Sheldon Lavin is Growing OSI Group Past Its Humble Beginnings

In the modern food industry, Sheldon Lavin has established a certain reputation for himself. It doesn’t only come with being the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, one of the largest food processing corporations in the world, but exactly how he has continued running the operations of the company.

Under the watch of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has grown immensely. Formerly known as Otto & Sons, the corporation had begun its operations from the Chicago area as a family owned butcher shop. While that was all the way back in 1909, the company spent a few decades before it started to offer processed products in the form of ground meat. But the company’s larger break came in 1955, when it formed a partnership with McDonald’s to become one of the major meat suppliers to the then-budding fast food restaurant.

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From there, the company was put on a path of consistent success. That was around the same period when Sheldon Lavin joined the firm after taking part in a financing deal for it. From the mid-1970s, the expert continued to focus on consistent growth for the corporation. While Lavin focused on the larger partnership with McDonald’s, which continues to this date, he also ensured to dedicate his attention into making OSI Group a global entity.

Through these efforts, Sheldon Lavin ensured to expand the corporations roots out of the Chicago area at first, and then outside of the U.S. itself. The company expanded to Europe, Central America, and then Asia, becoming a multinational entity with various processing plants to its name.

From there, Sheldon ventured into forming larger partnerships with entities other than McDonald’s. Today, the company isn’t only one of the biggest suppliers to the iconic fast food chain, but has also joined hands with corporations such as Impossible Burger to help the company bring plant based protein to those who want to benefit from the growing food trend.

With this focus on growth and actually having the statistics to back those plans with tangible expansion, Sheldon Lavin showed the world what a consistent plan for success looks like for a corporation the size of OSI Group. For more information about Sheldon Lavin, view at

Smita Shah: Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is no stranger to success as a female engineer with her internationally known firm, SPAAN Tech. She has made a name for herself since her college days memorizing many with her “math rely” performances and showing her inner nerd. Since that time, she has embarked on a journey to uplift and help female entrepreneurs make it in the world of male domination in various industries. Shah has a few methods many female business owners or career-searchers can take advantage of. It’s a wonder she hasn’t slowed down with all of the success she has attained in her own career. 


Shah never forgoes the opportunity to give some needed advice most businesswomen often don’t have at their fingertips and seriously need. She is all for the empowerment of women and would like to see them succeed just as she has over the years. Shah knows that most women can get caught up in their own self-image which is often not great in their eyes. They are too hard on themselves and see things with a poor outlook. Shah says this mainly happens when there are no available role models to bounce off ideas to or consult with. In her suggestions, she says they should drop the negativity of themselves to focus on their recognition in the past or what they are doing now. Further, Shah says it’s a must to have a strong presence in any room one is in. She believes it comes down to how we present ourselves to the people we meet for the first time. Impressions can last a long time and form relationships you never thought about. Shah says to always keep our charms in check with a neutral and mellow demeanor. Shah takes this a bit further saying women need to be mindful in their posture and hold themselves with a confident back. Learn more:


Her method of not taking credit tells all businesswomen to not stand on the sidelines and fail to speak up for their work. Shah mentions how some women are passive and don’t assert themselves enough when taking credit for projects. To her, there is nothing wrong with playing the game of business as many men do in a cutthroat manner. She warns women can get lost in the spotlight when they fail to be more assertive than others. Shah states success stories are inspirational to others when businesswomen share them.


It’s no doubt that women can lose their focus when working. Shah says to focus on what matters at the moment and don’t worry about what has gone on in the past regarding mistakes. All it does in her eyes is take away a woman’s energy when dealing with the present. Shah’s methods continue with fighting stereotypes. She points out the old days when women were getting coffee or running errands for the entire office. Shah states these old stereotypes should be avoided and businesswomen need to forgo some kindness. If not, they’ll get marked as the target for these old behaviors.

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Clement Perrette Helps Make STRIPS Accounts More Appealing

In previous decades, investors were limited to investing in stocks or bonds that originated in their home country. However, technology has allowed brokerages and individual investors to gain exposure to stocks, bonds and other investment products throughout the world. Among these products are Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities (STRIPS).

Clement Perrette Has Played a Role in Making STRIPS Popular

STRIPS are popular for new investors because all they have to do is wait until the security reaches maturity to receive payment. They will know ahead of time how much the note costs as well as what its value will be at maturity. Clement Perrette Barclays was instrumental in creating the EUR STRIPS and FRF STRIPS programs. He also launched a public relations campaign to highlight the effectiveness of STRIPS and make them popular among individual investors.

