Getting to Know More About Expert Business Woman Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is an entrepreneur and business woman who is based in Angola. In fact, Isabel dos Santos is the CEO and owner of Unitel, which is a telecommunications company. This company has seriously grown over time and is one of the best available to those who are in need of help. In fact, the company brought in nearly 50,000 jobs when it was first created and launched.

Because of this, you are going to find that this company has truly helped to improve the economy in a way that is beneficial to those around them. You can even learn more about Unitel by going to the site or social media pages attached to it.

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Com Alfonso Dolce, o presidente da Dolce & Gabanna, marca italiana mundialmente famosa, e sua equipa aqui em Shangai, no primeiro dia da China Internacional Import Expo. A China está a dizer ao mundo que está aberta a negociar. Estamos a partilhar experiências e conhecimentos para fazer parte desta abertura mundial. Desde a tecnologia à diversificação dos produtos, são várias as estratégias em cima da mesa #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #CIIE #China #Angola #Lundina #ANossa #business #proudlyAngolan #DolceGabanna With Alfonso Dolce, the CEO of Dolce & Gabanna, a world famous Italian brand, and his team here in Shanghai on the first day of China International Import Expo. China is telling the world that they are open to negotiating. We are sharing experiences and knowledge to be part of this new world era. From technology to product diversification, there are several strategies to work on @dolcegabanna 上海进博会第一天遇见Alfonso Dolce 先生和他的团队,( dolcegabbana)一个世界知名意大利品牌的CEO。中国向世界承诺,更开放,多对话…

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If you would like to learn more about Isabel dos Santos and the work that she has done, you are going to want to consider going to her main site where her portfolio is located. This can give you an idea of the type of work she has done as well as what you can expect out of her in the future. This is someone who has been able to grow the economy and help people in the Angolan area who need it. You will enjoy the fact that she is continually working to improve the nation for those living there and who may want to consider getting themselves into this particular field.

When Isabel dos Santos isn’t working, you can find her doing a lot of charity work. You will find that she has a passion for all things education-related and that she is working to improve the lives of both women and children who need to be able to get the education that they need. This is a wonderful time for you and can be beneficial for a lot of people. You will want to go online and see exactly what this expert can do and all that she has been able to do for those within Africa. You can easily see why she is one of the top entrepreneurs and why she has worked diligently to improve the industry in a way that works for so many.

Impossible Foods and OSI Group Partner Produce and Distribute the Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods began its food science research and development project to find the perfect plant based burger in 2011. It set up its headquarters in Redwood City and started looking for all the ideal plant-based ingredients that would produce a burger that had all the qualities of a beef burger but without beef. After many years of intense research and experimentation, it arrived at the exact combination of plant-based ingredients that formed its perfect Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger look, tasted, cooked, and bled like a burger, but it remained 100% plant-based. Impossible Foods was very enthusiastic about showing its Impossible Burger to the world and debuted the Impossible Burger, a David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant in New York City.

The debuted event took place in the Summer of 2016, and by the beginning of 2019, more than 10,000 orders had accumulated that were being filled for the Impossible Burger at Impossible Foods 67,000 square foot production facility in Oakland. By mid-2019, the rules had become so many that Impossible Foods made a co-production agreement with the 113-year legend in meat packing, OSI Group. OSI Group has been producing best McDonalds burgers since Roy Kroc selected OSI Group to be its sole meat-packer since 1955. OSI Group is now in 17 countries and 65 international locations. The number of people that OSI Group employs is 20,000. OSI manufactured an exact copy of the Impossible Foods production facility in its Chicago plant, which produces parallel to the Impossible Foods production facility and now brings all of his distribution network and history of excellent service to bringing the Impossible Burger to thousands of food-purveyors and restaurants.

According to Shateel Shah, speaking about the co-production agreement between the two companies said, it was pleased to work alongside the legendary company and hoped to learn from its innovations and service since 1909 when it first began in Deer Park, a Chicago suburb. Recently Impossible Foods increased its orders when Burger King launched the Impossible Whopper nationwide in 7,500 of its restaurants, bringing the demand for the Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods recently were approved by the FDA to place the Impossible Burger in large and small grocery stores, which means the Impossible Burger will, in the future, be available in more retail stores across America. Click here.

