ClassDojo Is Finally Innovating The Stagnant Education System

One small step for apps, one giant leap for the education system. Since schooling began, things have pretty much remained the same in classrooms. You have the teacher, a bunch of kids, and just as many chairs and desks all inside the same typical classrooms all around the world. The first combustible engine automobiles have been around for less than two hundred years. In that time, they went from a top speed not much faster than a horse, to speeds of over 300 miles per hour. We even have fully electric cars now. Schooling has been around for much longer than any combustible engine vehicle and yet, it has failed to improve even a fraction as much as a vehicle.

We have witnessed the use of technological advancements all throughout each and every field in our culture, but the education system has received the least. In comparison, the military has had much more innovation and improvement than our education system by far. There is, however, a group of people that have taken the initiative and assisted in providing a fantastic example of simplistic, yet effective innovation to our modern day educational system that has remained stagnant for centuries.

The small group of people are known as Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. With their technological skills, they developed and launched ClassDojo in 2011. ClassDojo is a platform that facilitates communication between teachers and parents. With the ingenious application of modern technology to the classroom environment, ClassDojo has greatly improved the resources that teachers and parents have available when it comes to the highly important subject of children’s education.

ClassDojo is already being used by 90% of American school districts and is available in 35 different languages. This greatly improves communication between teachers and parents who speak different languages, creating a more positive educational culture. Through the application of ClassDojo’s technology, parents can now view their children’s statistics and progress that are available on the app at any time. The teachers can also use this app to take pictures and record video of the students to be able to send to the parents to provide more information.