Laser Hair Removal Treatment By Dr. Jennifer Walden in New York, NYC

Thanks to technology, the world has received numerous ways to tackle the problems they not only experience with the environment but also their bodies. Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Walden a board certified plastic surgeon, it has now become possible for both men and women to no longer worry about the hair on unwanted parts of the body. Dr. Jennifer is not only one of the best plastic surgeons in Texas; she also holds the merit for serving as the very first woman in the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery executive committee. Her position in this committee puts her in the running to become the very first female president of the globally authoritative organization in the cosmetic sector.

One of the ways Dr. Jennifer has been able to accomplish removing hair from both women and men in unwanted places is through the use of laser hair removal. So what is laser hair removal? It is the use of laser energy and light to treat unwanted hair on various parts of the body. This option is excellent for patients who are tired of waxing, shaving, or using depilatory creams, as it helps in effectively getting rid of hair. Not only does it help both men and women get rid of hair in unwanted areas, but it is also the perfect method to reduce the hair thickness in places of concern.

This method works by targeting the hair follicles in active growth areas of the body. It breaks down all the hair follicles, and this prevents them from reproducing hair. When patients undergo this treatment, they immediately start to see results after undergoing several sessions. Over time, the area ends up becoming hair free.

Who is the perfect candidate for this type of treatment?

Thanks to technology advancements that have been made throughout the years, patients of all hair colors and skin colors can now enjoy efficient removal and reduction of unwanted hair using the laser hair removal treatment. Previously, laser technology was only able to treat patients with dark hair on light skin.

Therefore, with the availability of this type of treatment, all you have to do is contact Skintology MedSpa in New York by Dr. Jennifer, and you can get to experience the benefits of laser hair removal.