Talkspace Changes Therapy Engagements

Many people are talking about Talkspace. The company provides a unique service: access to e-counseling. Users work with online therapists to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, and other issues. Interestingly, those seeking assistance engage in text therapy with a licensed professional. People who took advantage of Talkspace’s service have discussed their experiences online. They shared opinions and reviews of the service, and their commentary may prove informative to someone wondering how “text therapy” works.

A point mentioned in one review reveals the sign-up process isn’t difficult. Creating an account requires little more than what any other type of subscription service would request. You must provide a name and email and create a password. Of course, you must also pay for the service by selecting a program. There are limited and unlimited programs with the unlimited option costing more. Payments are due each week. Interestingly, Talkspace also offers a couple’s option. Two people can engage in joint therapy for a single price.

Talkspace is not limited to texting, although this might be the most well-known communicative method associated with the program. Audio and video messaging options are available. Some might find these to be preferable since texting, of course, requires typing. Voice dictation programs could help with texting, but doing so invariably involves editing. Even the top dictation programs make errors when transcribing a person’s voice. That’s all out of the control of Talkspace, though.

Talkspace’s smartphone app allows for accessing the service while away from home. Busy lives may keep people from booking traditional in-person therapy sessions. Using a smartphone expands where you can speak with, or text with, a therapist. For some, that might be a significant plus.

Talkspace provides an innovative way for people to converse with a therapist. The reported number of member-subscribers indicates the service is proving popular. Learn more:

Impossible Burger Reaches Grocery Store Shelves with Help from OSI Group

Impossible Foods recently announced that its enormously popular meat-free food product, the Impossible Burger, is being made available in more than 100 grocery stores in several East Coast states. This follows a similar availability for supermarkets in key southern California locations.

This may not seem like a big deal since food companies place their products on store shelves as a matter of routine. But just a few months ago, buying the Impossible Burger in a grocery store would have been, well, impossible.

That’s because the Redwood City, California, company was falling seriously behind in production. The skyrocketing popularity of the plant-based faux meat product caught everyone by surprise. Soring sales in more than 10,000 restaurants kept the Impossible Foods manufacturing facility in Oakland running 24-hours with workers pulling 12-hour shifts – and that was just to supply restaurant customers.

The fact that the Impossible Burger is now heading to grocery store shelves is probably the result of Impossible Foods’ recently deal with OSI Group of Chicago to help with manufacturing. OSI Group is one of the largest food and meat processors in the world and renowned for being the No. 1 supplier of McDonalds.

OSI Group is a more-than-a-century-old firm that has experienced rapid growth since the 1970s thanks to its relationship with McDonalds. Today it maintains more than 65 facilities in 17 nations. Its infrastructure and production capacity are enormous, as is its advanced food processing expertise. The ability to crank out millions of units per day combined with cutting-edge processing technology was just what Impossible Foods needed to solve its intractable production dilemma.

OSI Group said it will manufacture the Impossible Burger is one of its Chicago locations and expand to other Midwest facilities as demand indicates.

Impossible Foods conducted an exhaustive search and vetting process before opting to select OSI as a manufacturing provider. It was not an easy decision because of the highly proprietary and even secretive nature of the formula for making the plant-based meat substitute. The stellar reputation of OSI Group and its commitment to sustainability were key factors in the decision by Impossible Foods to choose them as a partner.

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Toyo Setal has Landed Yet Another Impressive and Lucrative Contract

Toyo Setal, a respected construction, engineering, commissioning, procurement and industrial processes operation based out of Brazil, recently announced a huge piece of new that has been more than a year in the making. This announcement is the fact that Toyo Setal has just landed the contract for handling construction work regarding the Petrochemical Complex located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This major project has seen a period where work has stopped and so it has been important for project managers to get a firm into the mix that can do the job. This is where the team of industry experts from Toyo Setal comes in. The Toyo team is excited about being able to renew relations with the Petrobrascompany, an organization that has been one of the most important customers in the firm’s history. This sentiment was made clear by Toyo’s Commercial Manager Rafael Ribeiro de Mendonca Lima.

