapy company that works through mobile and online platforms, making therapy available and affordable to many people who would have no other option. Mental health is a current global concern, which makes Talkspace a convenient, effective and timely approach. Oren and Roni have helped over 1,000,000 users find more than 1,000 licensed and qualified therapists online.

Oren Frank believes technology can be turned from a simple means of influence on such social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook to finding and providing solutions to world problems and crises. He and his wife, Roni, launched Talkspace after finding a valid use for psychotherapy from visits to couples therapy. Frank credits these visits with not only saving his marriage and home life but providing him and his wife with more personally-rewarding directions in life.

Frank Oren was previously a progressive media-marketing strategist at McCann Erickson WorldWide, and his work with Talkspace provided him with a means for balancing out his marketing career. Roni Oren, who had worked till then as a software developer, also turned to a gaining a master’s degree in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Talkspace was initially a platform for group therapy that later transformed into an online psychotherapy business working with qualified therapists. In 2014, Talkspace introduced a website and app, which provided text messages with therapists through Unlimited Messaging Therapy.

By 2015, Talkspace included couples therapy and a three-month Social Media Dependency Therapy program for dealing with social media-related health concerns. Talkspace also added Live Video and hired Vice President of Behavioral Health, Linda Sacco, Ph.D., in 2016. Talkspace also appointed its Chief Medical Officer, Neil Leibowitz, MD, JD, in 2018.

Clients and therapists work on life challenges by setting goals, which clients and therapists continually review, allowing the client to provide feedback on personal journeys.

The Talkspace platform is HIPAA compliant and maintains client/therapist confidentiality through encryption designed for banking transactions. Depending on the program, therapists answer once or twice daily. Clients can choose programs online or through iPhone or Android apps by speaking with an intake specialist or by reviewing algorithm-suggested options. Every therapist is licensed and qualified and passes screening through relevant training, background checks and an interview process. Visit: