Community Takes Center Stage For Marc Sparks

Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur Marc Sparks has spent much of the last 35 years looking for business success through the investments made with his own Timber Creek Capital group; however, Marc Sparks has also looked to develop a number of links with the local community in Dallas, Texas where he feels he can achieve a lasting impact on the people of the area who have found themselves in need. Sparks continues his work with Timber Creek Capital and has recently looked to develop his work apace to promote the companies he hopes will benefit from working with he and his successful team of investment experts.

One of the most important areas of community work for Marc Sparks is the need to assist those from all backgrounds to have the best possible educational opportunities. Sparks has recently been working with The Sparky’s Kids charity that looks to provide high quality supplies to aid in the education of children of all ages from across the state of Texas; Marc Sparks has aided The Sparky’s Kids group in providing laptops for students from low income families who would not normally have the opportunity to own top quality equipment.

Marc Sparks understands the majority of people living and working in the U.S. are just two lost pay checks away from the poverty line, which is why he has developed a decades long link with The Salvation Inn of Collin County, Texas.

The work of The Salvation Inn Marc Sparks has aided in has included the provision of shelter, clothing, and meals for those in need within this area of Texas. Sparks has also looked to develop the Center for Animal Research and Education that works to assist big cats that have been mistreated in their lives.

Big cats held in captivity are aided by this Marc Sparks backed charity that takes them from rescue through to rehabilitation, as well as a dedication to educating the public to protect the future of big cats around the world.

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