Perrette Increased the Profile of His Employers

In addition to establishing himself as one of the top financial minds in Europe, he helped Deutsche Bank Paris become the top ranked bank in the country. He would later work for Barclays London, and during his time there, Perrette would make that bank a top institution for STRIPS trading.

Money Isn’t Everything

While Perrette has been wildly successful in the financial field, he has shifted his focus toward philanthropy in recent years. His top priority is to help preserve marine life throughout the world. He has engaged in projects that highlight whale and dolphin poaching and the dangerous impact that it can have on ocean life.

About Clement Perrette

Clement Perrette has long been fascinated by math and science, and he graduated with a finance degree from HEC Paris in 1990. His first job after graduating from college was with SociétéGénérale Paris.

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Maarten De Jeu Has Been Instrumental In Supporting Valuable Educational Programs At The Museum Of Science And Industry

The Farrell Fellows Internship is an outstanding program that is offered annually by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. This respected museum is the largest science-focused entity of its type in the Western Hemisphere. The internship is offered to Chicago region young people every year over the summer. It occurs over the course of a five-week period of time and
gives its students a number of valuable experiences. The participants in the Farrell Fellows Internship not only garner greater knowledge in the field of science, but they also pick up valuable life skills that include public speaking and leadership.
Once the annual Farrell Fellows Internship program is completed each summer, the participating students get the chance to show off the skills and knowledge that they have picked up. This is done through a series of group presentations that are put on at a number of the Chicago region’s public library facilities. The teens who take part in the internship can demonstrate what they learned and give some education to the young children who attend these events. A few years back, the focus of the internship was in regard to everything about the bubble. This included the chemistry behind the bubble. The students then got to show what they learned through seventeen presentations that were put on across the Chicago region. These presentations benefit both the students within the Farrell Fellows Internship program and the younger children that get to learn some valuable knowledge through the presentations. Learn more:
The accomplishments of Maarten de Jeu are extensive and they include his 2012 founding of SVM Business Advisory. This finance industry service has been able to consistently grown since its creation does to the expert guidance and leadership of the Maarten de Jeu. He currently holds the title of Managing Partner with SVM Business Advisory. His career has been characterized by his
expertise in areas such as strategic advisement for the international business community. He is also an accomplished specialist in the area of corporate development. His reputation in these professional areas has come to set him out as an individual of distinction. Maarten de Jeu prepared for his professional life in strategic advisement and finance with a high- quality education that was garnered at several impressive academic institutions. He first studied at Leiden University and earned a degree in the major of public administration. After graduating from Leiden University in 2001, Maarten de Jeu went on to study at Oxford. His studies completed with his achievement of his Executive MBA. This was earned in the major of business. Maarten took the valuable information that he gained at these universities and has utilized it to engage in a successful and profitable career.

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Felipe Montoro Jens And How He Helps With Infrastructure Funding

Felipe Montoro Jens is a finance expert in Brazil who has built a name for himself over the years by providing cities and communities with the help they need to pay for improvements. Plus, he has worked with many companies that make municipal funding possible. He is a good role model for people who want to do good in their own communities, and someone who would like to study his career could learn a lot about how to get and maintain financing for big business projects.

Municipal Infrastructure

Felipe is best known for helping cities and communities or villages with the infrastructure financing that they need. He works with these communities to come up with a way to pay for the projects, how to finance them, and how to make them tenable for the community. Because each of these communities is different, Felipe offers hands-on experience that is helpful to the community.

Where Does Financing Come From?

Felipe has many partners that he has worked with on financing these projects, and he wants to be sure that he can find someone who is truly interested in each project. When he partners the community with the financing, he can explain how to manage that money properly. Plus, Felipe will talk to the community about how they will use taxes or bonds to pay back these loans. This is a simple way to get started on construction quickly, and Felipe believes that it is safer for a community to finance their projects this way than simply raising taxes across the board.

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Advising Communities

Before financing is even considered, Felipe will advise the community on how to approach their particular project. He has been working in Brazil for so long that he knows how to make each project work perfectly. He can show his clients how he has helped with similar projects in the past, and he will take input from his clients as he decides what needs to be done.

Managing Financing Options

Felipe also helps his clients manage financing options or even refinancing. A city or community that takes on a major infrastructure project can actually refinance the loan they already have, and the company could save a little bit of money in the process if this is the case, the city or community could decide to start another project because they have a little bit of leftover cash ready for a down payment. These communities can go back to Felipe at any time, and he will handle everything.


