Chris Burch: Immense Talent and Curiosity

Chris Burch has been working as an entrepreneur and investor for almost forty years now. He is currently the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital but has contributed greatly to the success of brands like Tory Burch, Poppin, Jawbone, Voss Water and more. He has some experience in the hospitality industry thanks to his acquisition and renovation of Nihiwatu, which is a luxury resort on the island of Sumba.

Back in 2014, Burch partnered up with Ellen DeGeneres to launch her brand, ED by Ellen Degeneres. In that same year he started up Cocoon9 which produces prefab homes with an emphasis on contemporary design. His philanthropic efforts are impressive thanks to work with Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The Sumba Foundation and The China Association of Social Work. This is a professional that has his foot in many different markets and areas of expertise. His care for other people and the people he works with is what makes Burch a professional to model oneself off of.

Burch prides himself on paying attention to the world that is around him. He pays close attention to detail and takes note of how different products, companies or services can be changed in a more productive manner. Not only has Burch worked hard to become the professional that he is today, but Burch has also helped pave the way for young talent to find their place in the industry. This is where the idea for Burch Creative Capital came from. Despite his extensive travels to various areas like the South Pacific, New York and Los Angeles are common destinations for Burch. His passion has made him a high demand resource.