HCR Wealth Advisors: How They Help in the Future

One of HCR Wealth Advisors’ main purposes is to point out possible financial risks to make sure that if anything can go wrong clients will be prepared. Their goal is to show clients how to achieve their goals from education opportunities. Each client follows a specific plan intended to allow them to achieve their goals in a way that will benefit them and not hurt them. The main purpose of HCR Wealth Advisors is to assist in financial services and wealth management, consulting, business services, and insurance services. HCR Wealth Advisors are working for the client and has a specific mission that provides guidance to the client and to show them what they can do to help to accomplish their goals. HCR Wealth Advisors can assist clients with creating estate plans that will establish how an individual’s assets and liabilities can be maintained, managed, and what will happen if they can no longer perform certain actions. Estate planning is a plan for the client in the event they are incapacitated or if death occurs.

HCR Wealth Advisors

The documents for an estate plan are a will, durable power of attorney for finances, advanced health care directive, and durable power of attorney for health care. A will is a document that can provide a written statement about all the assets of a client and how those assets will be distributed to their heirs. Durable Power of Attorney for Finances is a written documentation that grants a specific person the power to make financial decisions when the client is incapacitated. Advanced Health Care Directive is another document that is part of the Power of Attorney for Health Care that discusses what will happen to a person if they are on life-sustaining support or other means of a person staying alive. Another document that HCR Wealth Advisors help clients with is the power of an attorney to have the power to see medical care and make specific decisions if the client is unable to do so. HCR Wealth Advisors are meant to guide their clients in the right direction if they ever become incapacitated or unable to make decisions.


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When a woman achieves remarkable status in a competitive world, she becomes a role model for all other women. Women who seek opportunity, their own business, and a chance at wealth are to be recognized- such a woman is Smita Shah! Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/

In a recent interview with Smita Shah, one learns a lot about her goals and ambitions. She is the President and CEO of her own created company, Spaan Technology. Spaan Technology is a Chicago-based firm, which she started in 1998. It is advantageous to note, she graduated from MIT with a degree in civil and environmental engineering. This degree is an affirmation of her love of mathematics. She was in many math contests as a young student! What is different, is that Ms. Shah now solves complex engineering problems, instead of math equations! Ms. Shah has many creative talents which are evident in her firm. Her company has designed traffic signals and designed an upgrade for Chicago’s public school’s electrical system. Moreover, she is involved with an improvement project for the lighting and navigation aids at the O’Hare airport in Chicago. Some feel she is a tough negotiator in her civil projects. Her innovations and engineering contributions have led to the bestowing of the Ellis Island Award for those who have changed the fabric of our nation! Her parents are immigrants, and she is a model of what e Pluribus Unum can do for America. Ms. Shah shared that it wasn’t always easy landing large design and civil engineering projects- she had to prove her worth- in a field where men dominate, and there is not much room for error! This takes confidence and mental stamina! Recently, Ms. Shah has set up programs for the Illinois Chapter of Civil Engineers and helped set up trade missions for American Airlines. Also, she mentors young professionals in entrepreneurship. She gives back to the community, which is so important in today’s world.

Just to acquaint you with her business savvy, her firm, Spaan Technology has 50 employees, and a revenue of $10 million annually! Her company made it on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in our nation. If we are going to recognize achievement, and the ability for women to be all they can be, we must highlight the work of Smita Shah. Her talent for science and math has paved the way.

She is a shining star in the Indian- American community, and the world of high tech engineering business. Furthermore, she shared in a recent radio interview how she was able to overcome the presumption of business leaders, who might have viewed her as something on the lines of a mere clerk. Yes, she is demonstrating that female engineers can be intellectual giants! Hats off to progressive women of America and Smita Shah! 

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James River Capital CEO Paul Saunders Lists Different Financing Options That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Pursue

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often tasked with trying to find the necessary funding to start their business. Luckily, there are multiple funding options available for aspiring entrepreneurs. James River Capital Corporation Chief Executive Officer Paul Saunders has several tips for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking financing to start their business. Here is a look at some funding strategies that can help your business start off on the right track.




Crowdfunding involves a group of people donating money to show support for something. Those who donate do not expect to be paid back for contributing their support. If you choose to raise money through crowdfunding, you’ll have to develop a good marketing plan. Try to develop a strong social media following so that your followers can help raise awareness concerning your business.


Business Loans


There are several types of business loans available for entrepreneurs. Bank loans have low interest rates, however, you must go through a lengthy approval process. Small Business Administration loans are a little more expensive than bank loans, however the approval process is not as tough. Regardless of which loan you choose, you must have good credit in order to secure the best loan possible. If you have a poor credit score, inquire about equipment financing. You’ll receive financing to cover the costs that your business needs and then you can pay back the loan through fixed payments every month.




Bootstrapping involves you funding your business by using your own money or relying on your friends and family for assistance. Bootstrapping should help you cover most of your initial costs. By putting your own money into the business, you may attract investors because they’ll see that you have real stakes tied to the business. Your business will also gain credibility.