Felipe Montoro Jens is helping make Brazil a more beautiful place to live, and he is improving the way the communities look, helping these communities save money, and allowing for these projects to start right away. If anyone wants to learn how to work in the finance industry, Felipe is the person to talk to. Plus, Felipe is a wonderful role model for anyone who would like to go into public service or works with the treasury of a Brazilian community. Learn More:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210


The Unique Ability Of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is The Director of The Center For Constitutional Transitions and former Dean of UC Berkeley’s School of Law. He is recognized internationally and has been cited by Supreme Courts, not only in Canada where he is a Barrister and was a Solicitor in 2001, but in a number of other countries as well from Africa, Asia, Canada, New Zealand, the Middle East and even Ukraine. Choudhry is regarded as an expert who has trained civil servants, provided technical advice, drafted technical reports, and led stakeholder negotiations among his activities.

Choudhry has been published by Cambridge, Oxford, and Eigar among others and his works include “The Migration Of Constitutional Ideas”, articles in various journals such as Constitutional Transitions in the Middle East, Evolving Concept Of Citizenship, Constitutional Law Education Administration in Justice, Constitutionalism In Divided Society, and his latest offering “Territory and Power In Constitutional Transitions”. His unique ability in being able to be relevant across multiple countries, governments and regions, is reflected in this volume.

This collection of case studies along with the accompanying paper under the same title has been called ‘highly impressive in both its breadth and depth’. It has also been referred to as ‘outstanding and invaluable contribution’ by a senior fellow and a former United Nations envoy. The volume goes deep in tackling the complex nature of territorial and political obstacles when dealing with federalism, power-sharing, and devolution.

As of May 9th this volume is available on Amazon’s Kindle, and provides essential reading for scholars in a wide-ranging topics from communal to regional disputes.

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ViSalus CEO Nick Sarnicola must know contributions

Nick Sarnicola is a skilled entrepreneur, business growth strategists, sales genius, and experienced team builder for many years. He has the ideal skills and inspiration for transforming dedicated professionals to successful entrepreneurs. Nick Sarnicola is the current CEO and one of the Co-founders of the global corporate Visalus Inc. He replaced Ryan Blair, the previous CEO on 1, January 2017. Visalus Inc is a multilevel marketing corporation based in California and Los Angeles, United States. The company specializes with production and marketing of nutritional and weight management products such as vi-shape meal and many others. Besides, the corporation produces energy drinks and dietary supplements. Nick was summoned as CEO of the ViSalus Company with a primary responsibility of developing new leaders and designing the best opportunities for the company promoters. Nicks has contributed to the development of successful products in the company with high sales margins.


Nick Sarnicola has contributed to the growth and success of many great entrepreneurs through empowerment. His leadership strategies and innovation systems enable him to manage over 100 thousands of salesforce. His well-defined strategies have improved team performance in the company. The high quality products produced under Nick authority focuses on empowering and transforming people’s health.

Nick Sarnicola dedication, excellent leadership skills and hard work have helped the company from scratch to its global state. His expertise abilities to invest and leverage the company’s employees have impacted the growth of new leaders. Some of Nick’s critical skills and experiences that helped the company to grow to include sufficient brands and products launching skills and ability to create sustainable global sales. Nick has also founded the NextGen initiative to educate and help young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. He is a keynote speaker on business growth-related topics to encourage entrepreneurship education, growth and mentorship to many people.


Felipe Montoro Jens, investment in 22 sectors including 57 projects

Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure Project Specialist uncovered the plans for an R $ 44 billion stimulus implemented by the federal government of Brazil and managed the PPI. The PPI, is the Program for the Investment Partnership Program and they are responsible for the management and implementation of the R $ 44 billion investment. Felipe Montoro Jens, reports the R $ 44 billion will consist of 57 projects, including 22 sectors. The investment by the federal government of Brazil is to help stimulate the economy and create jobs, all while enhance an optimal environment for business to thrive. The projects reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, include airport management, major road work, and biding of traditional government institutions. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to see more updates.

It was reported by Felipe Montoro Jens, the BR 153 and BR 364 are included projects for major road work implementation. BR 153 stretched between Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO), while BR 364 connects Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). Combined BR 153 and BR 364 cover over 800 kilometers. These roadwork projects along with what the auction of four port terminal concessions are not to be available until the last three months of 2013. The port terminal concessions of Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) are those to be available at the end of the year.

The Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg, and Docks of Espirito Santo are all scheduled to be sold to the private sector as part of the stimulus package, and is of the projects to be made available to the private sector during the last months of 2018. Moreira Franco, who is the Minister of the Secretary General if the Presidency, insisted the sole reason for selling the Mint is for the opportunity of the acquisition of better technology.

Infraero, is also projected to sale airports currently under their jurisdiction.


Successful Business Always Starts From One Goal

 Consulting Became A Lifestyle

Luke Lazarus has the best pointers in business and planning. He’s used his strategies to finish goals and build an empire. The business owner loves to coach and give the right perspective about goals.

