Isabel Dos Santos Is Helping Women In Africa And Angola To Find Success As Entrepreneurs

Many women in the business world need a good role model to look up to. Isabel dos Santos has served as that kind of role model for many years, and she continues to inspire women with her words as a public speaker. Dos Santos has visited many different universities where she has given talks about how to find success as a woman in a male-dominated workforce.

When Isabel dos Santos was younger, she struck out on her own to get a college education. She studied in the United Kingdom where she attended colleges in London and Kent. She majored in electrical engineering while studying at King’s College, which has helped her as the leader of the telecommunications company UNITEL. She believes that education is very important for women and has talked about how there needs to be more educational opportunities for women in Africa. She has helped out by partaking in philanthropy and offering scholarships to women in need. One of the programs she has worked with over the years is called “Seeds for the Future,” which helps people to prepare to compete in the international work market.

Isabel dos Santos is known as the richest woman in Africa, and she has donated plenty of her money to helping those in need. She has also helped to shine a spotlight on the issue of poverty in Africa. Dos Santos knows that many women in Africa and Angola have a hard time paying for an education because they are primarily focused on simply surviving. This also means that many children suffer in Africa and Angola because their parents cannot afford to provide their basic needs.

Isabel dos Santos believes that women in developing countries would have a better chance at success if they had access to the internet and modern technology. She has helped to bring high-speed internet to rural locations in Angola and Africa and is hoping it will help people there to be able to compete in the global market. Placing the internet in these areas has also helped various communities to communicate with each other in these countries, and this has helped to build stronger connections between people.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

What are Freedom Checks and How Were they discovered?

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks is a tax-free investment opportunity that is not run by the current government. This investment opportunity would not exist without Statute 26-F which is a federal law. It allows more than 550 energy-related organizations to provide generous monthly or quarterly checks to their clients or investors. According to Matt Badiali, these energy-related companies are known as master limited partnerships, and they have various roles to play in the extraction and refining of natural oil and gas.

These firms will manage refineries, distribute oil through pipelines to various stations and drill new wells. For the company to qualify for this tax-free opportunity, it must be in the position to provide its investors with 90 cents of each dollar in earnings. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are similar to regular dividends, but master limited partnerships call then distributions. Some shareholders can get up to approximately $160,000 quarterly.

Both Reuters and Motley Fool have indicated the impressive individual returns that this tax-free investment will provide. Most traditional securities will pay 50% to 60% less. The government income tax does not apply to the shareholders or the master limited partnerships. The investors or shareholders will pay a small tax on their gains in case they sell shares. This opportunity gives most citizens a great incentive to invest in energy firms.

Freedom Checks are completely legitimate, and the Congress enacted them in the year 1987. Currently, more than 500 energy firms meet the Statute 26-F law requirements which mean they are legally allowed to offer freedom checks. Matt Badiali came across this special opportunity while working for a well-known financial expert.

He was working on a project that would enable him to meet various mining and oil chief executive officers across the globe. The purpose of the project was to discover the latest technologies, trends, and discoveries in the oil and natural gas extraction and processing. Matt discovered the master limited partnerships during this project. These firms must pay their investors at least 90% of the income and the payment is what Matt Badiali refers to as freedom checks.

Why Southridge Capital is a Major Player in Financial Services

Southridge Capital, an investment group is on the edge of advising some of the most prominent public companies today. With a diverse group of clients, they are focused on offering a wide variety of innovative financial solutions. What makes them rock solid? They have a core team of experts that they rely on for staying up to date on the marketplace. Their job is to remain focused on executing for clients. If they fail to execute, these clients would be forced to go elsewhere.


Financing plans are subject to whatever the market is doing, making it shaky ground in uncertain times. With nearly a few million invested in growth companies around the world, the firm has positioned it’s portfolio to grant financing for more than 250 companies since it’s inception. What is the team’s greatest strength? They are great at consulting on most corporate issues, but now they are also working with individuals who seek to build a financial strategy for creating real wealth.


What does Southridge Capital do for their clients? They create a Financial Needs Analysis, and this helps them create a forecast for the company as to where they are headed based upon the information they have to work with. One of their best strategies yet, is their Balance Sheet Optimization. This gives them the ability to work with the client to balance their profit and what they have in true debt.


According to Newswire, this is also true for individuals, especially those who want to plan better for retirement. In fact, the consumer is now more savvy than they were 20 years ago. Cryptocurrency is now on the table as a viable investment. Southridge Capital has been focused on marketplace trends, therefore they want to know how they can best help the client plan ahead and conquer their current debts at this point in their lives.


Bankruptcy? That isn’t an issue either. There are numerous ways that the firm can help consumers as well as firms overcome this. They can make negotiations for clients that are entering into bankruptcy and how they can get out of it quicker with payments, or if they can reduce the balances owed.



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Shervin Pishevar: The World Needs Bitcoin

Shervin Pishevar discussed the devaluation of government bonds. While most of his attention is on the U.S., it is hard to dismiss how low consumer confidence in bonds is growing across the globe. Can Bitcoin pick up the slack? Maybe a year ago financial experts would have scoffed at the idea, but the situation is changing.

One of the most notable factors that fuel a growing consumer confidence in Bitcoin is the entrance of new projects. In the cryptocurrency market, they are called Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed. Many scams entered the market on the coattails of Bitcoin’s success.

As one might expect, the price of Bitcoin plunged. What is surprising is that this did not slow the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Yes, the attention of regulators has made entrance into the market more difficult. But, it seems to have only served to increase the quality of new projects entering the crypto space.

Shervin Pishevar predicted a second decline in the price of Bitcoin. However, he expected this to be temporary. Shervin Pishevar sees real value in Bitcoin. The world needs a fundamentally secure way to trade digital assets. Bitcoin provides the cryptographic legwork for establishing a global network of secure transactions. It decentralized power so as to allow the small entrepreneur to become more significant.

Innovation and entrepreneurs often go hand in hand. Shervin Pishevar called attention to large U.S. corporations who stifle innovation by detrimentally overshadowing small business. Shervin Pishevar even went on to say that some of these large U.S. corporations should be considered monopolies.

It is hard to argue against Shervin Pishevar when one looks at the market share of some of these enormous tech companies. Just consider the impact of the once desolate Silicon Valley.

It is true that Bitcoin maintains a dominating share of the overall cryptocurrency market cap. Along with a few other coins, they own the majority of investments in cryptos. But, this is changing. The increasing rate of small ICO investments illustrates the growing opportunities within the crypto space.