Toyo Setal was created in 2012 by the merger of two separate companies. These were the Toyo company from Japan and the Setal company from Brazil. Since this merger, the newly created firm has established a strong reputation within its industry and has garnered many impressive contracts. This recent contract with Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex is a prime example of the high-profile contracts that the firm is renowned for attaining. With this in mind, there is little doubt as to why official from both organizations is excited about being able to work together once again in accomplishing a major project.

A driving force behind the ability that Toyo Setal has had to attain such lucrative contracts over the years is a result of the firm’s commitment to working tirelessly to meet the individual needs of each client contract that is taken on. Aiming to provide each client with unique services designed for them is something that Toyo consistently commits to. This has led to a reputation for excellence that has helped the organization to continually bring in high-profile clients and meaningful projects. There is great anticipation of moving forward on this latest contract that will be taken on between Toyo and Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, The Successful Entrepreneur Who’s Striving To Better The World.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a successful entrepreneur with roots all over the world. Alejandro received two bachelors degrees from Massachusett’s Suffolk University. He was born into a wealthy family and his great-grandfather was the president of Venezuela.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s career is marked by innovation and adaptation. As he advanced professionally, be embraced new technologies and through the use of the internet, it gave him plenty of opportunities to create and share ideas about developments and projects in a wide range of industries.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez started his career by focusing on the energy sector. He leads the energy service company His company, which was is leader in creating new ideas for thermoelectric engineering and they lead the way for applying new technologies towards renewable energies. Alejandro and his team at His company strive to be the global leader of the thermoelectric sector by continued commitment to improving the energy industry.

His company and team are hoping to predict the markets future needs and problems through their new technological Turbine Center, which will be completed once permits are obtained and will be the go to reference for Latin America.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also has his hand in the oil industry in Latin America. Alejandro acquired shares in the largest oil company in Latin America to help expand into new markets to improve extraction capabilities in Venezuela, Mexico and Peru.

Alejandro expanded his portfolio by creating O’Hara Administration, which is a company that engages in different investment strategies. O’Hara Administration is also a shareholder of Hawkers, a leading company in technology and fashion trends. Alejandro is also heavily involved in developing new banking services throughout Africa.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is keenly aware of the responsibilities that his companies have to help the communities in which they are located. He strives to give back and contribute towards the communities development and progress.

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Boraie Development – Atlantic City

Atlantic City is now home to a 250-unit housing development that’s open for residents this fall. 600 NoBe (short for North Beach was developed and constructed by Boraie Development LLC and is this city’s first housing offered at market rate in almost 50 years. The project came in at a cost of $85 million and is located only blocks from the shore. It consists of three distinct buildings, two of which have 85 five units, and the other with 80 units. All 250 units are expected to be completely open and ready to go by Thanksgiving. The units are sizeable and offer the modern amenities that homeowners of today are looking for. One-bedroom apartments measure an impressive 850 square feet, while the two-bedroom units contain 1,350 square feet.

The project met with quite a bit of skepticism when Boraie Development first proposed it. The area of the city where 600 NoBe is located is the resting place of many housing and revitalization projects that have failed over the years. However, Boraie Development was not deterred and remained bullish with their development plans. Their efforts have paid off. Since 600 NoBe opened back in January of 2019, leases have been going like hotcakes, and the clientele consists of respected professionals from every industry. According to the director of leasing Maritza Busch, doctors, lawyers, police officers, businessmen, and casino workers are the tenants populating 600 NoBe. Busch also has stated that their 18-month lease goals were all but reached in 8 months.

Why Commercial Property Investment is Beneficial: Maarten De Jeu

Maarten De Jeu is an expert in the real estate realm due to his education and experience. He holds an MBA from Oxford University, where he emerged as the top student. In addition to that, he gained skills in various fields such as real estate, financial business, and international business. Thus, he is well versed when it comes to investing in commercial properties. He explains in detail the reasons why investors should target real estate especially for the aim of earning income. Since he is a strategic advisor, Maarten has extensive knowledge of the matter.

