Suspension of Scott Gelb

  1. Scott Gelb works as Riot Games, Inc. COO Scott Gelb also worked as Technology Vice President, Engineering Vice President, and Riot Games Inc. Technical Director. Read more at Digital Mode.

With more than thirteen years of experience, he was a great asset to the company. Also from Continuous Recreation, he led both Gods and Legends and Star Trek Online internet gaming channel. Scott Gelb is as central as serious gamers, holding a deep place for MMOs and RPGs in his heart


Kotaku reported to various Riot staff on a history of sexual and workplace misconduct accusations and sexism. Riot has published several assertions since that study that it is working to tackle the problems. Then, Riot Games confirmed, the firm employed Seyfarth Shaw to undertake inner inquiries in August. Gelb’s suspension arises over several presents and former Riot staff claimed he had constantly hit their testes and made another improper humorous-effect touch. Scott Gelb will have to go through special learning. Earlier this week, employees were informed of Gelb’s termination in an electronic mail sent through Nicolo Laurent, Chief executive of Riot Games, which Kotaku printed apart, followed by Riot offering Wide range with a printout of the whole mail. Read more about Scott Gelb at