Kevin Plank Has Branched Out Considerably Since Launching Under Armour

Kevin Plank is best known for launching what is now one of the world’s premier athletic gear brands, Under Armour. But since his multi-billion dollar company became a household word, Plank has branched out to get involved in an array of other businesses and private foundations across a variety of sectors.

One of his most prominent acquisitions is Sagamore Farm, the legendary American Thoroughbred breeding operation in Baltimore County, Maryland. The 630-acre site was once owned by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt. Sagamore Farm has produced some of the most iconic champion races horses in history, including Native Dancer. That horse lost just one of 22 races during its reign from 1952 to 1954.

Kevin Plank’s goal in acquiring Sagamore Farm is to restore the institution to its former glory. He hopes to produce Triple Crown champions. He’s off to a good start. Under Plank’s management, Sagamore brought forward Shared Account. The racing steed recently won the $2 million Breeders’ Cup Philly & Mare Turf. Join Linkedin to see Kevin Plank’s full profile.

Kevin Plank is also now deeply involved in real estate development. He made considerable news recently when he announced plans to revitalize Baltimore’s Port Covington location. It’s an ambitious plan spaced out over two decades that will invest billions in a 235-acre area. Plans call for building new office buildings, residential areas, boating facilities and parks. The project is seen as a major boost for the city of Baltimore’s overall economy and favorable urban position on the East Coast.

Kevin Plank’s philanthropy has been deemed “legendary” by social observers. He recently donated $25 million to the University of Maryland. Plank graduated from the institution in 1996. He played varsity football there for the NCAA Division I Terrapins. In fact, it was his experience as an athlete at the University of Maryland that inspired his first product – a t-shirt that wicks away sweat from the skin making athletes more comfortable as they perform.

Much of Kevin Plank’s charity has been focused on educational institutions. Another major donation was $16 million given to the Washington D.C. St. John’s College High School. Plank graduated from St. John’s in 1990. Read More:

Fortress Inveestment Group Gets New Owner

Wealth is a long term strategy. Wealth requires different principles and understanding of finances. Wealth is not something every one gets to attain. Fortress Investment Group however understands and assists all their clients with generating wealth for themselves.

The firm understands wealth takes time to build, requires specific strategies and is rare. They have worked for the past couple of decades to create personalized strategies for each individual client to lead them to wealth. This strategy has worked for the wealth management company. Investment advisory firms and wealth management firms come and go. But FOrtress remains and remains as one of the best and largest investment advisory companies in the country right now.

Fortress Investment Group can be visited in their headquarters offices in New York or their other regional offices. Clients visit this firm yearly. Their number of clients surpasses pass one thousand. Each client requires something different. The firm enjoys being able to offer something completely unique to clients. Their goal is to make sure clients are able to build wealth, have lucrative investments and ultimately be pleased with the direction of what is becoming of their financial plan.

Three men with backgrounds in finances and investments came together to form Fortress Investment Group. Two of these men remain active in the daily activities of Fortress. One of the founders has retired. Fortress has a Japanese owner. SoftBank paid over three billion dollars in cash to become the owners of Fortress. The three original founders are very proud and pleased with what has become of Fortress. Fortress may have a new owner but the company’s principles and outlooks on helping clients remain the same.

Fortress Investment Group has grown to being a billion dollar company that prides itself on creating personalized financial goals for clients, helping clients seek out ways to build wealth, generating ways to protect assets and becoming the top investment advisory firm in New York City.

Softbank will assist Fortress in whatever needs they have. Softbank will help with funding and direction of the company. Fortress will remain as their own entity guiding themselves with the exact strategies needed to please clients.

A Year of Monumental Change at Fortress Investment Group

Maurício Mendonça Godoy Of SOG Partners With AVEVA To Create Power Plants

Setal Óleo e Gás SA (SOG) is a company that specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) in the oil and gas industry. Founded in 2005, SOG Óleo e Gás SA is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy

Maurício Mendonça Godoy formerly served as the Chief Executive Officer at Setal Óleo e Gás SA (SOG) for over 3 years. As a graduate of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Mackenzie Presbyterian University), Maurício Mendonça Godoy earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1981. Continuing his higher education, Mr. Godoy also attended Harvard Business School to acquire a solid educational foundation in business management. After academic life, Mr. Godoy began his career at Setal Óleo e Gás SA (SOG) as the Chief Operations Officer before becoming the CEO.

