Bhanu Choudhrie Joins Alpha Aviation Academy UAE 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Alpha Aviation Academy UAE, a pilot training institution in the Middle East celebrated its tenth anniversary held at its headquarters in Sharjah, United Emirates Arabs. Founded in 2008 through a partnership led by Bhanu Choudhrie, the facility has trained more than six hundred cadets through MPL programs. Besides, it has managed to provide piloting jobs for most of its graduates at Airbus A320 as Second Officers. More so, Alpha Aviation Academy UAE offers various studies with three hundred and thirty graduates originate from more than sixth seven countries and fifty-one batches.

Bhanu Choudhrie also plays a significant role in ensuring gender equality through motivating women to join piloting classes. With only three percent of women being pilots in the world’s commercial airlines, Alpha Aviation Academy UAE currently has twenty female pilot trainees with twenty-eight already graduated. More so, the company extended the age limit of cadets joining the institution for training from thirty-three to thirty-five. As such, it has enabled professional doctors and lawyers to pursue their Aviation dreams.

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Through Bhanu Choudhrie involvement, Alpha Aviation Academy expanded its program offered internationally, therefore, collaborating with other airlines including Etihad Airways in UAE, Airways Aviation in Australia among others. Similarly, the company has managed to encourage all groups of people to pursue piloting as a career, especially those who had no consideration in becoming pilots. The facility, on the other hand, is working on new strategies to attract more cadets made possible during the UAE Year of Tolerance with an estimated increase of up to six hundred thousand trainees as of 2037.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, who is also the shareholder and director, Alpha Aviation Academy remains committed to providing the best while stating that it is all made possible through the previous and current graduates as well as their partners. The ceremony was held in April this year and attended by one hundred and fifty guests. On the other hand, the guest speaker Captain Dieter Harms stated that the past years have witnessed the graduation of top pilots from around the world through MPL courses and hoping for more cadets excelling in the aviation industry over the coming years.

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