The Inspiring Story Of Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who has made his mark in the international scene owing to the fact that he has been the leader of his successful ventures. He is an Indian born businessman who mainly operates his businesses from London. He has an incredible standing in various industries, particularly in the field of healthcare, aviation, hospitality, and the arms industry. The work that he has done in these industries has been nothing short of incredible and has cemented the hard work that he has put in all these years. Sudhir Choudhrie spent most of his formative years growing up within the city of Delhi.

He always wanted to be successful at something and had the aim of starting up his own company. He had many role models within his family and people who had started their own businesses who he looked up to. These individuals inspired him to take the necessary steps to start up his own business. He always knew that education was something that could help him in his successful career and decided that he would pursue a degree from Delhi University in Economics. Soon after completing his degree, he decided that he would start working on his own terms and decided to start up his own company during this time. He first started out by importing televisions into India from the UK.

It is important to note that this was done at a time when there weren’t many televisions in the country and people were just starting to see a need for it. His business proved to be incredibly successful within the initial months and was something that caught the eye of big names. The Indian Government too decided to benefit from the import services that he was providing, and soon, Sudhir Choudhrie was selling his television imports to the Indian Government. The success of this company led him to establish the Magnum Trading Company.  After experiencing his success journey, Sudhir Choudhrie realized that he wanted to set up a company that would help him with further investment ventures. This led him to establish  Alpha C&C Group, which now stands as an incredibly prominent company within its industry. Click here.

OSI Group Saves the Day

In late July Impossible Foods made a deal with the food manufacturing company OSI Group. The need for alternative meats has reached an all time high and to keep up the demand this deal had to happen to stay ahead. OSI Group is known for their deal with McDonalds. The OSI Group has been working on the Impossible Burger which is based out of the west suburbs of Chicago to help with the demand for plant-based burgers. President of Impossible Foods say that the OSI Group will help double production soon and quadruple by the end of 2019. Earlier in the year Woodside and Impossible foods thought about not partnering with any one but quickly thought against it and realized they need help.

With this deal the idea is to never have a shortage of burgers again. Other chain companies such as Burger King, White Castle, Qdoba, and others have jumped on the plant based meat bandwagon which has cause a shortage of Impossible Burgers. McDonalds however associated with OSI Group, has taken the wait and see method for these plant-based burgers. Nestle and Tyson are two other leading food suppliers that are working on their own plant-based meat as well.

Impossible Burger’s Senior Vice President of Productions indicated that a deal with McDonalds could be in the works but isn’t there yet. On top of the new deal, Impossible Foods was just received a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) letter. This came from the United States Food and Drug Administration for their ingredient soy leg-hemoglobin. This will allow them to sell their meat at retails stores all over the country. With a GRAS letter and a new deal, it seems that Impossible Foods will have a big impact on the future of chain restaurants and their most popular burgers as well as retail stores.

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Acumen Into Colbeck Capital Management

One can wonder what a financial advisor does with our money. It seems like a magic trick by which he makes us make wise investments landing us in a far better financial stability. Professional advisors make it possible for us that we multiply our savings, keeping our expenses controlled.

Colbeck capital management is one such firm which ensures the best investment of money of their clients. This amazing finance advising firm was founded by Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman in the year 2009. It did not take them too long to earn the reputation of one of the finest financial advisors. The main reason behind their good repute and quick fame was their core focus on the investments and the advisory on secured and strategic finance.

They are very well known for flexible and practical solutions for financial requirements. They can help their valuable clients in strategic corporate loans and refinancing.

Investment plans and strategies by Colbeck

The firm strongly believes in the fact that investment opportunities are always present in the market. We just need to take timely and wise steps. These opportunities are especially present when the credit markets are present abundantly and more than the significance of the risk. The Colbeck Capital firm aims to generate consistent investment opportunities which are beneficial in the long run. They specifically pull out the potential in the undercapitalized niches of the markets and help their clients flourish in them.

They also help in the creation of and promotion of the partnership approach with other investors and entrepreneurs. Colbeck Capital Management provides help and advice regarding strategy making and assisting in the implementation of the financial plan.

It is said the firm has been successful in maintaining the long term clientele in the field of successful financial investment. Very recently, it was announced that a well-known company earned millions of dollars in terms of profit with the help of Colbeck. Debt refinancing is a very tricky and complicated situation in which it may put the investor into a lot of risks. Despite being a very risky state, the Colbeck managed to invest the loan into a profitable business not only for the quick refinancing but also for the long term profits and further investments.

Wealth management is the field, not everyone can master. There are quite several investors eager to get wealth management advisory so that their money can be utilized and multiplied. The Colbeck Finance advisors are the masters of their business.