In an article dated June 14th of 2011, we take a look at a partnership between SOG Óleo e Gás SA and AVEVA, an engineering and information management firm based in the United Kingdom. The article begins to discuss the “implementation” and fusion of updated technology in creating “AVEVA Plant”. The article then discusses what the traditional workflow consisted of, at the time the article was written. In it, it describes the conventional workflow as “expensive rework” involving paper that included “batchwise workflows,” referencing the “link between engineering and construction.”

Next, the article goes in-depth about the new direction SOG Óleo e Gás SA took in “implementing” new technology to the plant through AVEVA. Bringing resources online allowed a more seamless and cost-effective workflow said Mr. Maurício Mendonça Godoy. He also stated that the traditional workflow “demanded” a substantial amount of manpower that resulted in challenges in making modifications when necessary. He then states that updating their workflow to include technology allows his firm to stay competitive. With this partnership, Mr. Godoy envisions an improved, more efficient, and cost-effective solution in streamlining the workflow in the construction of power plants. Other than oil and gas, the article ends by saying that Setal Óleo e Gás SA (SOG) is also involved in the “chemical, petrochemical, and energy” industries.

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Steve Ritchie of Papa John’s on a New Trajectory

Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive of Papa John’s. Steve has been with the company for 23 years. He started at the company as an hourly worker rising through the ranks to become the company’s CEO. In 2014, the company made Ritchie the COO. In 2015, he became the company’s president.

Becoming CEO, Ritchie wanted to the change Papa John’s culture. He was to do this by hiring professionals to audit diversity and put employees through bias and diversity training. On taking over the company from its predecessor, Ritchie restored the company’s hope after a lot of controversies.

Papa John’s is one of America’s biggest pizza chains. The company has about 120,000 members of staff. It has a franchise team of 50 people spread across the United States. The company has branches in about 45 counties across the world.

Ritchie became a member of Papa John’s just after a $200 million investment in the company by Starboard Value. He adds that much of the money could play a massive role in the innovation of new products and changing company culture.

On joining the company, Steve was earning a meagre amount. In 2017 about $2.2 million in salary. The salary has gone on to increase to $5.6 billion in 2018. Much of the money increased to his pay, and that of other employees comes in the form of stocks in the company. Much of the information on compensation is with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The money is spread across compensation, base salary, non-equity incentive plans, and option awards.

Having been with the company for over two years, Ritchie has grown in both experience and leadership. Earlier, right about, the year 2006, Steve Ritchie owned a franchise. Owning a business contributed hugely to the way he looked at things. Ritchie now makes decisions with an understanding of the perspective of a business owner.

At Papa John’s, Steve facilitates global development and brand awareness by undertaking several strategic plans. He believes that the company’s significant resource is people. Ritchie puts a lot of effort in ensuring that employees admire the company they work for, partner with, and order services from.

Ritchie has not separated himself from the place of his childhood. Ritchie still stays with his family Louisville, Kentucky. He has a family of three, a wife and two daughters. Ritchie has also been a part of Papa’s charity initiatives. One of them includes Supporting Bennett College.

Nick Sarnicola Has Become One Of The Health And Lifestyle Industry’s Business Leaders:

In 2005, businessman Nick Sarnicola teamed up with Ryan Blair and Blake Mallen to form what has become one of the most influential lifestyle and health companies globally. That company, known as ViSalus, has become a major success story due to its outstanding line of products and its 90-day challenges that it has become famous for. Nick Sarnicola and his two business partners wanted to help people to transform their lives and their health and ViSalus was their solution to accomplish this lofty goal. The company is based out of the Southern California city of Los Angeles and also has operations in Italy.

Check out Nick Sarnicola on his youtube channel.

When Nick Sarnicola teamed up with his business partners to form ViSalus, he brought with him a significant amount of knowledge and experience. His previous experience was in areas such as the tech sector and the direct sales field and he also had a deep interest in the field of fitness and health. By the time he was only 35 years of age, Nick Sarnicola had already made a substantial fortune for himself. This made him the ideal person for Mallen and Blair to team with in creating a health and lifestyle company. Throughout his professional career, Nick has also become well-known for his dedication to philanthropy. He takes a great deal of pride in being able to give back to the people of the world as a form of gratitude for the personal success that he has experienced.

