Michael Phelps and Talkspace Reveal Importance of Talking about Mental Health

The A List Daily website recently published an article by H.B. Duran titled, “Michael Phelps Dives into Mental Health Advocacy with Talkspace.” The article discusses the partnership between the Olympic Gold Medalist and Talkspace, a company dedicated to providing a private platform for people to seek professional mental health help.

The two recently partnered for a series of commercials and marketing campaigns to end the stigmas against mental health. They both wanted to provide information on Phelps’ own battles with anxiety and depression to help people understand that anyone can suffer from mental illness. Phelps revealed that sharing his story was created by his drive to help others seek out professional help. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates.

Talkspace was also featured in an article titled, “Relationship Advice from Talkspace,” written by Steven Smith. The article discusses how the app will provide couples therapy as well. Talkspace reveals that couples who are cohabitating need to ensure they have the tools to handle the relationship well. One of the key tools to stay healthy and happy in a relationship is autonomy. Though many people seek advice from their friends and family, they might not have the best perspective. Talkspace encourages people to take relationship advice from friends and family with a grain of salt. When seeking information from people outside of the intimate relationship, the couple doesn’t learn how to negotiate their relationship.

Talkspace also indicates that is important to manage the meltdown. Each person in the couple is human and prone to insecurities. Anything might provoke an overreaction to mistakes. The freak out could be caused by jealousy or fears of abandonment. However, it is important for the people in the relationship to bring up their issues without blaming the other.

It is also important for couples that are cohabitating to have open communication at the heart of the relationship. Couples who are able to communicate in healthy ways about the joys and struggles of the relationship are more likely to work through the meltdown.

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A Bright Future for Healthcare Technology with Drew Madden

Who is Drew Madden? Drew Madden is a renowned Information Technology guru and entrepreneur who mainly focuses on healthcare, from Electronic Health Records (E.H.R.) to Electronic Medical Records (E.M.R.) which facilitate better patient understanding and medical care.

Drew Madden is quite aggressive on matters pertaining to the building of excellent company cultures and especially since he is highly involved in the medical sector, he tries the best he can to initiate trusted client partnerships while maintaining all the ethical codes present. Drew Madden holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering which he studied at the University of Iowa and specialized in medical systems.

Drew Madden’s Career

Drew started his career involving healthcare IT at Cerner Corporation. He, later on, joined a subsidiary firm of United Healthcare known as Ingenix and then a consultation firm known as Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2010, which was at the time the world’s most renown consulting company after having held quite a number of awards.

During Drew Madden’s tenure at Nordic, the company made quite a tremendous growth from employees to even client partners and even in matters revenue. Drew Madden is also a founding partner at Evergreen Healthcare. Evergreen Healthcare is known worldwide for solving problems that are complex in nature and that revolve around operations and IT, alongside management.

An Interview with Inspirery

At an interview with Inspirery, Drew Madden talks of his daily routine which he says involves endless meetings with partners and also with clients even if it means having to travel to meet them. In addition to that, Drew points out that among the many things he looks forward to, he is most excited about the future of Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records.

He says that with the evolution of technology, he cannot wait for a time when Evergreen Healthcare and other organizations of the similar sort being on the cutting edge of innovation. In the same interview, Drew Madden mentions that some of his best ideas were as a result of collaborating with other creative intellectuals. He also adds that if he could speak to his younger self, he would advise that he purposes to network with as many people as possible because it is through such networks that he came up with his greatest ideas.