End Citizens United Is Finishing Up A Successful Year

End Citizens United makes their goal easy to understand by employing their name: they want to reverse the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v. FEC. When the Supreme Court decided in favor of Citizens United, instead of upholding the rules of the FEC, it opened doors for corporations and individuals to unanimously back a politician – often with unlimited amounts of cash backing them.

This was a dramatic change to the political process. End Citizens United and many other people believe that this decision unfairly assists the Republican party, who often represents the interests of big corporations.

The controversy began with Hillary: The Movie, which the FEC ruled as a political campaign ad, despite its full feature length. When Citizens United, the organization that created the film, refused to reveal the contributors to the film, the legal process began. This was in 2008.

A federal court originally ruled in favor of the FEC, but once the case got to the Supreme Court, the original decision was reversed.

As the midterm elections edge closer, End Citizens United is running full steam ahead after several successful special elections in 2018. End Citizens United is standing behind several Democrat candidates in the upcoming November election.

Beto O’Rourke, who is campaigning for Ted Cruz’s Texas Senate seat, is one of ECU’s most promising candidates. The removal of Ted Cruz from Congress would be a huge win for ECU because Ted Cruz is known to accept corporate money to run his campaign.

The money used by ECU is different from other PACs. ECU is a grassroots organization, made up of regular citizens, and their average donation per member is only in the double digits. End Citizens United is made up of the working class, and they support the working class.

Other candidates being supported by ECU in 2018 include Jacky Rosen, Randy Bryce, and Brendan Kelly.

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