On the 1st of January, 2017, Nick Sarnicola was named to the Chief Executive Officer position at ViSalus. He took over this important role from fellow ViSalus co-founder Ryan Blair. As CEO, Nick is now responsible for the overall direction at ViSalus, including critical elements such as marketing and the introduction of new products. Before taking on the role as the CEO, Nick served as the ViSalus Global Ambassador. Regarding Ryan Blair, Nick had many positive things to say about the quality of work that he did when he was in the CEO role. Ascending to the CEO position was a true testament to the commitment to excellence that Nick has demonstrated during his many years with ViSalus. Visit:

TJ Maloney & Lincolnshire Management Inc leaders of acquisitions and high standards

 Lincolnshire Management Inc is a private equity firm founded in 1986 and is based in New York City with additional offices in Lawrence, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. For over the past 30 years, the firm has invested in several different industries by completing more than 85 acquisitions. Lincoln Management Inc seeks to take a majority stake in growing middle-market private and public companies focusing on those that operate in the basic niche service sectors, distribution, and manufacturing.

Lincolnshire Management Inc invests in companies operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The firm typically invests in a business if it has an enterprise value between $50 million and $750 million, sales between $25 million and $500 million, and between $5 million to $50 million for operating cash flow. The Lincolnshire Team invests between $5 million and $100 million into companies that fit those criteria, and hold investments for three to five years.

The Lincolnshire Team, led by Chairman and CEO TJ Maloney, has a collaborative approach to business acquisitions and private equity investments. Lincolnshire has been ranked in the top quartile of all private equity funds having over $1.7 billion of private equity funds under their management. TJ Maloney, who joined in 1993, is on the Investment Committee and is actively involved with the portfolio companies. TJ Maloney practiced merger, acquisition and securities law in New York City prior to joining Lincolnshire Managment Inc. Tj Maloney has the extensive expertise of serving on 13 boards, formerly as the Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and serving on the Board of Trustees at Fordham University and Boston College. He has been a guest speaker at several universities, and he is the recipient of the 2007 Ricard J. Bennett Memorial Award, which was presented to TJ Maloney by Fordham Law School as recognition for corporate leaders with the highest moral standards.

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MergerTech CEO Nitin Khanna Stands Out In The Mobile Tech Industry

Nitin Khanna has been an entrepreneur since he completed his formal education. He was born in India in the early 1970s, and he emigrated to the United States at the age of 17. Nitin obtained his bachelor’s degree at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He stayed on to pursue his master’s degree in industrial engineering at Purdue.

He launched his first company, Saber software, with his brother at the age of 26. Nitin Khanna grew up surrounded by a number of entrepreneurial family members. His background is in the fields of mobile technology and investments. Nitin Khanna later co-founded a company called MergerTech with his brother, and today Nitin serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. It is an investment company that is based in Oregon. Saber produces the software currently used in many of the states for political elections and other categories of government software, such as what is used by the Division of Motor Vehicle.

Nitin Khanna turned his focus to investing because he enjoys helping other entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses. Throughout his years of experience, Nitin has acquired the insight to understand that it is the people that make an organization great. He has always emphasized the importance of hiring the right people for the positions in his companies.

He seeks out the best, most talented individuals to join his firm, and he believes this is a winning strategy for all organizations. Nitin Khanna believe that this is what ultimately defines the company culture. His staff is made up of like-minded people collaborate their ideas in alignment with one another. MergerTech has been in operation since 2009.

Nitin Khanna prioritizes his time so as not to waste any of it. He acknowledges that he prefers to spend his time being productive and staying on top of things. Nitin Khanna does not like open items in the inbox in his office. He is a business coach, and he relays that philosophy to others.

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How Brian Torchin Is Shaping The Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin is a firm believer in the endless chances that come with the existence of new media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Torchin insists that these platforms can be used to advertise various vacancies in the healthcare industry. He, therefore, applies his skills in human resources management to advertise jobs available in multiple companies. As such, Torchin uses his staffing organization to poach talented employees.

