Dr. Jejurikar – Above and Beyond

The training regimen placed for plastic surgeons involves a vigorous workload. Applying time and focus to all areas of surgical procedures is something that vying surgeons have to complete in order to become certified for private practice. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar underwent successful completion of the directed coursework, but also applied his skills to additional areas of surgical research. Dr. Jejurikar practiced as an aesthetic surgeon, learning about all the different components of the body. This trailed coursework to the eyes, ears, and face, as well as other components of surgical repair.

Dr. Jejurikar’s work highlights areas of the buttocks and breasts, competing as one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Dallas, Texas. His work has been heightened over the past decade, performing the highest number of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures in the region. His level of clientele has ranged from celebrities to average Americans.  Dr. Jejurikar traces his passion for perfection to his intense focus and his strive from completion. He has taken on all levels of surgery, marking him as an expert in all characteristics of fieldwork.

His focus on patient needs is what helps him stand ahead of the competition. He is very meticulous when it comes to satisfying the needs of clients. He works to establish rapport with his clients, adhering to an immersive process that documents all levels of needs. He understands that the basis of the need of clients is what keeps business flowing, so he places a heavy burden on attention to detail. He is also a renowned author that keeps tabs of his works and his findings. Dr. Jejurikar can often be enlisted giving presentations on his findings, sharing his work within the world of plastic surgery. His words are mirrored behind many years of successful procedures, marking him as one of the tops in his line of craft.