Isabel do Santos’s Opinion on The Future of Portugal and Angola

Golden businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has told the media that she intends to continue investing in the future of young people. She believes in giving young people jobs and opportunities in the communications Industry, gas and oil at the other industries helps expand the economies of her native country of Angola, Africa and the working relationship it has with Portugal.

In the recent Federation of women intrapreneurs, where she recently participated, Isabel dos Santos told reporters that her success is based on her ability to invest in industries where other business people are uninterested. She says, “ I believe in the economies of Angola and Portugal and believe they are both intertwined.” As such Isabel dos Santos continually invests in sectors such as telecommunications, oil and gas, banking, electricity and other economies that promote growth for the countries. She believes young professionals in Portugal, Angola and many of the countries of Africa have a lot of talent. Therefore creating jobs in these countries and giving opportunities to young people is something she will continue to invest in. Isabel dos Santos owns interests in companies such as Zon Multimedia, Galp, EFACEc and Banco BIC in Portugal and other similar interests in Angola.

Ms Santos also believes Angola to be a great nation because of its history. Although, she realizes that Angola and all of Africa continues to have many challenges. She states that most of the world sees every African country as simply Africa and Africans, regardless of the country we come from. “This image other countries have of us needs to change. There is still a lot of work to do in the economies of this continent.

With regards to women’s role in Africa, Isabel dos Santos says, “Today we see more and more African women who are beginning to have the courage to embrace entrepreneurship, it is our obligation to inspire and motivate these women. Even so, becoming an entrepreneur in Africa is not an easy thing to do.” She believes it is still very difficult to access basic services such as Bank credits, customer trust at the even communication services, especially so for women. “We must continue to grow and expand in these areas.”

Isabel Dos Santos: Memorable Quotes from Africa’s Wealthiest Lady

Africa’s wealthiest lady is named Isabel Dos Santos and she hails from the nation of Angola. This astute billionaire and entrepreneur is among the sharpest and brightest that Africa has to offer. Dos Santos has been working for well over 20 years building up her unique brand and financial empire. She is considered one of the leading ladies of politics, finance and future growth in Africa. Isabel Dos Santos has created some really great quotes that reflects the knowledge, experience and wisdom she has gained throughout her life.

“The development of Africa and my country is my priority as an Angolan businesswoman.” This particular quote was taken from a larger statement by Dos Santos. It clearly sums up one of her biggest objectives for her life and her career. She wants to develop the talent in Africa so that the future generations can become economically strong and viable. This will help her country to thrive and life on the African continent to improve.

“I believe that goals are achieved when ambition is combined with skill and determination.” Africa’s wealthiest woman states this line to sum up what she has to say about personal qualities for success. Isabel Dos Santos knows that people are going to need more than just good ideas to get ahead. They will need personal qualities to make those ideas come to fruition. Attributes such as skill and determination are very important for achieving success in modern times.

“Creating opportunities and employment for women means betting on the progress of the communities themselves.” Dos Santos believes that women are the biggest contributors to their communities. She knows that when they have the funding and resources they will invest in their communities, children and education. All of these factors help to stabilize any society and community area. It provides people with a way to overcome poverty and improve their environment.

Isabel Dos Santos achievements in business, philanthropy, politics and life has helped her to amass great wisdom. She wants to pass this information on to the next generation. She also wants to help prepare them for improving the future world to make it a better place for people everywhere.

Isabel dos Santos anuncia novos investimentos em Angola

Isabel dos Santos Playing a key Role in uplifting Women and the Youth

Whenever you see the youth, you see dreams, innovation, and new opportunities. Simply put, the youth are the future of any society. Unfortunately, most of the young people are living in desperation. If you look at the statistics, the rate of unemployment among the youth is three times that of adults. The problem affects the youth in both developed and underdeveloped countries. If we do nothing, we risk losing a whole generation that would help in solving the socio-economic challenges facing the world today.