He also utilizes social media platforms to initiate meaningful conversations regarding various topics such as current events shaping the future of the healthcare sector. Being an avid user of social media, Brian Torchinis also committed to ensuring that professionals dominate the staffing fraternity. HCRC Staffing was formed to help in incorporating decades of medical staffing expertise in order to enhance the client’s hiring experience. Learn more about Brian Torchin at

The management offers extended night as well as weekend hours to assist in ensuring effective communication with customers as well as physicians. As such, the team is always available in 50 states, including Europe, Canada, and Australia, in addition to Asia. Brian Torchin uses his platform to outsource various services of his advertising organization.

Whether you’re seeking o hire a front office manager or a billing manager, a nurse practitioner, or a doctor, HCRC Staffing is an established healthcare staffing agency that you can turn to in terms of fulfilling your requirements. The management will recruit full time and part time staff in the office. At HCRC Staffing, if a client needs to hire staff immediately, the administration will recruit a new candidate immediately. Besides, clients don’t need to pay upfront. They can hire someone who will be dispatched immediately.

Mr. Torchin is an experienced corporate executive with more than ten years of experience serving in the prestigious healthcare sector. Having studied at the University of Delaware, he is well versed with what’s required of him in terms of offering excellent services in the healthcare department.

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Shervin Pishevar: A Brief Explanation of his 21-Hour Tweet Storm

When Shervin Pishevar starts talking, people listen. Mr. Pishevar is one of the most notable figures in the financial industry. He is a super angel investor, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Sherpa Capital, which is a venture capital fund that has invested in companies that include Uber, Airbnb, Munchery, The Dollar Shave Club, and more.

 After remaining silent for a few months in late 2017 and early 2018, Mr. Pishevar started a 21-hour tweet storm in February. This included 50 insightful tweets that spanned over the course of 21 hours. During this series of tweets, Mr. Pishevar made predictions about the United States stock market, cryptocurrency, monopolies in the United States, government bonds, and much more.

 What did Shervin Pishevar Predict During his 21-hour Tweet Storm?

During his tweet storm, the United States stock market was unstable. With its drastic fluctuations, Mr. Pishevar stated that he feels it could fall by 6,000 points throughout 2018. He noted that tax giveaways, problems with credit accounts, and increasing interest rates are a few reasons why the stock market is turbulent.

 Shervin Pishevar stated that government bonds no longer hold the power that they used to because they have been overused by central banks to achieve quantitative easing. He stated that government bonds do not have the capability to sustain the United States stock market.

 Mr. Pishevar also explained that the United States government is partially to blame for the actions of major monopolies in the United States. Mr. Pishevar noted that Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are hindering short-term economic growth in the United States.

 According to Shervin Pishevar, inflation is dead in the United States. He feels that trade deals outside of the United States are the cause for this and that investors have always pictured inflation to manifest in a way that’s not realistic.

 Although Mr. Pishevar predicted that Bitcoin will drop in value, he feels that cryptocurrency will eventually rise and could lead to a global banking system. He also predicted that gold could rise to 2K within the next two years.

Flying High on Mobile Tech: Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a man who found his niche and made it take off. he is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. He came to the United States when he was young and wanted to make something of himself. He was determined to succeed in his chosen profession. He went to the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. This was the stepping stone that he needed in order to make a successful living. Now he had to make it out on his own.

Sergey Petrossov worked at a company called Live Contact. He worked there for a few years and then felt the urge to try his own luck. He saw his chance when he figured out that people needed private jets in order to get around quickly. This gave birth to his company JetSmarter in 2016. This company makes booking flights for high-end consumers nice and easy. The reason he created the company was to do just that. People can book flights on their mobile devices making things much easier for potential clients. This was the opportunity that Sergey Petrossov was waiting for.

Now JetSmarter has an app that clients can use anytime to get a quick flight from here to there. The team that surrounds Sergey Petrossov helped come up with the idea for the app and it has taken off. He has become one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in recent years.

Sergey Petrossov credits the team and his own ingenuity to help him get where he is today. He has worked hard to get where he is. Hard work can pay off and Sergey Petrossov is solid proof of that principle. He has earned his place in modern business. He has many years ahead of him.