Riot Games

The launch of Riot Games in 2006 was to develop and support games that had been made by players and for players. This game was released in 2009 under the name League of Legends which is now one of the most-played games of the PC game industry. Esports has also grown explosively due to this release.

Social Impact of the Game

The founders of this game are Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles and it’s current CEO is Nicolo Laurent. These developers always believed that a person with perseverance and vision will also have a passion to make a positive impact on others. Long-term values would provide a positive effect on the entire community they served. The social responsibility that comes through would also help build creative energy and provide a feeling of global citizenship and equal access for all.

Diversity and Inclusion of the Riot Games

The team has always wanted to create an inclusive environment within Riot and in many ways here are the 3 most important issues that will be pursued:

1) Find, contact and attract the best team players

2) Follow through with ideas that are new and muscular

3) Make sure the delivery to all players globally comes with the best experiences

To reach these goals, there are areas of impact on which focus is crucial, such as making sure the teams are diverse and that they always challenge the delivery to the players with a concentration on the improvement of the game at every turn.

The Rioter should feel like they own the game and express who they are and where their interests lie. In that way, a strong off-the-wall experience will be created when tackling issues and challenges. This will be a benefit for all Riot Game players, regardless of where they are located.

Finally, maintaining a constant opportunity for fairness is a plus. It will create outcomes that are fundamental to improving the talents of the Rioter. Such things as recruitment, compensation, and promotion will be tackled in a positive atmosphere that is rudimentary for the phenomenal progress within the team.