From Engineering to Managing Investments: Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen first started his career by studying and finishing in an engineering school at the Federal University of Parana. At the era of 1947, where Igor Cornelsen finished Engineering, the competition for the Engineering Industry was very high making it extremely hard to get a decent career. Because of the competition, Igor Cornelsen shifted into an Economics course in the same school.

Igor Cornelsen then started to work in an Investment Bank, which was very common for Engineering graduates around that time – because of their skills in mathematics and arithmetic, they were able to catch up quite fast because this was a time where in calculators and computers were not used quite as much.

Igor Cornelsen then made a name for himself in the investment sector and he would then become one of the best individuals in the class – then he would be quickly promoted to be one of the board of directors in Multibanco at the year 1974, then he will become Chief Executive Officer two years after.

Igor Cornelsen’s ideas for business come from his expertise and his extensive experience as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen has extensive knowledge on how to manage funds in the stock market and is very well aware of the behavior of the market as well because of the experience that he has gained in the banks that he has worked for.

Igor Cornelsen notes that most of the information that he uses for his business comes from Reuters – instead of using precious time and effort in making his own analysis. Reuters is a source of information that delivers fact, good information and has no political bias – which makes it such a good sour of information. Igor Cornelsen also punctuates that ideologies are not a good source of advise when running a business and making investments.