Luiz Carlos Trabuco: A Veteran Banker And President Of Bradesco Bank

Some people are meant to be leaders in the society, while others are intended to be the best in the corporate world. In Brazil’s banking sector, one such leader is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has proved beyond reasonable doubts to be the most prominent leader in his field. Born on 6th October 1951, Mr. Trabuco started working in the banking sector with Bradesco in 1969 and since has grown to become the President of the bank.

He took on the mantle of leadership of Bradesco in 2009 and has restructured the bank in different ways which have made the bank regain its former glory. At the time he was resuming presidency at the Bank, the bank had lost its leading position in the banking industry to its rival Itau Unibanco, and hence he had to work round the clock to make the bank regain its prominent position in the sector.

Since his presidency in the company, he has put in place several measures which have seen the company’s profitability increase. He has been at the forefront when it comes to hiring banking professionals. With his help, the bank has been able to recruit competent individuals such as Renato Ejnisman who is the executive director of Bradesco BBI thus helping turn around the banking giant.


Before becoming the president of the bank, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco held various positions in the same bank. The most recent was the presidency of Bradesco Seguros, an affiliate of Bradesco which contributes up to 30% of the bank’s profits. In 2015, Trabuco facilitated one of the highly valued acquisitions of HSBC’s Brazilian branch at the cost of $5.2 billion. With this new purchase, Bradesco had the capability of taking on with its closest rival, Itau Unibanco. This move also helped expand the company’s market share, branch network, and total investment funds. Commenting on the acquisition, Trabuco said that with the help of HSBC, the company has been able to achieve in a single year what they would otherwise achieved in more than six years through organic growth.

As a result of the acquisition and subsequent growth of the company, Trabuco was named Finance Entrepreneur of the Year by MONEY in 2016. Mr. Carlos has also received various awards during his career at the bank

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo. He also has a degree in Socio-Psychology. He started working for Bradesco when approaching nineteen years old. With this, he has a trajectory of over forty years’ experience in the banking industry, more specifically, Bradesco Bank, and his leadership has been what the company needed to steer it towards success.

He was offered the opportunity for Minister in the Ministry of Finance by, Dilma Rousseff but declined the offer. Commenting on this turn of events, one executive of Bradesco Bank said that Mr. Trabuco was indeed born for Bradesco. This is shown by his strong determination and resolve to ensure that the bank becomes the finest in its cadre. He is the embodiment of the spirit of Bradesco.

So far, Trabuco is the fourth president of the company since its formation. Since 2009 after becoming the president of the bank, Bradesco has seen its account holders grow from 20 million to over 27 million and the trend continues unabated. Within the same period, there has been a tremendous increase in the service network. Just in four years preceding his presidency in the bank, there was an increase of its agencies from 3,500 to 5,000 agencies.

As a keen observer of market trends in the finance sector and banking industry, he predicts that over 100 million people are likely to join the consumer market by the year 2025. In this same spirit, he intends to acquire 20 million new clients by the said year.

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