Darien Dash’s Guide Through The Entertainment Industry

Darien Dash was born to a family that had ties in the industry of entertainment, with his cousin being a Chairman in Roc-A-Fella Records and step-father being an executive producer at Casablanca Records. To find his own way through the industry, Darien Dash and his cousin, Damon, teamed up to create Roc-A-Bloc Records, which soon began signing many young, rising hip-hop stars, such as Jay-Z, and grossing thousands upon thousands of dollars. Dash is described as “a visionary and high-bandwidth thinker”, when it comes to business and strategy.

President Clinton even asked Darien Dash to aid him in the task of finding ways to open up the internet and making it more accessible to all kinds of people. With the help of Carly Fiorina, who is the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, they formed a partnership in a firm called Places of Color. They sold low-priced computers to companies with minorities in New York and New Jersey. Dash created DME Interactive Holdings in 1994, and became the CEO of the first internet company owned by an African-American that was publicly traded on Wall Street.

As of right now, Darien is founder and CEO of The Movement Management firm. The firm’s goal is to provide advice, whether financial or strategic, to clients working in all kinds of industries, such as sports, media, and entertainment. Dash says that his company has evolved from all the day-to-day activities he has provided for his clients and now focuses on advising others such as CEOs, executives, and entertainers. To know more about Dash visit crunchbase.com

One trend that excites Darien Dash is seeing young Hispanics and African-Americans becoming more active in business and industries. The movement going on between social justice and entrepreneurial communities, and how they evolve with the times, also excite him. Dash also recommends for other businesses and entrepreneurs to focus and pay close attention to income statements and P&L, every month. He believes that this can make or break a business. Darien Dash’s main strategy is putting the client first and serving them with whatever they need. He believes his job is to give guidance.