GPB Global Resources Takes Great Pains in Adjusting to the Locality Where They Set-up In

GPB Global Resources B.V was founded and set up by Mr. Boris Ivanov, who is the company’s  esteemed Founder and Managing Director. GPB GR, its shortened name, has its primary headquarter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but this company also has resounding success in South America and Africa. They find oil, extract it, develop it further, ensuring that production opportunities will always be prolific in these regions.

This is no mean feat because Africa alone has 54 countries spanning the entire continent. Each of these countries have their own political climate, specific rules, unique traditions, and varying kinds cultural practices. This has become a challenge for a company like GPB Global Resources because they needed to tailor fit their approaches and practices based on the location of their site.

To illustrate, Ethiopia is more advanced with an established legal framework. They also have best practices procedures in place that ascribe to international standards. On the other hand, a country like Mozambique just recently discovered a natural gas in their country, so they have absolutely no legal structures in place.

GPB Global will find it easier to venture in the Cote D’Ivoire because the country recently introduced new laws that were written to strengthen and increase investment in the extractive oil sector. Similarly, Namibia and South Africa have existing well crafted extraction laws, which makes it is easier for oil companies like GPB Global Resources to set up shop and develop more products.

That being said, GPB Gobal Resources takes great pains to abide by local and regional laws and regulations. They also have to respect common law customs, being careful not to offend the residents. Failure to comply may impact the company’s license to operate in the area.

Boris Ivanov, the company CEO, who is a former diplomat, has made it a lot easy for the GPB Global Resources company to navigate an unfamiliar location. He uses his knowledge to facilitate the easy transition of the GPB company and the team wherever they set up their extraction site. By taking to account the culture and laws of a locality, they are able to take the right steps to easily assimilate in the environment, which helps in promoting their continued expansion.