A Great School For Those Who Are Artistically Minded

College is that next big step for teenagers. It is that one thing that will make or break them—or so people say such a thing. There is so much pressure on the backs of teenagers because they are told that having a good future is dependent upon which colleges they go to. They are told that if they don’t go to the correct schools, they will have little to no chance at a future. This idea is both true and false. The reason why it is false is because, at the end of the day, a lot of people who go to good colleges end up with subpar results in their lives, anyway. However, there are a lot of people out there who really do end up in better situations due to the colleges that they went to. This is because of the fact that the colleges that they attended allowed them to learn proper techniques and network with the correct people. Without going to the right colleges, some people would never have made it big in their careers.

 The Academy of Art University is just the right school for people who want to go to the right college. It is a private college that has school many artists since 1929. The long track record of this instruction proves that it is a great place for those who want to learn career-level art skills. A lot of love goes into the education of each and every student. There are different facets of art that the Academy of Art University offers. The majors that they teach include acting, fashion, game development, animation and visual effects, photography, graphic design, motion pictures and television, advertising design, architecture, art education, art history, fine art, illustration and industrial design. The large gamut of majors makes this college a great place for all who are artistically minded.

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TJ Maloney and His Experience and Contributions to Lincolnshire Management

New York City-based private equity firm Lincolnshire Management makes their investments in lesser middle-market businesses scattered across an assortment of sectors. Founded in 1986, they approach private equity investment in collaboration with their clients while working from experience and in-depth research.

Lincolnshire Management’s operative is a focused operation with the intention of seeking ways their client’s companies can grow by executing a custom plan to initiate operations and work out any kinks in their systems and process applications.

Lincolnshire Management has performed numerous transactions including their work with AMPORTS, Component InterTechnologies Inc., Credentials Services International, Cybergenics Corp., Kathryn Beich, PADI, Prince Sports, and Transcraft Corp.

 CEO and Chairman TJ Maloney, who joined the company in 1993, has served on the investment committee and remains continuously involved with all of the corporations within the business’s portfolio. In his time at Lincolnshire, Maloney has been on over a dozen boards which include Credentials Services International, Polaris Pool Systems, and Wabash.

Maloney was in the acquisition, merger, and securities law practice before joining Lincolnshire. He was also the chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council and was on the trustee board at Boston College and Fordham University. He has participated as a guest lecturer on law and private equity at a number of universities including the MBA Program at Columbia University

In 2007, Maloney received the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award presented by Fordham Law School to recognize business leaders holding high moral standards. He also served at The Tilton School on the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the US and the trustee board.

Maloney obtained his bachelor’s degree from Boston College and his Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School. Time with family, reading, swimming, and golfing are his favorite pass-times.

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Attorney Todd Levine Is Always Prepared For The Work He Does

Todd Levine has represented a wide variety of people throughout his career as an attorney, but those he represents most often are property managers, brokers, and investors. He also works for buyers and sellers and contractors. He is one of the men who founded Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L., a law practice where he serves as one of the partners. Todd Levine knows a lot about complex situations in law, and he has helped many through their business disputes. Todd Levine attended the University of Florida and Florida Levin College of Law. And he has won awards for the work that he has done as an attorney. He says that no two work days are ever the same, but he is always traveling to one Florida city or another. But, even as he stays busy with his work and is traveling for it, he still stays on top of everything. He always makes sure to meet each of his deadlines because he values his clients. He puts care into the work that he does for them, and he always uses his diagnostic skills to help fight for them. Todd Levine learned the area of law that he wanted to practice early in his career when he was put on a complex case and had to break it down. He discovered his talent for making difficult things easy to understand, and he has been doing great work as a litigation attorney ever since. He says that he always tries to learn a lot about each case and about the law in general so that he can help his clients well. He says that while no two cases are alike, he can still be prepared for them and that always being prepared and having creativity are important traits for an attorney.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is Excited About Putting On Another Big Fundraising Event

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading New York City attorney who obtained his J.D. degree from the law school at New York University. He founded his Jeremy Goldstein and Associates law firm in response to his recognition that there were a lot of issues going on in the corporate world in regard to conflicts of interest. With all of the major happenings in regard to CEO compensation, Jeremy Goldstein started a law firm that could specialize in addressing these types of areas. Since that time, he has become one of the most respected legal experts in the corporate world as has been at the center of some of the biggest events that the corporate world has seen in the last several decades.


Over his career as a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has participated heavily in work of a philanthropic nature. He is devoted to giving back to the community and has worked hard to find ways to raise money for charity. Perhaps his favorite charity is an organization called Fountain House that works to help mental illness sufferers to live lives of a more normal nature. His commitment to Fountain House has been demonstrated by the many fundraisers he has undertaken for the organization. He recently hosted a pair of lavish wine dinners in New York City that brought in tens of thousands of dollars that went toward aiding the work of Fountain House.


1944 was the founding date of Fountain House. The organization was put together by a group of individuals who were suffering from bouts of mental illness. The initial formation of the group was as a support group. Since that time, the organization has grown but continues to maintain its original mission of providing aid to those who suffer from mental illness as well as working hard to break the traditional stigma that has been associated with the condition.


The success of past wine dinners has inspired another round of the event this May of 2019. This year’s edition of this fabulous wine dinner is going to feature some elite vintages of wine and will be held at New York City’s Nomad Hotel on its roof deck. In exchange for their $5 thousand admission fee, the generous donors will receive an amazing meal that will be accompanied by the great selections of wine. There is a great deal of hope that this year’s version of Jeremy Goldstein’s event will be as successful as past renditions of this important fundraiser. It is a great cause and Jeremy Goldstein is exceedingly proud to be able to be a part of organizing an event that promises to bring in so much needed funding into an organization that does truly significant work.


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