Some of the most well-known companies which benefit from the firm’s advisory services are, Rhino Resource Partners, which is a diversified energy company working for many years. They are the regular clients of Colbeck.

Another important name to enter into the list is Relativity Media. They provide media and entertainment services and are quite happy with the financial advisory services of the Colbeck Finance management.

So, if you are planning to some big investment and are not clear in your path, you can always contact the Colbeck. They are experts in senior secured loans, short and long-dated securities, the debtor in possession and flexible covenants.

Felipe Montoro Jens And How He Helps With Infrastructure Funding

Felipe Montoro Jens is a finance expert in Brazil who has built a name for himself over the years by providing cities and communities with the help they need to pay for improvements. Plus, he has worked with many companies that make municipal funding possible. He is a good role model for people who want to do good in their own communities, and someone who would like to study his career could learn a lot about how to get and maintain financing for big business projects.

Municipal Infrastructure

Felipe is best known for helping cities and communities or villages with the infrastructure financing that they need. He works with these communities to come up with a way to pay for the projects, how to finance them, and how to make them tenable for the community. Because each of these communities is different, Felipe offers hands-on experience that is helpful to the community.

Where Does Financing Come From?

Felipe has many partners that he has worked with on financing these projects, and he wants to be sure that he can find someone who is truly interested in each project. When he partners the community with the financing, he can explain how to manage that money properly. Plus, Felipe will talk to the community about how they will use taxes or bonds to pay back these loans. This is a simple way to get started on construction quickly, and Felipe believes that it is safer for a community to finance their projects this way than simply raising taxes across the board.

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Advising Communities

Before financing is even considered, Felipe will advise the community on how to approach their particular project. He has been working in Brazil for so long that he knows how to make each project work perfectly. He can show his clients how he has helped with similar projects in the past, and he will take input from his clients as he decides what needs to be done.

Managing Financing Options

Felipe also helps his clients manage financing options or even refinancing. A city or community that takes on a major infrastructure project can actually refinance the loan they already have, and the company could save a little bit of money in the process if this is the case, the city or community could decide to start another project because they have a little bit of leftover cash ready for a down payment. These communities can go back to Felipe at any time, and he will handle everything.


Felipe Montoro Jens is helping make Brazil a more beautiful place to live, and he is improving the way the communities look, helping these communities save money, and allowing for these projects to start right away. If anyone wants to learn how to work in the finance industry, Felipe is the person to talk to. Plus, Felipe is a wonderful role model for anyone who would like to go into public service or works with the treasury of a Brazilian community. Learn More:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210


Why Wes Edens Is One Of The Most Successful Business Men In America

Wes Edens is known for being one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group(FIG). His full name is Wesley Robert Edens and he was born in Oct. 30, 1961. He is currently based in New York. He is an American by nationality. He got a BSc in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984.

He is into private equity investment and hedge fund management. At some point he partnered with another business mogul to buy a sport team-Milwaukee Bucks. He is married to Lynn Edens and they have 4 children. He is also holding different positions in several notable organizations. He is currently the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. He is among the board of trustees of U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation. His current positions have been listed below.

  • He is the Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation


  • He is the Chairman of the Board, New Senior Investment Group Inc. since 1999


  • He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fortress Registered Investment Trust since 2002


  • Wes Edens has been the current Chairman Drive Shack Inc. since 2004


  • He has been the Chairman of Mapeley Limited since 2008


  • He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, a position he assumed in 2010


  • He was appointed the Chairman of the Board, OneMain Holdings Inc. in 2010 and he is still the Chairman


  • He has been the Chairman of the Board, Springleaf Finance Corporation since 2010


  • He became the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Springleaf Finance Inc. in 2013


  • He is also the current Chairman of New Media Investment Group Inc.

He served in different capacities in Fortress Investment Group despite being a co-founder. He was the Chief Executive officer from April 1998 to July 22, 2003. In addition to all the positions listed above, he also has numerous affiliations. Talking about his early life, he began his remarkable career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers where he was the partner and managing director. He held the position from 1987 to 1993 before joining BlackRock’s private equity division where he served as a partner and managing director since then till 1997. His love for sports made him buy off Milwaukee Bucks and at the time of purchase, he promised to get a plan for a new arena for the team and also have the arena built within a few years. He also said he envisaged that the new facility will cost about $400 million. Overall, Wes Edens is a successful business man in whatever terms you want to put it and he is still not resting on his oars.

