Securus technologies is a prison technology company based in the United States which is headquartered in Texas. The company started in 1986, and so far, it has invested in $6600 million in technologies, acquisitions, and patents, since 2016. On Monday, 6th November in 2016, an article was published about a former correctional officer from South Florida. He worked hard to eradicate the use of cell phones by the inmate to victimize other people, speaking from experience, mar Robert Johnston argued that it is dangerous to the society for inmates to have access to cell phones. In 2010, mar Robert was working at Lee correctional institution for 15 years, where his professionalism led him getting shot in his own house.

Mr.Johnstone intercepted an enormous package of illegal drugs that a prison gang had that was believed to be valued at $50,000. On the morning he was shot, he had woken up to go to work. He had a loud bang at the door, they went out to look who it was, and after a short struggle with the culprit, he got shot five times on the stomach and one on the chest, which he miraculously survived. Earlier, the culprits had contacted him and his wife a couple of times, threatening to kill him. This and many other cases motivate him to strive to stop crimes committed by inmates using cell phones.

Mr. Robert now works with the Securus technologies as a consultant. The company now uses wireless containment systems or managed access cell phones detection system to provide calls for inmates and to stop inmates’ cell phone calls. This is how this works: when the cell phone attaches to the phone network that the Securus experts are putting up, and a number dialed, the officers get to know what to do with that number. The system’s signal is strong enough to capture ongoing and incoming calls from the prison to it, and only known calls are allowed to go through while the unauthorized ones canceled.

Securus’ WCS has reportedly cancelled 1.7 million illegal inmates’ calls, between July 2016 and July 2017. This data was released using Securus’ wireless containment solutions. This data is aimed at showing how severe the issue about the contraband cell phones was and how effective the technology used to control the problem was. The Securus’ WCS is said to be the only contraband interdiction technology that has been thoroughly qualified and proven to be the most effective in prison. Securus has invested $40 and more, into WCS, to curb the issue of contraband cell phones entirely and even provide more effective and efficient solutions to deal with this issue.


Securus Technologies Top Notch Products and Services Backed by Exemplary Customer Service

There are many companies that are trying hard to dominate the correctional field, but one of the companies that have been making rapid progress since last three decades is the Securus Technologies. The company was formed when two of the major correctional firms merged in 1986, namely T- Netix and Evercom. The formation of the new company was named as Securus Technology and it has been dominating the correctional field since then.


For many years, the Securus Technologies has been trying to develop new technologies that would improve the inmate communication services and correctional technology that exists in the market today. It also continues to launch new and innovative correctional products and services from time to time. Recently, the company announced that it has invested close to $600 million into developing new products and services, acquiring patents, and for research and development.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, knows for a fact that only the companies that would have cutting-edge technologies would survive the fierce competition. With extensive experience in the telecommunication sector and having worked for Eschelon Telecom in the past, Rick Smith knows what needs to be done in order to keep Securus Technologies at the top. Securus Technologies recently also purchased the Jpay inc, a famous software solution firm that has been providing a range of services to the correctional industry, primarily the money transfer service. With this acquisition, the customers of Securus Technologies would be having a much broader network and many more services to use.


Securus Technologies believe that it is essential for the company to provide excellent and prompt customer service to keep the end users happy. The company has set up an extensive customer service department that takes care of all the queries made by the customers. With over 1.2 million inmates using the services of Securus Technologies, it is also only natural for the company to ensure its customer service is top notch.



Why Officers Can Not Work Without Securus Technologies

I am currently employed as a corrections officer in the most violent prison in the state of Illinois. Each year the jail gets more crowded, the inmates get more violent, and the incidents with injuries and officers is on the rise. The combination of illegal drugs, weapons, and gangs, creates a volatile mix that puts me and my fellow officers right in the line of fire every minute we are in the jail working. Any advantage we can get on the inmates helps to create a safer working environment for us and safer living quarters for the inmates.


With overcrowded conditions in the jail a serious concern, it doesn’t take much for tensions to flare and inmates to get violent. many times if they can not take out their aggression on the intended target, they will lash out at officers working inside the jail. If they are high on drugs or have weapons in their possession me and my fellow offers are literally defenseless.


To help stay save while keeping the inmates from getting out of line, we recently put in a call to Securus Technologies to help with our dated inmate call monitoring system. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that is trusted in the law enforcement industry for providing state-of-the-art software for monitoring inmates on the prison phones. The LBS software is designed to allow officers to address jail concerns while it scans all the phone call simultaneously and listens for certain chatter.


The monitoring system alerts officers now when an inmate is asking family to smuggle in drugs by way of the visitor center. The system alerts us if inmates are taking orders from gang leaders outside jail to perform a hit or sell drugs to raise money for the cause. Each alert allows us to get in front of a potentially dangerous situation.