Why the Frontera Fund believes in the Dreamers Act

The Frontera fund was founded on the premise of equal treatment of all especially immigrants.The founding of the Frontera fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey was due to the personal violations they had witnessed especially against the Hispanic community.They were among the strongest source of opposition for what Sheriff Joe Arpaio had made his habit of blatant violation of human rights as well as making arbitrary arrest against members of this community.He was a law unto himself even as he described himself as America’s toughest sheriff.He inspired the Frontera fund which was started against the backdrop of a 3.75 million dollar settlement that was paid to them for his direct actions against them.

The dreamer’s act is also referred to as DACA. The act was a presidential action taken by the former president who had seen the challenges faced by the dreamers in the country. Dreamers are those that were brought into the country as children are not in a position to ever acquire legal migrant status despite them having lived in the country for almost all there lives. The strong belief that these dreamers deserved a chance at being citizens of the United States is what led to the Deferred action for childhood arrivals.

Today the Dreamers act has more than 800,000 registered members who are able to live and work in the country legally. They have been a very good contributor to the growth of the country contributing to more than a billion dollars every year in tax dollars.They have a 95 percent employment with some serving in the military meaning that they are one of the country’s most important demo0graphic of people.The need to protect the deferred action for childhood arrivals cannot be overstated and it is this realization that has led organizations such as the Frontera fund to keep fighting for the retention and betterment of this fund.

The government through the relevant arms is being pushed and lobbied by the Frontera fund to keep the dreamer’s hopes and dreams alive by enacting legislation and laws that make there stay more permanent. The Frontera fund will continue to engage in all activities that can make this dream a reality.