In 2014, there were about 200 million unemployed people around the world. About 40 percent of these people were between the ages of 15 and 24. Many young people are giving up on their dreams. The least developed countries are the home to most of these young people. Creating opportunities for youth is vital for achieving overall development objectives.

Isabel dos Santos is among the few billionaires changing the narrative in Africa. Isabel is a self-made business leader who has endured the challenges faced by youth and women in the business world. Currently, she is the most influential woman in her country and the first billionaire woman in Africa. Isabel dos Santos is a game-changer and a fighter. She believes that nothing comes for free, and the youth in Africa and other developing countries should be ready to compete for opportunities with their peers in rich countries.

Spearheading women empowerment

Isabel dos Santos is an engineer by trade. Being the only African woman in her electrical engineering class did not deter her from pursuing her dreams. She has worked hard to establish successful business ventures in Angola and abroad. Isabel believes that women can also achieve their goals if they are supported.

As the head of various companies in Angola, Isabel dos Santos has crafted policies that give women equal opportunities with men in her companies. Companies such as Unitel, EFACEC, Zao, CANTANDO, and SODIBA, were among the first to adopt gender equality practices in Angola. Her efforts to empower the youth and women are already bearing fruits. Many women are climbing the ranks to hold senior positions in various companies in Angola.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

TJ Maloney & Lincolnshire Management Inc leaders of acquisitions and high standards

 Lincolnshire Management Inc is a private equity firm founded in 1986 and is based in New York City with additional offices in Lawrence, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois. For over the past 30 years, the firm has invested in several different industries by completing more than 85 acquisitions. Lincoln Management Inc seeks to take a majority stake in growing middle-market private and public companies focusing on those that operate in the basic niche service sectors, distribution, and manufacturing.

Lincolnshire Management Inc invests in companies operating in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The firm typically invests in a business if it has an enterprise value between $50 million and $750 million, sales between $25 million and $500 million, and between $5 million to $50 million for operating cash flow. The Lincolnshire Team invests between $5 million and $100 million into companies that fit those criteria, and hold investments for three to five years.

The Lincolnshire Team, led by Chairman and CEO TJ Maloney, has a collaborative approach to business acquisitions and private equity investments. Lincolnshire has been ranked in the top quartile of all private equity funds having over $1.7 billion of private equity funds under their management. TJ Maloney, who joined in 1993, is on the Investment Committee and is actively involved with the portfolio companies. TJ Maloney practiced merger, acquisition and securities law in New York City prior to joining Lincolnshire Managment Inc. Tj Maloney has the extensive expertise of serving on 13 boards, formerly as the Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and serving on the Board of Trustees at Fordham University and Boston College. He has been a guest speaker at several universities, and he is the recipient of the 2007 Ricard J. Bennett Memorial Award, which was presented to TJ Maloney by Fordham Law School as recognition for corporate leaders with the highest moral standards.

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Isabel dos Santos Omits Exit Clause In New Deal In Portugal

Making good and worthy investments have always been something that Isabel dos Santos has tried to achieve. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked hard to set up good bases for her business and has made considerable progress with regards to the work that she does. Making good investments has always been her forte and is something that she has worked hard to achieve. In light of this, a number of the developments that she has been making have been with regards to the international expansion of her company. She recently entered into a deal with a company operating out of Portugal, offering them an incentive to get into business with her.

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Mario Leite da Silva, the man who services as Isabel dos Santos’ manager recently came forward to highlight the businesswoman’s involvement in her new deals. In this, he did not include an exit clause, making it almost impossible for Santos to back out of the deal. While many may see this as legally challenging, it is something that Santos decided to do in order to show her dedication to the new ventures and the company that she was planning to invest in. It also helped the prospective business partners realize that Santos is looking at this as a long term plan and a business strategy that she plans to stick to for an incredibly long period of time.

The company that Isabel dos Santos has decided to work with has also been incredibly pleased with the Angolan businesswoman and the endeavors that she plans to bring about. The company’s chairman took to a conference to state that the company board was incredibly pleased to have the guidance and benefit that Santos brings along with them. They, without a doubt, believe that the contribution that Santos can make to the development of the company is nothing short of phenomenal, and is something that the company wants to achieve with her help in the near future.

The expansion to Portugal has been a part of Isabel dos Santos’ recent ventures outside her home territory of Angola. There are several more ventures that she plans to take on, particularly in the country of Portugal in the near future.


Donata Meirelles; a Fashion Icon Who Is At the Forefront of Finding a Cure for AIDS

Fashion guru, consultant and socialite, Donata Meirelles, is known for her numerous contributions to the world of fashion, especially in Brazil. She is also a great philanthropist and has a heart for giving back to society. She has been at the forefront of fighting against HIV/AIDS and supporting research and activities that are geared towards finding the cure of AIDS. She actively takes part in numerous activities and fundraisers organized towards finding the cure of AIDS. She funds these organizations and even engages her online followers to support the cause.

One of the organizations, Donata Meirelles is known to be supporting is the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR). This is an international organization that is geared towards supporting HIV prevention and research on AIDS. AmfAR was formed after AMF and National AIDS Research Foundation merged. AMF was founded by Mathilde Krim in 1983. The main reason for its formation was to lessen the stigma that came with the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. It was in 1985 that AMF and the National AIDS Research Foundation were brought together to form AmfAR. The new organization gave priority to development, research and policy influence. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Donata Meirelles is popular for making significant contributions to AmfAR. She actively provides financial aid to the organization by attending and giving money by buying tickets for the fundraising events. During the events, rare items are also auctioned to raise money for the cause. The money raised for AmfAR is mainly used for research in the development of a cure for AIDS. Funds are also used to support the development of community-based clinical research trials.

Donata Meirelles is the fashion advisor of Restoque S/A and a renown figure in the Brazilian fashion scene. She previously worked at Vogue Brazil and played an important role in helping the firm grow. At one point in her career, Donata Meirelles served as an international buyer at Daslu. Other than AmfAR, Donata’s philanthropy extends to numerous other organizations like the Brazil Foundation. See more:

Isabel dos Santos: Entrepreneur, Leader, and Philanthropist

Isabel dos Santos is one of the women who have impacted significantly in the global business arena in significant proportions. She utilized her good background as the daughter of the former Angolan president to get a good education and jumpstart her way into the world of business. Isabel was ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the richest women in Africa, with a net worth of more than $2 billion.

Background and Education

Isabel dos Santos was privileged to come from a family where a high premium was placed on education and other virtues such as honesty and hard work. She is the oldest daughter of the former Angolan president and his Russian wife, Tatiana Kukanova. Isabel enrolled at King’s College in London after graduating from an all-girls’ high school in Kent. She graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Career and Achievements

Although Isabel dos Santos studied Electrical Engineering, she had a passion for entrepreneurship. Subsequently, her enthusiasm for the corporate arena enabled her to serve in management positions of various firms that were listed on the European Stock Exchange. After finishing her college education in London, Isabel returned to Angola where she joined the labor market.

Upon her return, she started work at Urbana 2000 as a project manager engineer. The company had been awarded a contract to disinfect and clean the city of Luanda. The job paved her way into stating her own trucking business. Later on, she saw a window of opportunity in the entertainment sector in Luanda. She set up Miami Beach Club. The club was among the first to set up shop in the city, attracting a multitude of entertainment lovers from all over Luanda.

Investments in Portugal

Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of diversity. Her desire to increase her portfolio was critical drivers in her acquisition of stakes in important companies not only in Angola but also in Portugal. Some of the sectors that she has invested in include energy, retail, media, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Apart from her interest in Nova Cimangola, a cement company in Angola, Isabel has also invested heavily in diamonds and oil exploration.

Isabel dos Santos’ business acumen has put her on the global map and earned her the coveted title of the richest woman in Africa.