To begin with, commercial properties refer to buildings that bring in money monthly. Thus, those that qualify include; multi-family houses, industrial parks, offices, manufacturing centers, retail spaces, and warehouses. They differ from residential homes since they are only meant for living and don’t attract profits. There is good news, according to Maarten, since the laws are now favorable. Investors can now breathe a sigh of relief because Crowdfunding is now possible. Restrictions have been eliminated, and anyone who wishes to invest can do so with as low as $5,000. In turn, they will receive monthly returns in the form of rent when the property is sold.


Commercial property is the best way to boost income since it comes with some benefits. Maarten De Jeu backs up his statement with many upper sides that investors can enjoy.

Insulated Against Inflation

Real estate in the commercial sector is not prone to fluctuation in the market prices. It is a wise investment in comparison to the stock market. For this reason, people should not be afraid of putting their money into real estate properties. The highlight is that sometimes, the rent amount increases depending on the seasons. The property value goes up exponentially, and that is perfect for business.

Cash Guarantee

Maarten De Jeu also says that at the end of the investment, there is a guarantee that the owners receive cash. It always comes in the form of monthly rent from tenants. Thus, owning a house for commercial reasons is the ideal way to get money within the short term.

Room for Upgrading

From time to time, real estate owners can decide to upgrade buildings to attract clients. It normally happens if the house needs to look more appealing so that they can be occupied. Maarten De Jeu outlines this as an advantage because, in case of damages, the insurance can cover all the costs. In short, the property is much safer due to the possibilities of changing them and maximizing the value. Learn more:

Tax Deductions

With the help of a tax professional, people who own commercial buildings have the benefit of paying less tax. The benefit comes from the depreciation associated with the property. Investors can then use the amount to maintain and repair various constructions. As of 2018, there was a tax allowance of about 20% that is meant for real estate properties. Therefore, the deduction is what property owners can benefit from in the end.

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GPB Global Resources Takes Great Pains in Adjusting to the Locality Where They Set-up In

GPB Global Resources B.V was founded and set up by Mr. Boris Ivanov, who is the company’s  esteemed Founder and Managing Director. GPB GR, its shortened name, has its primary headquarter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but this company also has resounding success in South America and Africa. They find oil, extract it, develop it further, ensuring that production opportunities will always be prolific in these regions.

This is no mean feat because Africa alone has 54 countries spanning the entire continent. Each of these countries have their own political climate, specific rules, unique traditions, and varying kinds cultural practices. This has become a challenge for a company like GPB Global Resources because they needed to tailor fit their approaches and practices based on the location of their site.

To illustrate, Ethiopia is more advanced with an established legal framework. They also have best practices procedures in place that ascribe to international standards. On the other hand, a country like Mozambique just recently discovered a natural gas in their country, so they have absolutely no legal structures in place.

GPB Global will find it easier to venture in the Cote D’Ivoire because the country recently introduced new laws that were written to strengthen and increase investment in the extractive oil sector. Similarly, Namibia and South Africa have existing well crafted extraction laws, which makes it is easier for oil companies like GPB Global Resources to set up shop and develop more products.

That being said, GPB Gobal Resources takes great pains to abide by local and regional laws and regulations. They also have to respect common law customs, being careful not to offend the residents. Failure to comply may impact the company’s license to operate in the area.

Boris Ivanov, the company CEO, who is a former diplomat, has made it a lot easy for the GPB Global Resources company to navigate an unfamiliar location. He uses his knowledge to facilitate the easy transition of the GPB company and the team wherever they set up their extraction site. By taking to account the culture and laws of a locality, they are able to take the right steps to easily assimilate in the environment, which helps in promoting their continued expansion.


A Great School For Those Who Are Artistically Minded

College is that next big step for teenagers. It is that one thing that will make or break them—or so people say such a thing. There is so much pressure on the backs of teenagers because they are told that having a good future is dependent upon which colleges they go to. They are told that if they don’t go to the correct schools, they will have little to no chance at a future. This idea is both true and false. The reason why it is false is because, at the end of the day, a lot of people who go to good colleges end up with subpar results in their lives, anyway. However, there are a lot of people out there who really do end up in better situations due to the colleges that they went to. This is because of the fact that the colleges that they attended allowed them to learn proper techniques and network with the correct people. Without going to the right colleges, some people would never have made it big in their careers.

