“Eos Lip Balms are an All Natural and Organic Solution to Dry and Damaged Lips.”

Eos lip balm was created to soften and moisturize cracked, hard, sore lips. They have incorporated multiple oils to help one achieve the beautiful attractive lips everyone is searching for. There’s no harmful, useless chemicals or silicone in this product. All Eos lip balm ingredients include Jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. Some of the lip balms have sunscreen in them to protect the lips from harmful UV rays from the sun, with SPF 15 or SPF-30.

Eos Lip balm comes in multiple flavors and just naming a few they have, pomegranate raspberry, tangerine, and honeysuckle Honey dew, lemon twist, pink grapefruit, and vanilla bean. Some people may wonder why Eos opted for the egg shaped looking package, which seems odd from the norm. Most chap sticks look quite similar in shape. The company wanted to add features to their product that would set them apart from all of the lip quenching products on the market. They also provide their products in the shape of a stick, and the flavors vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint are the only flavors provided.

Eos takes pride in letting customers and potential customers know that they are an animal cruelty free company. Eos still remains able to provide customers with organic and natural lip conditioning elements in their lip balms, without using animals as guinea pigs for testing when making or improving products.

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