China’s e-Commerce Leader: Richard Liu Quangdong

c and leader in the e-commerce industry in China, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of or Jingdong Mall. is a shortened form of his first venture into business on his own in 1998. The name “Jingdong” was created after the last characters of his girlfriend’s and his name together. Jingdong was a shop that sold magneto-optical products in Beijing. Richard Liu also sold computers and became successful and expanded to 12 stores by 2003. However, when a SARS outbreak that year caused the employees and customers to stay inside their homes, he closed his stores and focused on e-commerce, giving birth to two years later. Richard Liu Qiangdong ensured that only products of quality were sold by controlling sales and shipping, whereas some internet businesses gave no receipts, or they dealt in counterfeit products. Today, Richard Liu owns China’s largest online direct sales businesses. With Wal-Mart working along with, operations in China, Southeast Asia and the United States have expanded.

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2018, Richard Liu Qiangdong announced that he had added 30,000 employees. He felt that this additional help would make his company the best in e-commerce, technology, finance and logistics. Currently, there are 500 logistic centers from which deliveries are made around the world. gives a commitment that deliveries will be made within six hours in China and 20 hours anywhere in the world. With a company that is now worth $60 billion with 7,000 employees, Richard Liu’s goals are to bring products of the highest quality from around the world to China. He hopes to expand into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America with e-commerce, logistics, technology and core businesses.

Despite his great success and fame, Richard Liu Qiangdong has not forgotten the Chinese traditional values. Honoring his father and mother and directing his children to find their own ways in life are two such values. He is also humble about his good fortune, claiming that wealth is to be used as a resource to help his country and society grow.

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Meet Graeme Holm: He’s The Co-Founder of Infinity Group Australia.

For Graeme Holm, financial services are in his blood. With approximately 17 plus years of experience in the financial milieu, he has accreditations in the real estate, financial planning, and finance. Mr. Holm also has a decade’s worth of time in the major banking sector. Mr. Holm has been quite dismayed to discover the state of Australia’s banking and financial deals for Australians. Holm turned his dismay for the financial situation in Australia into an opportunity to create the financial company, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. Graeme Holm’s firm helps to change the lives of many Australians by fixing the current financial problems in his country.


How Does Infinity Group Help Its Clients?


Mr. Holm noted that many of the clients in the market for Australian Loans are living from paycheck to paycheck. Thus, they can only make the minimum payments on the loan over three decades, which is the term of the loan. Infinity Group was able to bring to life the idea of ongoing support and guidance throughout the whole cycle of the client loan journey.


Holm noted that repayments on 30-year loans could happen in the timeframe of 3-5 years, but the average span is 7-10 years if the right payment structure is put into place, and people follow the plan.


Graeme Holm and Infinity Group make the comparison of a trainer at a gym to a personal trainer to work with their Australian clients’ finances. A financial coach who is available through Infinity Group that can help keep its clients accountable to its expenses, budgets, needs versus wants type of purchases, and more. Holm also notes that a financial coach can help you to stick to the weekly cash-focused fiscal budget. The ability to deposit all the different forms of monies that can be placed into a transactional loan account. By clients of Infinity Group being able to reduce their interest charges on a daily basis and getting into a routine that involves living on a weekly budget, they can succeed with their financial goals.


Concerning Holm’s education, he attended Australian Institute of Business. His educational focus was on a Master of Business Administration program. Holm also attended Illawarra Christian school. Holm has been an FBAA member since April 2016, a voluntary corporate and individual member of REIQ since 2013 as well as a member of REINSW. Mr. Holm also has mortgage brokering-related certificates. Learn more: