How Roberto Santiago has Strived to become a Top Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is well recognized in North Eastern Brazil for his outstanding success as a businessman. He kicked off his entrepreneurship career years ago after saving money that he earned from a café that was located in the Santa Rosa. He is currently highly respected in Santa Rosa and the rest of Brazil. Santiago was born in 1958 and holds a degree in business administration. He developed a passion for business when he was still young and has grown over time to establish successful enterprises such as Manaira Shopping and Mangeira Shopping. The two shopping complexes are very modern, and they offer top-notch amenities to the residents. The tycoon started Manaira in 1989, and it has been the largest mall in Joao Pessoa for years. It has been significant in the transformation of the economic and social status of the city. Maneria was also the first modern shopping complex to be established in Paraiba.


When Roberto was establishing Manaira Shopping, his primary objective to offer the people of Joao Pessoa an excellent place where they could shop and also entertain themselves during their free time. The structure has about 75,000 square meters of business space that is rented out. It has currently accommodated over 300 shopping stores that sell different types of products. The commodities that people can access at Manaira Shopping include household goods, electronics, furniture, and clothing. The place also has 11 outstanding movie theaters that have advanced audio and visual equipment. People can have an opportunity to enjoy 3D movies at the cinema halls. Manaira has a state-of-the-art electronic amusement park and a gaming place that has more than 200 machines.


Many residents of Joao Pessoa love the cuisine that is offered at Manaira Shopping. The building has a food court that comprises of a variety of eateries. It gives shoppers the option of selecting their meals according to the craving and appetite. The mall has also been a venue for a couple of gigs that include weddings, conferences, music concerts, and many others. These events are hosted at the Domus Hall, which is on its rooftop. The hall has been operational since 2009 and is quite spacious.


Beside Roberto Santiago’s accomplishments as a businessman, he is a retired sportsman. During his hay days, he was a champion in both 125cc and 250cc go-kart competitions. He even managed to become a finalist in the Brazilian Karting Championship. He won a couple of medals and trophies in motocross races. Due to his age, Santiago no longer participates in the competitions but is a great fan. The accomplishments of Mr. Santiago have inspired many youths in Joao Pessoa and the rest of Brazil. He has been campaigning for social change and is a supporter of the Social Democratic Party.


Courageous Israeli Diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. He is one of the ambassadors who has left a great legacy in the history of Israeli diplomats in the United Kingdom.

He was appointed to the office of the ambassador in 2011 and continued to serve up to 2015 when he resigned. Daniel Taub is remembered by the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom as one diplomat who was dedicated to delivering for his country Israel.

This is the reason why his system was marked by great success in terms of strengthening the relations between the two countries. Daniel Taub who was born in the United Kingdom but abandoned the citizenship of the country after being appointed an ambassador was the second UK-born Israeli ambassador who was representing Israel in London.

Daniel Taub’s term was marked by great success in the history of relations between the two countries. As the ambassador, he ensured that all areas of interests between the two countries were exploited successfully. In just four years, he was able to achieve what others had not achieved after longer terms in the office. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

As a staunch orthodox Jew, he believed that he had a responsibility of ensuring that the rights of all were guaranteed. His beliefs always came first and there was no way he was to be compromised while implementing his duty of serving the people.

Daniel Taub’s term in office was marked by a show of principle of courage. When the MP for Bradford declared the area to be an Israelis-free zone, it meant that no persons or goods from Israel would be allowed into the area.

However, Daniel Taub defied this ban and personally visited the areas to show the world that there was no limit to the freedom of the Israelis living in the United Kingdom. In what he termed as an invitation by the people, Taub visited the area under tight security.

In another show of fairness in implementing his duties, when the British largest universities students’ body voted to boycott Israel, he responded by urging administrators of these universities not to take any action against the students. He believed it was their right to express their opinions without being intimidated by the administration.

Daniel Taub legacy in tightening the relations between Israel and the United Kingdom will live on for many years. He opened the doors for the Jews to trade and do business with the British.

Diplomat Daniel Taub secures record trade deals for Israel in U.K

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was the Israeli Diplomat in the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2015. Daniel Taub apart from being a diplomat is a writer and an international law attorney. Taub was born in the United Kingdom in 1962. He moved to Israel in 1989.

Taub attended his primary level and secondary level education in the United Kingdom. He later attended the university college London, University College Oxford and Harvard University.

After moving to Israel in 1989, Daniel Taub joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He first started his role as a combat medic before being appointed as a reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division. Daniel Taub managed to secure his citizenship while working under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Still, in Israel, Daniel Taub was the speechwriter for the then president Chaim Herzog. Taub has a wife and six children.

Daniel Taub was involved in many interviews as an envoy in the United Kingdom. He used to appear at the Newsnight TV show alongside other experts and professionals in the academic field. She always articulated the state of the Middle East region to the world with great passion. According to Taub, it was important to concentrate on the positive things that were happening in the region.

Having been born in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub was able to connect with both sides of the government. He was also able to relate well with Jewish community living in the United Kingdom. He was known to be a staunch Jewish believer even in the course of carrying out his duties.

One of his achievements as the Israeli diplomat, was in strengthening the trade deals between Israeli and the U.K. In his four years of service he ensured that the trade deals between the two countries doubled. He also ensured that other interactions between the two countries in the form of business, education and cultural links also improved.

According to statistics by the U.K secretary in charge of commerce, the annual bilateral trade deals stood at $7 billion by the time Daniel Taub was leaving office. This was an achievement never recorded in the history of the two countries diplomatic relations.

To make the matter even juicier, Daniel Taub ensured that the number of Jewish owned businesses in the United Kingdom grew to over 3000.

During his farewell party, Daniel Taub was praised by the Jewish community for advocating their issues and those of Israel adequately on the global platform.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub

George Soros: Chairman and Founder of the Open Society Foundation

George Soros is considered as one of the most concurrent philanthropists in the world. For over three decades of giving to the poor and less-fortunate people in the world, he is considered as the only man who gave more than half of his wealth to numerous philanthropic activities. According to the recent trusted sources, George Soros has given more than $12 billion through his charitable organization. The Open Society Foundations is a foundation that was developed to extend George Soros’s giving’s to all parts of the world regardless of their political alienation. He has also subjected most of his money to the poor people living in Africa because of their intuition to success.

George Soros has used his organization to support organizations and individuals all over the world to fight for the freedom of transparency, association, open societies, and accountable governments that promote justice at every step of the way. No one knows what to do when they are faced with such situations in the eyes of many. The charitable funds offered by George Soros have focused on liberating the communities that ace discrimination in the world. He has also funded the Europe’s Roma people to evict themselves from the discrimination they faced in the continent. Every part of the world has assimilated better business through the charitable activities that do not fail to distinguish better business.George Soros has also issued funds to liberate the people who face discrimination towards sexual offenses as well as drugs in the country. Because George Soros experienced the same intolerance firsthand in the past, he has the right motivation to ensure that no one in the world has to go through the same.

He is always optimistic about his efforts and funds to enable the world to become a better place where all people and governments are treated equally.George Soros was born in Hungary. However, he was a Jewish native residing in the country. His parents originated from Israel to search for greener pastures in the country. For this reason, his activities as an independent associate yielded success as he had the right resources to protect his people. When George Soros was born, the Nazi Occupation in the country was after killing the Jewish communities that failed to return to their country. This was the time when the people intended to wage war in different sides. However, George Soros used his skills to secure false identities to secure his family from the Nazi Occupation. George Soros continued to study and graduated from high school. Because there was no place for them in the country anymore, they went to London where he worked at a local railway restaurant to take care of his family. He also used this job to pay for his school fees.

A Look At Vijay Eswaran’s Entrepreneurial And Educational Background

Besides being one of the founders of the QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is the chairperson of the company’s board. Vijay and Joseph Bismark are the brains behind the successful multi-million conglomerate.

The institution has been investing in various industries, including education, conference management, property development, logistics, leisure, lifestyle, training and telecommunication. Vijay Eswaran has expanded the company’s operations to over 30 nations.

In addition, QI Group has regional offices in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Born in Malaysia, Vijay flew to the United Kingdom to pursue his undergraduate degree at the prestigious London School of Economics.

In addition, he received CIMA certification. When he flew to the United States, Eswaran enrolled in the highly-regarded Southern Illinois University. One day when he was working, his team mate introduced him to the merits of using multi-level marketing (MLM).

Vijay says that he endeavored to understand its model of operation. When he returned to Malaysia in the 90s, Cosway’s, a MLM company, appointed him to expand its operations. When he was abroad, Vijay worked for different companies, including IBM.

His extensive management expertise has seen him receive different awards. In 2014, he received a special award for education entrepreneurship from ASLI. In addition, in 2013, Forbes Asia named him as one of the richest persons in Malaysia. In the same year, the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia honored him as the CEO of the Year. Read more: 3 More Years: NYCFC Owners Man City and Vijay Eswaran’s QNET Extend their Partnership

In 2011, SMC University of Swaziland honored him with an honorary doctorate in management. In the same year, GOPIO (Global Organization for People of Indian Origin) recognized him with the International Excellence in Business award.

As a motivational speaker, Vijay has visited different universities to share his insights on spirituality and business. In order to reach many people, Eswaran decided to publish different books, including “18 Stepping Stones,” “In the Sphere of Silence” and “On the Wings of Thought.”

Over the years, Eswaran has been heavily involved in various community initiatives. Owing to his passion about giving back to the society, Vijay founded RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) Foundation (RF).

This institution serves as QI Group’s corporate social responsibility arm. Through RF, Vijay has been able to support many charitable initiatives in the society.