 The Academy of Art University is just the right school for people who want to go to the right college. It is a private college that has school many artists since 1929. The long track record of this instruction proves that it is a great place for those who want to learn career-level art skills. A lot of love goes into the education of each and every student. There are different facets of art that the Academy of Art University offers. The majors that they teach include acting, fashion, game development, animation and visual effects, photography, graphic design, motion pictures and television, advertising design, architecture, art education, art history, fine art, illustration and industrial design. The large gamut of majors makes this college a great place for all who are artistically minded.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Predicts Aviation May Shortly Become Much More Open to Women

When civil aviation began, pilots were recruited from the ranks of military aviators. Some of them had considerable experience with aerial combat, and they were highly valued by the airlines during that nascent period.

Since then, aviation has been seen as a macho profession, an endeavor to be pursued by men only. Even today, women represent only a meager 3% of the 290,000 aircraft pilots worldwide, but that could be about to change.

Bhanu Choudhrie has been deeply involved with the aviation industry since founding the Philippine-based Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) 13 years ago. During that time the flight school has trained 900 pilots from several different countries around the world. If the current corps of cadets is an indication, the percentage of female pilots may be about to take an enormous leap.

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Upon visiting AAG’s campus 50 miles outside of Manila in Pampanga province you would notice that 1 in five of the students is female. Bhanu Choudhrie suggests that this is a sign of things to come. The reason being, there just are not enough men to fill in all the slots for new pilots that are opening up.

These opportunities for women are more a response to the severe demand for new pilots coming from the aviation industry. Although societal views on gender and occupation are gradually shifting as well.

Boeing recently predicted that worldwide the commercial aviation industry will need 645,000 additional pilots. Bhanu Choudhrie feels the aviation industry can not possibly continue growing at its current rate without women joining the profession.

To that end, AAG has initiated a recruitment campaign focused on attracting more female students. The steadily increasing enrollment of female cadets is attributed to these efforts.

Due to the boom in air traffic, AAG’s airline partners in the Asia-Pacific region have been working very closely with the flight school to ensure that they will have access to a steady flow of newly graduated AAG pilots.

Female aviators in the Asia-Pacific region are about to witness a golden age. Attracting more women to the cockpit is the smartest way to keep the regional airlines flying, according to Bhanu Choudhrie.



Oren Frank Highlights What Makes TalkSpace Different From Traditional Therapy

Oren Frank is the co-founder and CEO of TalkSpace, a text-based therapy app provider that has gained a significant amount of traction in the seven years since it was founded. Throughout this time, Frank and his wife, Roni, have advanced this success by releasing a variety of features and improvements that have enhanced its user-friendliness. Alongside this, the entrepreneur has utilized many of the skills he had developed during his career as a marketing and advertising professional.

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The pair came up with the idea for TalkSpace after receiving marriage counseling, which they’ve often credited for helping them fall back in love. Alongside this, they realized how expensive most therapy options were, which usually meant that many people were unable to afford the mental health care that they needed. This is something that the Franks thought was unjust, as they believed that therapy should be something that everybody has access to.

As a result, Roni and Oren Frank began working on TalkSpace, with both drawing on the experience they had developed in their previous careers; Oren as a marketing professional, and Roni as a software developer. When releasing the app, the couple were able to attract a variety of licensed therapists, which they put through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they were experienced and of a high-quality.

This subsequently led to TalkSpace receiving a significant amount of attention in the years that followed, with the app boasting that it’s connected over one million people with therapists. Throughout this time, Oren Frank was able to identify a variety of features that would attract users, with affordable mental health care being just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the more notable aspects of this have been ensuring that users can easily switch between therapists with ease.

This is something that many people may struggle with when utilizing traditional therapy options. For example, Oren Frank highlights that it can often be difficult for people to start with a new professional, as they’ll usually have to go back over many areas that were covered with their previous therapist. However, TalkSpace avoids this by allowing patients to quickly and easily transfer their files to a new professional when needed.