Parents should Push for MAP Testing to Help their Children’s Academic Success

Testing is just a standard part of America’s education process. Testing Is necessary for tracking student’s academic progress. State tests are often given once a year to determine how well students are doing for their grade level. State tests can help members of the education field to know where a child is academically. However, they cannot provide teachers, administrators or parents with knowledge about a student’s progress.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools uses a MAP test to calculate a student’s academic growth throughout a school year. Students are given this test at different intervals during the school year to determine how much they currently understand and where they will be headed in the future.

Keep in mind that it typically takes at least 1 year for the average child to advance a grade. So, if a 3rd grade student is reading at a 2nd grade level, it will take that student at least a year to reach the level where they are supposed to already be. Some children do not have a lot of time to catch up academically. The MAP test will point out where they need help and teachers (and parents) can start to make adjustments to get on task.

Rocketship has been using these tests at its Tennessee charter school branch located in Nashville. Rocketship Education is a charter school that serves underprivileged communities all over the U.S. Their goal is to help children from poorer communities to receive a high level of education. Rocketship’s success in this area cannot be argued. Their school in Nashville has good results for keeping children on track with their studies.

Rocketship encourages parents to push to get this type of testing in their school. It will help them to better gauge where their children are at and to get them help where it is needed. MAP testing proves to be a valuable tool in the right hands. Teachers, parents and students can all benefit from its use. Parents should push for MAP testing for their children’s schools if they are not already available.