Using Equity


You may be able to trade stock in your business for investor capital. This allows you to gain income so that you can pay back your creditors without accumulating more debt. You’ll have to decide if you are comfortable giving up some ownership and control in your business. You can also offer a service in exchange for capital.


Look Locally


Inquire about local funding as well. Head to your local Chamber of Commerce and find out more information. Research your local business center, so that you can network with other entrepreneurs and investors.


About Paul Saunders


Paul Saunders is The Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital Corporation. Saunders has had a successful career in the investment banking industry. Saunders previously served as The Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder.


About James River Capital


James River Capital Corporation is an independent investment firm. James River Capital Corporation focuses on helping investors with topics such as equity strategies, global macroeconomics, and asset backed securities. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout

Why Material Calendar Things in Press Release Distribution

It could be hard for the brand to remain updated and keep on top of your articles advertising campaigns. But with one, important tool known as content calendar, you can program and distribute your advertising campaign and plot the particular dates when to implement them.

What’s a content calendar?

It’s a calendar which contains precisely what and when to implement articles advertising campaigns. It aids in organizing and planning any upcoming occasion. Also referred to an editorial calendar, it’s utilized to organize content resources, like sites, websites, media releases, and social websites.

Know the significant reasons Why You Need to have a content calendar to your brand:


  1. To optimize chances.

If you plan your editorial calendar for a calendar year, you receive a crystal clear comprehension of what is coming in the upcoming few weeks. It includes a content strategy for the subsequent 12 months.

Why is this significant? As an example, if you’re going to sponsor a trade show about your merchandise, it’s well worth preparing a media release before the regular event. It’s possible to tweet it or compose a material announcing the transaction show to market more viewers and notify your neighborhood.

When more people are conscious of your occasions through your releases, you can benefit from chances. Being aware of what date to organize your articles can help you know your viewers better.

For example, your previous campaigns revealed that writing sites about your business performs high throughout June and July. From this information, you can plan your sites around this time to optimize effects.

  1. You can achieve a broader audience.

It’s more difficult to envision the larger image if you merely see part by the portion of your content advertising campaigns. But whenever you’ve got a content calendar, you find every detail and which sort of content appeals to your intended audience.

For example, using a calendar, then you can reach unique sections of your audience if you intend several kinds of content. This makes your advertising more successful.

  1. Improves goal planning

Brands produce content based on their objectives. Possessing a calendar helps manufacturers to function with the aim in their thoughts. It makes planning easier since you know that you are generating content campaigns which will target your objectives.

  1. Plane the ideal tools which you want.

Besides plotting your articles programs on the calendar, you’re ready to evaluate what tools you want to achieve your objectives. As an example, you might require a Cision database to look for your intended media. You might even plan for the supply business to distribute your press release service.

As an example, you do not need to rush searching for copywriters to your white paper or webinars. If you want pictures, you can employ a business or a freelance photographer to take professional photographs which you will need to your site or releases.

  1. You understand the most crucial dates.

Planning the supply of your articles, mainly press releases are significant. Whether there are vacations, ensure you’re not publishing your information on precisely the same day.

It is the worst time to discharge your narrative because most journalists and books are occupied covering stories about the vacations.

  1. Improves collaboration.

A calendar keeps your staff upgraded, and it is a substantial factor for cooperation. It’s an authoritative and helpful source that educates your team about what to anticipate in the forthcoming months.

Whenever your articles calendar is created using Google or Excel spreadsheet, everybody in the team will collaborate. It enhances cooperation and improves outcomes.

  1. Saves time.

Using a calendar, the whole group enhances the overall efficacy. Planning makes sure that everything is going to be ready in time. You understand when is your time to write sites, when to disperse releases or if to make webinars that make campaigns more effective.

It prevents unexpected events, such as Injuries or being unprepared. Whenever there’s efficacy, it will help enhance the outcomes of campaigns.

If you plan your articles, you know what kinds of materials are best to be successful in your items advertising. It provides brands an apparent arrangement of content actions, when is the ideal time to run them and precisely what content pique the attention of your target viewers.

Advantages of Using a Massage Chair

There is probably nothing in the world, I love more than going to get a massage, after working an 8 to 12 hour day; getting a massage can really do the trick. The problem many of us tend to face is seeing a massage therapist weekly, can be a bit expensive. If going to a spa or massage therapist is beyond your budget, you could try a massage chair, it’s not only a soothing and relaxing experience but it can be an incredibly convenient and often times affordable.


Better Circulation

Everyone knows blood circulation is by far the most important function of our body; having good circulation is an essential tool for your body to work. You need good circulation to carry your blood to your brain, heart, and other organs. A good circulatory system is essential to have a healthy life. One of the biggest benefits of using a massage chair is it promotes healthy circulation; it dilates blood vessels in your back, arms, legs, and throughout your body to improve your blood flow. Better circulation will improve your body’s immune system, allowing your blood to better circulate to be able to flush more toxins out your system easily, reducing your chances of developing heart disease or diabetes, and improving your overall health.

