Education Is Only One Aspect of the Good Works of Betsy DeVos

In February 2017, I was pleased to see Betsy DeVos take up what is sure to become the role she is remembered for as the Secretary of Education in the Administration of President Donald Trump. Mrs. DeVos was already a well known education reformer before taking up her role in the federal government that has seen he bringing new ideas and direction to the Education sector. Betsy DeVos is no stranger to political life after serving as the Chair of the Republican Party of Michigan on two separate occasions; Betsy DeVos has always moved in political circles and I remember the pride the people of Michigan felt when she was asked by then President George W. Bush to take up a seat on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts.

Education has been a major part of the life of this member of the Prince industrial family since her birth as her mother was a public school teacher who made sure Betsy always understood the problems facing less well off children in the state of Michigan and across the nation. I am pleased to report Mrs. DeVos has spent much of her adult life acting as an advocate for children who are in need of the assistance of the Michigan public school system and has grown in importance across the state after her charter school system was adopted by the city of Detroit. What has impressed me the most about the way Betsy DeVos has handled her work in helping to establish the Detroit Charter School program is the fact she does not see the implementation of the program as the end of her work and has expressed her wish to assist the program in continuing to grow and thrive in the city. Looking back at the results achieved by the students in Detroit’s charter school program shows they are already ahead of those in the traditional public school system, a fact that shows the reform agenda of the Calvin College graduate is already reaping rewards for children across the state. Check her website for more info at

Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have worked together on a number of projects she hopes will bring success to the nation in the future, particularly in terms of education where the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy is showing how successful a charter school can be for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe Betsy DeVos has shown great leadership in a number of areas of philanthropy, including her support of the Kennedy Center for the Arts and the ArtPrize annual festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan; I agree with Mrs. DeVos in her belief that a well rounded community should see success in all areas from education to the arts and the economic success of the region. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.