Mostly, Luke helps business owners see the value in planning before spending. Luke has always been a business coach that believed that his clients will achieve their goals. He doesn’t think that they’ll waste time figuring out their own business.

Planning Makes Business Networking Easier

If the business goals are there, Luke Lazarus feels like the business clients can reach their desires. Luke knows that once they’ve planned, they can bring their ideas to life. Luke doesn’t rush his business coaching.

He takes his time to show his clients that by staying active, their businesses will be successful. He encourages them to go to seminars, meetings, and business expos. Luke has what most business owners need. He has the background and experience to make anyone into a millionaire.

Luke Achieved Goals At An Early Age

When Luke was 8 years old, he began to have a business. It may not have been a huge corporation, but for a kid, that was an unbelievable sight to his parents, friends, and neighbors.

He kept great reports in school. Believe it or not, Luke always had a straight A report from all of his classes. In high school, he balanced good grades and sports. He never forgot about the business ventures that he had as a kid. He decided to continue working toward having a business. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

By the time Luke graduated, he had many offers for scholarships. Luke decided to attend Melbourne Business School. After graduating, he decided to invest in four businesses that he sold by 33 years old. Luke Lazarus maintained his successful career while moving around in business to find clients.

Confidence Will Help Obtain Business Transactions

Currently, Luke Lazarus is the CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting. He stresses the importance of building up clients and colleagues so that you won’t ever have to lose sight of your goals.

Luke knows that some of his clients choose to host fundraisers to benefit communities. Luke feels that marketing what your company does is the best route of any new business owner. Sometimes, he feels like his clients will be able to find out what their business issues are so that they can address them.

By helping the communities, he believes that those strategies can be used in business. Luke helps his clients focus on the major goals. In some instances, the goals are made every year.

Some clients have came to him with five year plans. Luke believes that the plans are great, but the first goal has to be achieved before you can move on to the next goal. That’s exactly how a company can go from zero clients to thousands.

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Factors That Could Affect Your Decision To Explore Global Markets by Maarten De Jeu

Are you entertaining the thought of exploring global markets? You couldn’t have landed in a better place. This post carries advice from a famous entrepreneur,Maarten  De Jeu, who has extensive knowledge and experience in international business. According to De Jeu, a person willing to pursue global expansion should consider the following eight factors. 


  1. Ability to deliver quality 


Maarten De Jeu argues that first impressions are critical to a successful entry into an international market. He warns that your knowledge of the American may not be useful in the international arena. To overcome this challenge, he recommends standardization of products to ensure quality consistency abroad. Seek a manufacturing process that offers similar high quality every time. 


  1. Brace yourself for differences


One of the challenges that you might encounter in the international market is the language barrier. To encourage the acceptance of your business by the locals, learn their language. While at it, don’t use terms or phrases you do not understand. Learn their idioms and determine if they apply in the same they do in America. The wrong usage of phrases can lead to embarrassing moments. 


  1. Exhibit staying power 


For potential clients and other stakeholders to support your business, display a long term commitment. Rather than bring employees from your country, consider employing the locals. Your willingness to export products internationally should be evident, as well. 


  1. Study the market conditions 


At times, there will be a demand for a product in a given market, but that doesn’t always signify good news. As such, an international business owner must first determine product suitability. Find out why other people haven’t ventured into the business. Is it the lack of profitability, or does the need for huge capital keep them off? 


  1. Do not ignore the accepted business practices


Many people enter international markets without an adequately crafted business plan. Follow the same path if you want to attain minimal or no success. Have a business plan that takes care of all the aspects of your business, such as market analysis, product analysis, and profitability, among many others. 


  1. Prepare enough capital 


Global expansion demands a lot of money. However, that shouldn’t scare you away. You can always source cash from venture capitalists, investors, and shareholders. 


  1. Ensure compliance of import regulations 


No one is forcing you to know everything about the import regulations of the international market you intend to explore. However, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance at all times to avoid hitches that could ruin your business. Seek the assistance of a local counsel to help you expedite the entire process. 


  1. Adaptability to changes 


The business environment keeps changing. The needs of consumers are not static. That’s why Maarten de Jeu insists on the importance of staying flexible. If you want to remain in the market, flow with the currents.  Learn more:


About Maarten de Jeu 


Maarten de Jeu is a renowned strategic business advisor. He established his firm, SVM Business Advisory in 2012. He uses this platform to advise his clients on issues to do with international business, commercial real estate investment, and financial services. De Jeu holds an MBA from Oxford University, where he graduated top of his class.

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