Reduces Stress

One of the biggest benefits I’ve found by using a massagechaircompare is how much it actually reduced my stress. At times, having to balance my job, and my family can be a bit stressful, getting a massage helps relax my mind, body, and puts my whole world at ease. Stress can lead to feelings of fatigue, nausea, and is the number one causes of depression and anxiety. Studies have also shown that people with lower stress levels maintain healthier relationships and perform better at work. A massage improves the overall health of your Nervous System; it releases endorphins that increase your sense of pleasure, giving you a feeling of Nirvana and endless relaxation, which can improve your focus, mental clarity, and cognitive thinking.

Improves Posture

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain, which is one of the leading causes and effects of bad posture. Bad posture leads to muscle pain and can eventually lead to spinal damage. Many who suffer from back pain will walk at an angle to take the pressure off of their sore muscles, often changing the way they typically sit or stand, but this can have devastating effects on your vertebrae and can lead to permanent spinal cord damage. Having a regular massage helps soothe and relax the muscles in your back, reducing the pressure on the nerves of your spine, which will drastically improve your posture.

Blood Pressure

Massages can also reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure, which is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke. High Blood pressure can be caused by a variety of things, but for many people, it’s brought on by stress. Having to work 50 hours a week can take its toll on a person, one of the disadvantages that come with many high demand jobs is increased stress. The link between muscle tension and stress has been well documented; having a massage relaxes your nerves, relieves tension, and helps to alleviate your stress.

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Press Release Distribution and Why You Must Take Action Today

Top Choices of Press Release Distribution

With the presents enthusiasm for content marketing, release distribution is quite complimentary to such work. There are many reasons why the distribution of the press release has been done. Online contents distribution is a critical strategy in search engine optimization and internet marketing. Local news distribution For many little and mid-size businesses, a massive part of your clients and target prospects are local.

Press Release Distribution: the Ultimate Convenience!

It is possible for you to edit and delete releases as you see fit and also have a peeks at the website’s analytics which makes it possible to find the degree of traffic your version is attracting. When you’ve got a release you’re content with, there are many steps which you may take to increase the possibility your story spreads. Then you’ll want to distribute your releases to press release distribution solutions, should you not own a media database. It’s rather easy to write news releases which are acceptable to the majority of news release distribution solutions, but it does require a small thought and energy. To begin with, your news release is going to be festooned with advertisements. After it is finished, the next step is to find the right press release distribution site. News releases which are not in the appropriate format are going to be deleted.

Press Release Distribution 16

The majority of people will search for the services that you offer online. There are paid in addition to free press release submission services out there. If you would like to be prosperous, you have to acquire your organization name out there and develop a reputation as an expert. Should you do, think about using a metro distribution supports. Most distribution services will takes you through the whole process and will offer assistance and advice. What you will need is an excellent press release distribution services.

The Lost Secret of Press Release Distribution

The primary goal of a press release must be to inform the general public about new goods, services, and company activities. If you’re not sure of the advantages of employing a press release, continue reading to know why you’re passing up a critically important advertising aspect. Besides aforementioned positive aspects, there are numerous other indirect advantages of online content distribution. One of the benefits of a press release is that it may send additional visitors to your site.

The Characteristics of Press Release Distribution

Individuals who read your press release will undoubtedly wish to take a look at your site to learn more or even to buy. A press release was intended to highlight your organization and your business alone. Press releases are not the same as blog posts in several of means. There is no denying the facts that they are becoming increasingly popular and is considered a powerful online marketing tool for internet marketers. For this reason, you may think about employing an expert to help you with writing an effective press release.

The best ways to compose a press release is to provide factual viewpoints. It is the primary way of informing the audience about a person, founder, company, product or service. The best way to write a suitable press release isn’t to sound too promotional.

Employing the tech example, a press release can chat about how your company is the very first to provide brand-new goods, or what your company is currently researching in the business. It is an essential marketing tool for any work at home businesses. It should be well written when trying to convey a specific message. Press releases are an excellent method to continue to keep people informed about the happenings in your business enterprise. The successful and effective press release can be received by the ideal individual, in the suitable time and with the most suitable details. It reached the right place, at the right time and with the correct information. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to guarantee any intriguing press release is going to be published.

Press Release Distribution at a Glance

The press release ought to be kept to around 500 words so that it’s quick to read and your audience won’t get bored. Press releases are somewhat more specific to your organization and what’s happening behind the scenes, so to say. Also, the press release needs to be effective. Press Release is believed to be the most important tool to showcase your goods or services. Knowing you will want to create a monthly press release will make you produce tons of new material and developments for your business that could only enhance your value to your intended audience. Unfortunately, hardly any men and women understand how to distribute an internet press release, and as a consequence, most people’s efforts are wasted.

If you are newcomers to creating press releases, you may not understand how to distribute them when they are designed. Press Release is just an indirect means of marketing by letting people acquainted with your business, product or assistance. Typically the best method to acquire your press release facing a vast audience is to use a press release distribution services.