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Jingdong is the brainchild of Richard Liu Qiangdong who founded the company in the year 1998, and by 2004, its online operations started. Before the online retail operations started, the company was running over a dozen stores across the country selling magneto-optical products. However, when Richard Liu Qiangdong diversified his own business into the e-commerce sector, he ensured that the company sells many other products as well, including mobile phones, electronic appliances, and more.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has become a leading name in the global corporate circle by helping reach the success it enjoys today. Not only has helped the company grow massively but has also integrated the latest technology to its operational machinery. It has helped the company to become more competitive and ensure that the customers get best quality service at low cost. It is also using AI technology for shipping and handling, which has made it easier for the company to deliver products at every nook and corner of the country with ease.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been implementing some of the most innovative marketing strategies that have helped the company grow at a rapid pace. It has also been acquiring new companies in the e-commerce sector to strengthen its base in the field and provide stronger competition to Alibaba. The company has been able to provide its customers with everything they need. One of the top quality products they are selling is imported fruits from New Zealand, especially kiwifruit and apple that are quite famous in New Zealand.

Fortress Investment Group Collaborates with iPass

In October 2018, Fortress Investment Group partnered with iPass that deals with global connectivity. FIG is the leading private equity organization since its inception in 1998. On the flip side, iPass is ideal for Wi-Fi services for customers across the world. The deal saw iPass acquire a total amount of $20 million from the FIG. The company’s CEO stated that finances could grow its revenue and maximize profits as well. Thus, the two companies came together to make their names more eminent in the entrepreneurial field.

The terms between the two firms allow iPass to access $10 million for the first batch to implement the endeavor. It came as a result of the visionary Microsoft and HP that have predicted the high demand to an internet connection using Wi-Fi. Many people love to travel and work concurrently, meaning that iPass ought to offer the services. For this reason, Fortress Investment Group sits at the table of top-notch visionary establishments.

Fortress Investment Group gave the loan to iPass so that it could expand its coverage. The focus was to reach out to about 340 million hotspots when 2018 came to an end. Earlier on, the organization supplied nearly 64 million hotspots in hotels, train stations, restaurants, convention centers, and airports. Thus, Fortress made a worthy investment since the growth that was expected by iPass was quite high. They make a perfect collaboration since they have excellent track records. FIG is an ideal investor since it has good net value to fund various companies. iPass has offered the best environment since it serves clientele, including companies and individuals.

When it comes to funding, Fortress Investment Group is not a newcomer; it has been in the industry for two decades. Other projects include the TSX Broadway, All Board Florida, and SoftBank buying the Fortress. In 2014, FIG received recognition with the theme “Institutional Hedge Fund of the Year” by the Institutional Investor Magazine. On that account, iPass rest assured that they have the optimal partner that offers them a thriving business platform. It also means that the collaboration will generate high yields bearing in mind their exemplary performances.

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McDonalds Supplier “OSI Group” Partners with Impossible Foods

Nothing Is Impossible For McDonalds Meat Supplier OSI Group

As consumers demand more plant-based products, that has left companies, such as Impossible Foods, scrambling to meet demands. So, what did Impossible Foods do? They reached out to the top meat supplier for McDonalds. OSI Group has been the main burger supplier for McDonald’s for decades. When Impossible Foods came knocking on the door, they jumped at the chance to help. Impossible Foods believes that it is OSI Group’s work with the famous fast food restaurant chain that makes them a great partner. OSI has installed new equipment in their plant in California to help Impossible Foods to meet their demands. OSI will begin to make Impossible burgers before the end of summer.

Impossible Foods was not prepared for their plant base burger to be in such high demand so quickly. However, the chain restaurants that they supply include Cheesecake Factory, White Castle, and Qdoba have added the plant-base burger to their menu. It was the announcement made by Burger King that made Impossible Foods realize they need more manufacturing space. Burger King wants to offer their customers the Impossible Whopper before the end of the year. That announced left the plant-base burger in high demand.

Impossible Foods is not the only company that is struggling with the demands of plant-based meats. However, they did partner with one of the largest food producers around the world. OSI will be able to double the production of the Impossible Burger. It will also enable Impossible Foods to develop new food  products. That will certainly please their growing customer base. Does this mean that the Impossible burger will show up on the McDonald’s menu soon? We will have to wait and see. McDonald’s does not seem to be in any hurry to jump on this new trend. They are happy to sit in the back seat on this one and let restaurants such as Burger King and Del Taco give it a run first.

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