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A minha visão para África é um continente cheio de jovens empreendedores. Acredito tanto nas novas gerações! Eles são a verdadeira alavanca para a mudança em África. Estou a falar da nossa educação. A qualidade da educação que podemos dar aos nossos filhos vai determinar o futuro da África. Para qualquer um que sonha em mudar África a educação é a chave 📚 Aqui temos meninos do Colégio Comandante Bula, no Huambo. A felicidade de poder ir à escola, aprender, está estampada no rosto deles 🙌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Educação #Empreendedorismo #Africa #Angola #Huambo My vision for Africa is a continent brimming with young entrepreneurs. I believe so much in our young generations! They are a true lever for change in Africa. I'm talking about our education. The quality of education we are giving to our children will determine the future of Africa. Anyone that dreams of changing Africa, education is the key 📚 Here we have young students from "Colégio Comandante Bula", in Huambo. They are truly happy about being able to go to school, to learn, as we can see from their smiles 🙌🏾

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Isabel Dos Santos Discusses The Close Ties Between Africa And Europe

Isabel dos Santos is classed as Africa’s richest woman by Forbes magazine and one of the 100 most influential women in the world and recently spoke at the European Parliament about the continent’s links to Africa. The Angolan business leader is a popular figure in the telecommunications and oil supply sectors which have allowed her to earn a personal fortune in excess of $2 billion. At the forum at the European Parliament, Dos Santos discussed the changing face of the African continent and defended the position that a digital revolution is ongoing among the African people.

The first female African billionaire is the chair of the telecommunications giant, Unitel and recently sparked takeover talks following her decision to enter the European communications market. Isabel dos Santos has taken her interest in telecommunications to the Portuguese market with the purchase of a large amount of stock in the Nos SGPS cable and internet provider as her links between Africa and Europe continue to develop.

The African continent is fast becoming one of the leaders in the world of digital commerce as the number of transactions being completed over the Internet is close to overcoming the number of products sold in traditional stores. According to Isabel Dos Santos, other areas of development for digital commerce are fast catching up on the traditional forms of commerce used for the last few centuries, including banking. Digital banking options are growing in Africa, and provide new options for consumers to explore.

Isabel dos Santos has interest in the digital revolution taking place in Africa as she was one of the first business leaders on the continent to identify the sector as one of the most important for the future. Identifying the submarine fiber optic cable linking Africa and the Americas as vital to the future of the continent, Mrs. dos Santos explained it was vital the communication links destined for Africa were used to enhance small and large businesses.


Successful Entrepreneur And Company CEO, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a successful and well-recognized businesswoman that has made some serious steps to empower women through her latest development in the dating app industry. Whitney has stayed dedicated for years to work her way up the ladder and become a serious professional and entrepreneur. Whitney Wolfe graduated from the University of Southern Methodist with a business degree and the rest of her knowledge has been gained through experience.

Whitney started up the widely popular dating app for women known as Bumble, which allows women to make the first move when it comes to finding potential dates. By allowing women to make the first move when it comes to contact, they can avoid the many possible harassers they would have to deal with on other dating platforms. This is not because other platforms are necessarily bad, but women are under a lot more pressure as they receive more than 10 times the number of messages in half the time compared to their male counterpart users. Read her article at to know more about Wolfe.

On virtually all other dating platforms on the market, virtually anyone is capable of starting up a conversation with anyone else using the platform, save a few conditions. Bumble gives women more freedom with their dating experience and this experiences extends to Bumbles companion apps as well. Alongside the typical Bumble dating app comes Bumble BFF, which allows users to find friends with like hobbies and ambitions. Bumble also has a business focused section that lets users find other professionals in the same field or different fields to build their professional network.

DUe to her work in the business industry and creating a highly successful dating app, Whitney Wolfe has been featured on various news outlets and has won several awards. She was even named on Forbes 30 under 30 list last year. Whitney Wolfe is always looking for ways to help her community and her users and has regularly used her success to give back to those in need.

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